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Rolling Backpacks For Travel – The Best TSA Friendly Bags

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Rolling backpacks for travel are a great way to make travel easier and more comfortable. Whether going on a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, having a rolling backpack can help you stay organized and reduce the strain of carrying your belongings.

I always travel with a backpack as my personal carry on item, and I load it heavily. Thank goodness my backpack has wheels on it, or it would be a back-breaking experience to carry it all over the airport.

Quick Overview Of Rolling Backpacks For Travel (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.6AOKING Large Wheeled Water Resistant Travel
Rolling Backpacks For Travel
More Details
4.7Rolling Backpacks For Travel 2Wheeled Backpack, MATEIN Water Resistant
Rolling Backpacks For Travel
More Details
4.6Rolling Backpacks For Travel 3Mother Lode Rolling Backpack
Rolling Backpacks For Travel
More Details
4.5Rolling Backpacks For Travel 4High Sierra XBT – Business Rolling Backpack
Rolling Backpacks For Travel
More Details
4.5Rolling Backpacks For Travel 5High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack
Rolling Backpacks For Travel
More Details

Benefits Rolling Backpacks For Travel

Rolling backpacks for travel are a great way to make your journey more comfortable and organized. Not only do they reduce the strain of carrying heavy items, but they also help you stay organized by keeping all your belongings in one place.

Additionally, rolling backpacks are often designed with multiple compartments and pockets, allowing you to access items easily without having to dig through your bag.

Another benefit of rolling backpacks is that they have durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of travel.

Rolling Backpacks For Travel Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews of rolling backpacks for travel.

AOKING Large Wheeled Water Resistant Travel
Rolling Backpacks For Travel

The AOKING large-wheeled backpack is an excellent choice for rough terrain, rocks, dirt, and gravel. Not to mention, in an airport, the larger wheels will easily navigate stairs. Roll it along or set it down on the custom feet when you get tired of trekking with it on your back. These feet protect the bottom from dirt and help keep it from tipping over.

The telescopic pull handle is convenient and adjustable to meet your height needs yet hides away for backpack use. But that’s not all; if you are traveling at night, it has a reflector for protection and a convenient key ring for the safe keeping of your keys.

With ergonomically shaped shoulder straps, the weight of your backpack distributes evenly to keep strain off of your back. A wheel cover will protect your back and clothing when you carry it as a backpack. Also, the shoulder straps hide away when needed for easy rolling.

Keep your water bottle right where it needs to be in an external insulated pocket.

Internally you have a laptop pocket and the perfect place to store your cell phone. The larger 20-inch backpack has a 48 L capacity with a wide opening to pack your needed items easily.


  • Large-wheeled backpack
  • Great for rough terrain
  • Wheels perfect for navigating stairs
  • Built-in feet to keep the bottom clean
  • Telescopic pull handle
  • Reflector for protection on the outside of the bag
  • Convenient key ring
  • Ergonomically shaped shoulder straps
  • Wheel cover
  • Shoulder straps hide away
  • Insulated water bottle pocket
  • Laptop pocket
  • Storage for your cell phone
  • 48 L capacity
  • Wide opening for easy packing


  • According to one review, this bag is heavier than some.

Rolling Backpacks For Travel 2
Wheeled Backpack, MATEIN Water Resistant
Rolling Backpacks For Travel

MATEIN’s Rolling Backpack is the perfect choice for business, pleasure, or school. Its 17-inch size easily holds laptops, clothes, and other travel items, while its durability lets it easily handle any terrain.

With the high-quality polyester fabric, it is water resistant to protect your belongings from rain and moisture with waterproof corner guards. Its 22-inch Aluminum hideaway telescoping handle adjusts freely to your height and easily maneuvers through airports and on any street. It has corner-mounted wheels to improve comfort when carrying as a backpack.

Lockable Metal Zipper adds an extra layer of protection to your items, and the swivel hooks make it adjustable to suit your requirements.

The shoulder straps have adjustable padding, and you can store them in the zipper pocket when not needed.

It comes in 2 sizes; the large one is 18 inches and has a 45L capacity.

This travel-friendly rolling backpack offers plenty of room for your items, with enough space to fit a 17-inch laptop. There are also many pockets, such as a computer and iPod pocket, clothing pocket, and water bottle pocket, that are perfect for organizing.


  • Durable and tough enough to handle any terrain
  • Made of high-quality polyester fabric
  • It has a water-resistant bottom panel and a kick plate to protect it from wear and tear.
  • Lockable Zippers
  • Adjusted Swivel hooks
  • Corner-mounted wheels
  • Padded straps
  • Adjustable 22-inch aluminum hideaway telescoping handle
  • 36L- 45L large compartment
  • Several Pockets (laptop and iPad pocket, Clothing pocket, water bottle pocket)


  • Some have stated the wheels may only have a 2-year lifespan.

Rolling Backpacks For Travel 3
Mother Lode Rolling Backpack
Rolling Backpacks For Travel

The Mother Lode Rolling Travel Backpack offers ultimate convenience by allowing you to quickly and easily switch between carrying it as a backpack or wheeling it like luggage. Perfect for when you’re working hard and need a break or need to jet through the airport.

This Rolling Backpack For Travel has pockets inside and out, making it easy to organize your belongings, and now it can fit your 32 oz water bottle. So whether you’re hitting the gym, hitting the beach, or camping, you’ll always have your drink close at hand.

The rolling backpack bag features a big main compartment and 4 external straps that help tightly secure all your items, keeping them safe and organized with a full load.

This backpack features a zippered mesh panel pocket and an extra 1.5″ of storage, enabling it to expand when needing more room.
The telescopic handle can adjust to at least 3 heights. Whether you’re tall or short, the telescopic handle on this bag will adapt to fit your size perfectly. You also have a top, side, and bottom handle.

You can stow the backpack straps to tuck away when not in use and quickly access them when needed. Additionally, two exterior zip pockets provide even greater organization.

Although this bag is bigger than TSA approved carry-on guidelines, airlines do not measure bags. Therefore the inch on the side will not prevent the overhead compartment from closing.


  • Transform easily from backpack to wheeled luggage
  • Several Interior pockets
  • Zip-away water bottle
  • Large compartment with 4 exterior compressions straps
  • Zip-around mesh panel pocket
  • Extra 1.5 storage for zip expansion
  • The telescopic handle can adjust to at least 3 heights
  • You can carry the bag on (top, bottom, and side)
  • Stowable padded backpack straps
  • 2 exterior quick-grab zip pockets
  • Meet most airlines’ carry-on requirements


  • One review stated this backpack with wheels stopped gliding. 

Rolling Backpacks For Travel 4
High Sierra XBT – Business Rolling Backpack

High Sierra XBT – Business Rolling Backpack- It’s durable, affordable, and comfortable, with enough space to fit all your personal items. So ditch that old duffel bag and grab a High Sierra XBT!

This retractable grab handle is easy to use, and the corner guards and kick plate provide added durability, making it a great long-term investment.

With corner-mounted wheels that roll smoothly, this design makes navigating the trails, airports, and city streets easy.

Ideal for travel, with a padded laptop sleeve for most 17″ laptops. Its multi-pocket organizer compartment allows you to keep documents and accessories close at hand.

The bag has a monster clip providing quick access to items stored in the front panel accessory pocket and also includes two zippered pockets on both sides.

With its micro-fleeced accessory pocket, adjustable side compression straps, and soft-grip padded grab handle, this bag provides comfort and convenience when carrying or storing your tablet.

This Rolling Backpack For Travel is perfect for business or leisurely vacations, allowing you to take everything you need!


  • Fully padded sleeves to protect your laptop and your belongings
  • Padded shoulder straps at the back
  • Multi-pocket organizational pockets with a key fob
  • Front panel accessory pocket with monster clip
  • Zippered accessory external pocket on both sides.
  • Micro-fleeced lined accessory pocket for your tablet
  • Adjustable internal compression straps
  • Soft-grip padded handle
  • Hideaway retractable handle
  • It has corner guards and a kick plate
  • Smooth-rolling corner-mounted wheels


  • When you get your bag, make sure the seams are tight

Rolling Backpacks For Travel 5
High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Backpack
Rolling Backpacks For Travel

The High Sierra Powerglide Backpack is a great choice as a rolling backpack for travel. It can be easily converted into a Roller Backpack, providing extra convenience.

These all-terrain mounted wheels provide stability with a molded kick plate that protects your bag.

The telescoping handle locks into the backpack for easy storage. The straps let you attach it to the zippered back panel when not used.

The High Sierra Powerglide Backpack is waterproof and perfect to use during the rainy season, and it has two side pockets.

This Rolling Backpack is great for travelers, as it has large compartments to store all your belongings and multiple pockets to secure small items. It also has a fully padded laptop compartment that can accommodate 17-inch models.

With ample storage capacity, the High Sierra Powerglide is an ideal companion for business trips and family vacations.


  • You can use it as a backpack or Roll it around.
  • Perfect for urban gateway or trails
  • Fully padded laptop sleeve for protection
  • You can secure your small items in one place
  • It has a headphone port
  • Corner-mounted all-terrain wheels for stability and protection
  • The telescoping handle you can store neatly under the zippered back panel
  • Waterproof rolling backpack for travel
  • 2 side pockets


  • One review states it will not fit under the seat, but this is a carry on and goes in the upper compartment.

How To Choose A Rolling Backpacks For Travel

When choosing a rolling backpack for travel, there are some necessary things to look for.


When looking for rolling backpacks for travel, it’s important to consider the features that will make your journey more comfortable and convenient.

Look for wheeled backpacks with adjustable straps, multiple compartments, and pockets. You may also need a laptop or iPad compartment.


The backpack size is also important when choosing a rolling backpack for travel. Make sure the backpack will fit all your needs, with plenty of storage space, yet it is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

And if you are flying, ensure it fits the TSA guidelines for a carry on, which is 22 in x 14 in x 9 in.


Durability is an important factor when choosing a rolling backpack for travel. Look for backpacks made from durable materials such as nylon or polyester that can withstand the wear and tear of travel.

Additionally, look for backpacks with sturdy wheels that can handle different types of terrain. Also, check the straps and zippers to ensure they are strong enough to securely hold your belongings.

rolling backpacks for travel business

FAQs About Rolling Backpacks For Travel

Here are some commonly asked questions about rolling backpacks for travel

Can I use a rolling backpack as a carry-on?

If the backpack meets TSA guidelines and fits in the overhead bin or under the seat, it is good as a carry on luggage.

Are rolling backpacks worth it?

If you travel a lot or need it for school, getting a rolling backpack is well worth it. It will save strain on your back when you can roll it around.

Is rolling backpack better than regular backpack?

What is your plan for use? If you use it to pack for a trip, a rolling b backpack may be the better option. If you are using it for hiking, you may want more room than a rolling backpack for travel will offer.

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Rolling Backpacks For Travel – Conclusion

So that concludes our list of some amazing rolling backpacks for travel. Any of these rolling backpacks is an excellent option to suit your travel needs and save your back. The one that best fits your needs for years of traveling fun is the best choice for you.

Happy travels, my friends.

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