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Best Samsonite Luggage For International Travel – Top Picks

Are you looking forward to your vacation this year? Yes! Then it’s time to shop for Samsonite luggage for international travel, so you can make the most of your long-awaited overseas journey.

During the pandemic, with limited travel for two years, people have been craving to fly and see new sites. After all, it’s been a while since they last traveled. Now, crowded airports and many travelers illustrate that tourists are ready to explore once more! When taking a journey, whether local or foreign, be sure to do so in style with the finest luggage.

Overview Of The Best Samsonite Luggage For International Travel (Updated List)

4.7best samsonite luggage for international travel 1Silhouette 17 Large Spinner
Best Samsonite Luggage
For International Travel
More Details
4.4best samsonite luggage for international travel 2C-Lite Extra Large Spinner
Best Samsonite Luggage
For International Travel
More Details
4.6best samsonite luggage for international travel5Outline Pro Large Spinner
Best Samsonite Luggage
For International Travel
More Details

Why You Should Get The Best Samsonite Luggage For International Travel?

Finding the most suitable luggage for your trip can turn into a grueling experience considering the limitless options. Only a few luggage makers know what you need, and Samsonite is one of the good ones.

When traveling overseas, Samsonite luggage is a great option. Not only does it provide ample space to stow belongings, but its spinners wheels, TSA locks, and tech-based enhancements make it the ideal choice.

If you booked for a domestic or international flight, you must know the luggage size restrictions of your airline. TSA sets guidelines for an average checked luggage size, but each airline can set its own specifications. Make sure you check with the airline on what size they allow for checked baggage and carry on.

What To Keep In Mind When Buying The Best Samsonite Luggage For International Travel?

Samsonite is one of the few trusted names in the market, known for quality and durable travel luggage. Founded and operated by the Shwayder brothers in 1910, stiff competition paved the way for a risky business decision. The founders opted to charge more for luggage pieces than their competition. After all, their luggage is high quality, durable, and dependable. That decision led to the direct success of Samsonite.

The best Samsonite luggage for international travel developed out of years of research and meticulous testing. Every feature is carefully studied to ensure they meet the travelers’ needs and requirements. No wonder in this day and age, Samsonite is still the preferred brand by many travelers.

best samsonite luggage for international travel bag


The hardest part of international or domestic travel is managing the suitcases during departure and arrival at the destination. It can easily become dreadful if you are traveling with family members and multiple bags.

That’s why having the best Samsonite luggage for international travel is a must. The unique, functional features in the luggage pieces help decrease stress. For instance, the spinner wheels allow the bags to roll smoothly, eliminating the risk of a tip-over. The retractable or push-button trolley handles make it easy to maneuver in any direction. Then there’s the USB port on many of their carry on bags which comes in handy when you need to charge your devices.


When you buy the best Samsonite luggage for international travel, you make an investment that will save you money over the years.

Samsonite products are strong, durable, and impact-resistant. In addition, they are lightweight and formed from materials like polyester, ABS, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and Recyclex® fabric (made from recycled PET bottles). These materials are why Samsonite checked baggage can withstand rough handling without dents or cracks.

Designed to last for many years, the best Samsonite luggage for international travel is indeed a worthy investment.


When you travel, your main goal is to reach your destination with all of your belongings unharmed. Samsonite understands this importance, so they create luggage pieces that keep your items safe during the journey.

Every feature in the best Samsonite luggage for international travel will work for you – from the spacious and expandable storage and reliable zippers to the panel dividers and compartments. These features will hold and keep your stuff organized and secured.

Added features like the spinner wheels, retractable trolley handle, TSA approved locks, and USB ports on their carry on luggage make these checked baggage pieces the best and wise choice.

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The Best Samsonite Luggage For International Travel Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews for the best Samsonite luggage for international travel.

best samsonite luggage for international travel 1
Silhouette 17 Large Spinner
Best Samsonite Luggage
For International Travel

From Samsonite’s Silhouette collection for global executives comes this wonderful large checked bag (31.4″ x 21.5″ x 13.5″). Made from Recyclex®, the rugged exterior conceals the integrated pockets and FlexPack System designed to keep your items well-organized and properly secured.

Unzipping expands the luggage’s packing capacity by 1.25″ for additional storage space. The removable FlexPack system is a packing cube to use as a compression panel to keep everything organized. Also included are the SmartFix buckles, which allow smooth packing without restricting tie-down straps. 

The spinner Tru-Trac™ GT REV wheels are custom-engineered to absorb shock from impact and provide easy maneuverability in all directions. In addition, the RightHeight™ Handle System features an ergonomic handle with several 1″ incremental height adjustments.

A TSA lock and retractable bag tag help keep your belongings safe from theft and tampering.


  • Durable and quality fabric Recyclex® crafted from recycled PET bottles
  • Removable FlexPack System (packing cube) for modular organization
  • Expansion by 1.25″ for extra packing capacity
  • SmartFix Buckles to fasten and secure belongings
  • Tru-Trac™ GT REV wheels for effortless maneuverability and enhanced shock absorption
  • RightHeight™ Handle System that adjusts to an ideal height
  • Fuzion™ Zippers by YKK® on the exterior include a zipper repair kit
  • TSA approved lock
  • Retractable bag tag
  • Large Size (31.4” x 21.5” x 13.5”)
  • Samsonite AMH (Antimicrobial Handle) Technology
  • 3-1-1 WetPak™
  • Multipoint Grab Handles


  • Limited color choices

best samsonite luggage for international travel 2
C-Lite Extra Large Spinner
Best Samsonite Luggage
For International Travel

This top-notch lightweight European-made C-Lite showcases Samsonite’s iconic design. With the use of CURV® technology and using Recyclex® materials, they can ensure quality and durability. The exterior’s Samsonite-branded lining is elegant, sleek, and perfect for traveling in style.

This large checked bag (34.6″ x 23.6″ x 14.2″) offers great packing capacity to hold your personal belongings and more. The interior features provide a fully zippered divider and cross straps to help keep your belongings in place.

C-Lite’s elongated, retractable double-pull handle and 360-degree dual-spinner wheels enhance mobility. The top and side carry handles offer flexibility in lifting during check-in and removal from the baggage carousel.

Fitted with a TSA approved 3-digit combo lock, C-Lite is anti-theft and anti-tampering. You know your luggage will arrive at the destination intact and unpilfered.


  • CURV® material (layers of woven polypropylene)
  • Superior durability despite being extremely lightweight
  • Durable and flexible Recyclex® material, crafted from recycled PET bottles
  • Stylish Samsonite-branded lining
  • Huge packing capacity (34.6” x 23.6” x 14.2”)
  • Interior divider and cross-straps
  • Retractable double-pull handle
  • Top and side carry handles
  • 360-degree double spinner wheels
  • TSA approved 3-digit combo lock


  • A USB port would be nice even though it is a checked bag

best samsonite luggage for international travel5
Outline Pro Large Spinner
Best Samsonite Luggage
For International Travel

Outline Pro from Samsonite’s polypropylene collection is an excellent and stylish travel companion. Featuring an elevated design and eye-catching color choices, Outline Pro has everything you need for a comfortable travel experience.

Outline Pro’s suitcase shell is an injected-molded polypropylene material making it durable, strong, impact-resistant, flexible, moisture-resistant, and extremely lightweight.

The interior lining is Recyclex® fabric which is recycled plastic for superb quality and durability.

The ergonomic handle of the trolley can be retracted and adjusted to the desired height, making it easy to maneuver. It features a multi-stop Right Height™ system.

The top and side grips offer flexibility for lifting. Infused into the handle design is the Sam-AMH™ technology that suppresses bacteria or mold growth to promote the longevity of each handle.

The dual spinner wheels make the luggage roll smoothly on any surface, providing extra comfort and convenience.

KompressPak™ panel divider is an innovative design to provide extra storage space. The multi-functional panel features a compression system that neatly organizes your stuff and creates more room to squeeze in last-minute items.

Zippered pockets are for small things, while a WetPak™ zippered pocket will separate wet items from damp ones. Create more storage space by unzipping a fabric compartment.

The built-in TSA approved lock will protect your luggage from theft and unauthorized tampering.


  • Durable, lightweight hard shell made from injection-molded polypropylene
  • Recyclex® fabric for interior lining
  • Retractable Right Height™ handle system, adjustable to an ideal height
  • Samsonite Antimicrobial Handle (Sam-AMH™) technology
  • KompressPak™ panel divider for extra storage space
  • WetPak™ zippered pocket
  • Dual spinner wheels
  • Expandable
  • TSA approved lock


  • The exterior hard case is prone to scratches.

FAQs About The Best Samsonite Luggage For International Travel

Here are some questions about the best Samsonite luggage for international travel.

Is Samsonite an international brand?

International airlines publish their size limits for checked luggage and carry on. However, the most common global standard followed by major airlines is the 62-inch (62 linear inches) rule for checked luggage.


To calculate linear inches, add the length + height + width.

Is Samsonite luggage TSA approved?

As a leader in the travel luggage industry, Samsonite is best known for its resistance against wear and tear and durability.

Is Samsonite luggage luxury?

The most common checked luggage size is 25 to 29 inches tall. A 25 to 26-inch piece is a medium bag, and 26″ or taller is a large size.

best samsonite luggage for international travel featur

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Best Samsonite Luggage For International Travel – Conclusion

You now better understand the numerous features and benefits of the best Samsonite luggage for international travel. Go with the perfect luggage, and your travel experience will never be the same again.

Happy travels, my friends.

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