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6 Designer Backpacks For Laptops – Luxury You Deserve

Who doesn’t love a high-quality functional backpack? Not to mention designer backpacks for laptops that will travel anywhere. Some even make your transition through airport security checkpoints a breeze.

When we use the word designer, we often think of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, or maybe Prada. These are all exciting names, but many companies make functional luxury bags that make it easy to travel. So we are going to take our designer backpack reviews a bit further with a look at luxury, functionality, and design.

So without further delay, let’s get rolling.

Quick Overview Designer Backpacks For Laptops (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.7Designer Backpacks For Laptops 1Kenneth Cole Reaction
Manhattan Commuter
More Details
4.7Designer Backpacks For Laptops 2Fossil Tess Leather
Laptop Backpack
More Details
4.7Designer Backpacks For Laptops 3Tumi Voyageur Carson BackpackMore Detail Amazon

More Details Tumi
4.6Designer Backpacks For Laptops 4EVERKI Onyx Premium BackpackMore Details
4.8Designer Backpacks For Laptops 5VELEZ Full Grain Leather BackpackMore Details
4.7Designer Backpacks For Laptops 61Briggs & Riley @Work Large
Cargo Backpack
More Details Amazon

More Details Briggs & Riley

Why Do You Need Designer Backpacks For Laptops

Well, maybe you don’t need a designer backpack. Let’s say you need a luxury backpack just made for your laptop and looks like a million dollars at the same time.

So why do you need luxury designer backpacks for laptops? Well, first off, they’re beautiful, sleek, and stylish, and you can use them as an everyday carry bag or for your travels. But more importantly, they’re built to last.

They have multiple compartments so you can organize everything from your laptop to your phone. And if you want extra space, there is plenty of room in the main compartment.

And luxury bags have laptop compartments, some as large as 17 inches; you will have all you need when you reach your destination. Not to mention, you won’t have trouble fitting it into overhead bins or under the seat on your flight.

But trust me, once you see how well these designer backpacks for laptops fit your needs, you’ll never buy just any ol’ backpack again.

What To Look For When Buying Designer Backpacks For Laptops?

Designer Backpacks For Laptops pin1

With any laptop bag and especially designer backpacks for laptops, there are 3 things to look at when you make your choice.


Always look for pockets and storage for organization. Your choices are limitless, so why not have a backpack that will fit all of your needs? Pockets on the outside and the inside are a must. Padding on the laptop sleeve to protect your equipment is also necessary. In addition, does it have an added bonus of TSA approval or a sleeve to nestle it on your luggage?


Durability comes in second because you want designer backpacks for laptops that will last a lifetime. What is the material made of, and will it stand up against wear and tear? What type of zippers does it have? These are just a few items that make a backpack durable. 


Of course, we want a stylish bag to look good while we travel. Look for leather or companies with well-known names that stand behind their work. As you move through the airport, turn all heads and eyes on you for confidence and assurance that you chose the right piece to fit your lifestyle. 

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Designer Backpacks For Laptops Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews of designer backpacks for laptops.

Designer Backpacks For Laptops 1
Kenneth Cole Reaction Manhattan Commuter

Our Kenneth Cole Reaction designer backpacks for laptops have style and functionality written all over them. It has superior quality with an outer material of genuine full-grain Colombian leather. Columbian leather will resist tears and it will wear to beautiful perfection. In addition, it is available in brown, black, and cognac.

Externally you will find an RFID, anti-theft pocket to keep all prying eyes and radio waves off your personal belongings such as credit cards and passports.

The carrying straps are ergonomic, adjustable, and padded for comfort. In addition, it has a trolley sleeve that will nestle on most luggage handles for ease of transport.

Internally your Kenneth Cole designer backpacks for laptops will hold up to a 16-inch laptop. The TSA-compliant sleeve is padded and opens completely flat for scanners to see your computer. Never have to pull your laptop out of your bag again at the security checkpoint.

It has 2 main compartments that open separately, one is an open space with pockets, and the other is for your laptop.


  • Padded laptop compartment, TSA compliant, multiple inner pockets to hold phone and key fob, sleeve to nestle on luggage, ergonomic adjustable straps.
  • Made of durable Colombian leather to resist tears and nylon interior
  • The name Kenneth Cole and leather are always in style and boast an impeccable lifestyle.


  • The type of zippers is not listed

Designer Backpacks For Laptops 2
Fossil Tess Leather Laptop Backpack

Fossils began in 1984 and grew with their ingenuity, quality, and style. The Tess designer backpacks for laptops boast all of these features and more. Made for women, it is versatile as a purse style and a backpack.

The outer material is Eco-leather Litehide, available in 2 leather colors and 4 fashions. This bag is full of compartments and pockets. Externally it has 2 slide pockets, 3 pockets that zip, and one to hold a water bottle.

Internally you will find 2 more slide pockets, 4 loop elastic pockets, and one zipper pocket, along with a padded laptop sleeve. The laptop area holds up to a 15-inch device.

Carry your bag with backpack straps or a top handle, or nestle it onto your luggage with a luggage strap.


  • Multiple internal and external pockets, padded laptop compartment, luggage trolley sleeve
  • Durable Eco-leather Litehide made with the well-known Fossil quality
  • Fossil is well known for its style, and this bag is no different. Turn heads in this fashionable leather versatile bag.


  • Some say it is not comfortable to carry for long periods.

Designer Backpacks For Laptops 3
Tumi Voyageur Carson Backpack

I’m sure you have heard of Tumi, one of the highest quality luggage companies of the modern day. Tumi is known for its quality, style, and attention to detail, not to mention its 5-year warranty with full 100% coverage for the first year.

What you see in this designer backpacks for laptops is the berry color perfect for the color style-conscious person, but it is also available in 6 color options, including black.

Externally you will find durable nylon material with 2 zipper entries, one to the laptop compartment and the other to the main compartment. You also have 2 other zip pockets and a pocket for your water bottle, and an easy magnetic snap closure pocket for your phone.

For ease of carrying, it has a top leather handle, padded adjustable shoulder straps, and a luggage sleeve to nestle it on your travel bag.

The internal area is beautiful with 2 padded compartments, one for a laptop up to 15 inches and the other for your tablet. You can easily organize your belongings with pockets, a credit card area, and a holder for a pen with 2 additional pockets.

The Tumi Voyageur Carson Backpack is versatile for a woman or man as a purse or wallet, all bundled into one travel bag.

As an added feature, this lightweight (1.6 lbs) style-conscious bag has the famous Tumi tracer installed so you can track it if you lose your bag.


  • Easy to organize internal and external pockets, padded laptop sleeve, padded adjustable straps, luggage carrier sleeve, Tumi tracer
  • Tumi built their luggage to last a lifetime with a 5-year warranty and years of quality behind the Tumi name.
  • As for style, Tumi made a fashionable bag, that anyone would be proud to wear, yet they have not compromised on functionality or durability.


  • The berry color may be a bit bright for some.

Designer Backpacks For Laptops 4
EVERKI Onyx Premium Backpack

The Everki Onyx has a real man’s man rugged look with all the bells and whistles to make it a designer luxury bag. The Onyx designer backpacks for laptops have an outer shell of ballistic nylon, the most durable material for soft luggage.

Internally and externally, it has more pockets than one can imagine to organize all your personal and business needs.

On the outside, you will also find a trolley handle to nestle your bag onto a piece of luggage. In addition, there are protective corner guards to protect your inner contents.

It has ergonomic, adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort and padding on the back panel.

The Everki Onyx is a TSA-compliant backpack for you to open wide and place it on the scanner belt to go through security checkpoints. With a bag that follows TSA guidelines, you will never need to remove your laptop again. Your laptop compartment is also padded. In addition, there is an RFID pocket for easy access to your personal ID items.

And if that’s not enough, this backpack is available in 2 sizes, one for a 16-inch laptop and a larger one that will hold a 17-inch PC.


  • Multiple internal and external pockets, padded laptop sleeve, TSA compliant, trolley sleeve, RFID pocket, ergonomic padded straps, padded back panel
  • Durable ballistic nylon exterior made to last.
  • The perfect man-style design backpack to travel with freedom.


  • I would love to see some wheels on this bag to make it nearly perfect.

Designer Backpacks For Laptops 5
VELEZ Full Grain Leather Backpack

The Velez full-grain leather backpack is the ultimate in designer backpacks for laptops with its glamour, luxury, and design. Velez backpacks are hand-made by artisans who pay special attention to detail to make a well-seasoned, beautifully functional backpack.

Externally expect padded adjustable leather shoulder straps, with 2 side pockets and a large front pocket to store easy access items. The Velez designer backpacks for laptops open with a zipper to a large mouth for packing. Oh, and don’t forget the external trolley sleeve for ease of carrying on a suitcase.

Internally it has a padded laptop sleeve and a separate padded tablet sleeve with internal mesh and closure pockets. A polyester material lines the inside for a rich and distinguished feel.

Everything about this bag speaks style available in 7 different leather grains to match your lifestyle.


  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps, many internal and external pockets, padded laptop sleeves, and genuine handmade leather.
  • Durable leather handmade for strength.
  • Great fashion and style in this 100 % top-grain leather backpack.


  • No USB port or RFID pocket

Designer Backpacks For Laptops 61
Briggs & Riley @Work Large Cargo Backpack

Briggs & Riley makes great designer backpacks for laptops that boast luxury with the 1600D ballistic nylon for durability and strength. Special protective nylon on the bottom keeps it clean, while the top has a genuine leather top-of-the-line handle. Not to mention the guards on each corner to keep your bag strong.

On the outside of these designer backpacks for laptops, you will find a front zippered pocket, and 2 side pockets. An RFID pocket is in place to block unwanted hackers from seeing your personal information. In addition, it has YKK zippers that repair themselves and snap closure ID tags.

The @Work Large Cargo Backpack has a top-grain leather panel for free monogramming. Now, what boasts design more than that?

It has adjustable neoprene padded shoulder straps, and the back panel has breathable padded mesh for comfort.

Internally the features keep improving for this designer backpacks for laptops with a soft fabric lining. For organization, you have 8 internal pockets of various types and 3 separate sections. First, the main compartment, secondly, a laptop sleeve, and thirdly an area to organize. The main area has a wide opening for larger items.

The laptop sleeve will hold up to a 17-inch PC with protective padding. You can store notebooks, legal pads, and clothing to easily meet your needs for a long business trip.


  • padded laptop sleeve, 8 internal pockets, at least 4 external pockets, RFID pocket, padded adjustable shoulder straps, padded breathable back panel, YKK repairing zippers,
  • Made from 1600d ballistic nylon, reinforced corner guards, and the only lifetime warranty any luggage manufacturer offers
  • Genuine leather accents, top-of-the-scale comfort measures, and a sleek look that boasts design and luxury.


  • The only feature it is missing is a UAB port.

FAQs About Designer Backpacks For Laptops

Here are some commonly asked questions about designer backpacks for laptops.

How do I find the right backpack for my laptop?

Designer Backpacks For Laptops 61

First and foremost, a dedicated laptop sleeve is a must. In addition, padding is necessary, and check the description to ensure your laptop will fit.

What size backpack holds a laptop?

The size of the backpack is not as important as the size of the laptop sleeve. Read the descriptions and any questions to determine if your laptop will fit. Backpacks hold different sizes from 15 inches up to 17 inches.

What are laptop bags called?

Laptop bags come in many styles and sizes, so they don’t have one catch-all name. You will find them in laptop totes, backpacks, and carry-on luggage. The best way to search is simply use the term “laptop bag.”

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Designer Backpacks For Laptops – Conclusion

So that concludes our list of designer backpacks for laptops. Not all of these reviewed have designated designer names, but all of them are luxury at their best. The outer shell, storage capacity, and pockets are all necessary, but each one of these bags takes fashion to a whole new level.

Happy travels, my friends.

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