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Best Carry On Luggage For Men – Style, Function, And Comfort

Best Carry On Luggage For Men – Style, Function, And Comfort

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The best carry on luggage for men comes in all styles and shapes. The style you need depends on the type of trip you will take. With this in mind, are you going on a business trip overnight or for a few days? Or is it for a weekend getaway for pleasure? We will review 6 pieces of luggage suitable for all short-stay trips for men.

Best Carry On Luggage For Men (Updated List)

4.5best carry on luggage for men 1Samsonite Just Right Carry-On
Best hard shell affordable spinner
More Details
4.7best carry on luggage for men 2Tumi Alpha Continental Expandable
4 Wheeled Carry-On – Best
soft shell with all the bells
and whistles.
More Details
4.7best carry on luggage for men 3Briggs & Riley ROLLING
Best in duffle bags
More Details
Not Yet
best carry on luggage for men 4Briggs & Riley CARRY-ON
Best in 2 wheel garment bags
More Details
4.6best carry on luggage for men 52Samsonite Spinner Underseater
with USB Port
Best compact on wheels
More Details
4.9best carry on luggage for men 7TUMI Alpha Brief Pack®
Best overall Leather bag with style
and functionality
More Details

Why Should You Get The Best Carry On Luggage For Men?

The most important reason to get the best carry on luggage for men is to make your life easier. Traveling from home is a way of life for some men and an occasional time for others. Life is complicated, so no matter the reason for your trip, why not make your packing and transition smooth?

A second reason is to save time; in other words, choosing the best luggage now will save you time later. Why spend time searching for luggage only to purchase a piece that will fall apart or not serve your needs? Buy a versatile piece to meet your travel needs and save money in the long run.

Thirdly, you deserve it! You work hard and play hard, therefore, your packing doesn’t need to be hard. Today there are carry on suitcases with all the pockets and protection anyone would need. With this in mind, make packing easy when you can choose a piece that will fit everything you need to take yet is also compact.

What To Look For When Buying The Best Carry On Luggage For Men?

What do you look for? There are a few things, but I will mention 3 of the most important.


First impressions are important; therefore, choose a stylish bag. Stand out from the crowd and put on a professional persona with a stylish bag. One that is a basic color like black or grey or even an army green will work. Now I know some of you men think you don’t need style. But style does not mean trending or keeping up with the Jones. However, in this case, style does mean you will look like the amazing businessman you are.


The functionality of your bag is of the utmost importance; therefore, make sure your bag has enough space for all your belongings. It should have easy access from a couple of areas. Not to mention, do you need a space for your laptop, and can you easily remove it for TSA check? With this in mind, will the carry on luggage you choose to purchase have pockets to organize your business needs, and will you need a USB charger?

best carry on luggage for men pin

Not everyone needs the same functions in a suitcase, so look at the bag closely and choose one with all that you need to organize well.

Lastly, does the size fit TSA suggested requirements for a carry on? Please don’t wait until you get on the plane to find out your luggage is too large for the overhead compartment, so you must gate check it. Carry on luggage needs to be with you, not in the cargo hold to save time in travel.


Finally, comfort is key. Your luggage should feel comfortable for you. Does it fit your body shape, and does it have handles that are easy to use? How about the size of the handle? Although it is covered, does it fit your hand well? In a like manner, does it have wheels that are 4-wheel spinners or inline skate wheels? Moreover, do you even need wheels? These are just a few questions to ask yourself before purchasing a new piece of luggage.

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The Best Carry On Luggage For Men Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews of the best carry on luggage for men.

best carry on luggage for men 1
Samsonite Just Right Carry-On
Best hard shell affordable spinner

This bag is the perfect match for the businessman who prefers a hard shell carry on.

The front panel opens to hold up to a 15-inch laptop padded for protection. In addition, it also has a padded area for your tablet, and the sleeve is removable to place on the TSA conveyor belt.

It has numerous storage pockets with zippers, a special patent pending wireless pouch for charging, and a USB port. In addition, the TSA lock is a 2-sided integration and a telescoping handle to adjust to your height. In a like manner, it has double-spinner wheels and a 1.5-inch expansion feature.

On the interior, you will find removable packing cubes with a zippered flap to cover one side. In addition, there are elastic compression straps on the other side to help keep clothes wrinkle-free.


  • This hard-side samsonite piece is sleek and fits right in with the business style.
  • Great functions such as a laptop sleeve, removable packing cubes, an adjustable handle, and a USB charger. It almost meets TSA suggested size for a carry on.
  • Double spinner wheels, adjustable handle, easy open front with removable laptop sleeve.


  • TSA suggested size for a carry on is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches. However, the dimensions for this bag are 22 inches x 14 inches x 9.25 inches which may not affect placement in an overhead bin.

best carry on luggage for men 2
Tumi Alpha Continental Expandable
4 Wheeled Carry-On – Best
soft shell with all the bells
and whistles.

The Tumi Alpha carry on is the ultimate in style, functionality, and comfort, with a zip opening in the front for a laptop and 2-way access to the main compartment.

It opens like a clam shell with a zippered cover over each section and Nylon Ballistic material on the outside for protection. By the same token, the interior offers pockets, compression ties, and a garment bag for one suit.

At the top, side, and bottom are handles for ease of carrying and an adjustable telescopic handle with 3 heights. In addition, the security is incredible with a Tumi tracer, built-in TSA lock, and USB charger, so you are never without your phone.

To protect your luggage and extend its life, Tumi added side panels to prevent impact damage, along with bumper rails. In addition, it has 4 spinner wheels and a 2-inch zippered expansion.


  • The Tumi Alpha is a bold black statement of strength and innovation.
  • The features exceed most carry on luggage with a garment bag, laptop bag, dual compartments with dual access, and durability.
  • It meets TSA suggested dimensions for a carry on, has an adjustable telescoping handle, and smooth spinner wheels.


  • Consequently, the garment bag hanger is a separate purchase.

best carry on luggage for men 3
Briggs & Riley ROLLING
Best in duffle bags

If you are a fan of upright duffle bags, this one is exactly what you may need. In light of this, Briggs & Riley put a lot of thought and innovation into this great carry on bag.

Right on top, you will find a zippered RFID shielding pocket for your confidential information, with many more outside pockets for your convenience.

In addition, the case opens into a packing area through a large zippered wide mouth, revealing a compartment with a full closure flap. In light of this, the full-closure flap area may be a good area for a laptop. Furthermore, the clothes compartment has a compression cinch tie down to secure your belongings in place and help prevent wrinkles.

The exterior is 800D ballistic nylon for durability and 4 handles for easy carrying, with a Patented Outsider® handle. Not to mention, it has a USB cord through to the outside for each charging of devices.

The bag boasts durability with the YKK self-repairing smooth zippers, corner guards, and concealed ID tags. In addition, it has front stabilizing feet to prevent tipping of the bag.


  • It boasts style for the rugged man who prefers a duffle bag. Not to mention, this bag is well-engineered.
  • In addition, it has numerous pockets for storage, a wide open mouth for ease of packing, built to last with ballistic nylon, corner guards, and multiple handles. Meets TSA suggested size for a carry on.
  • Inline skate wheels with stabilizing feet, or carry this duffle bag as a backpack.


  • The only color available at this time is army green. The black is sold out.

best carry on luggage for men 4
Briggs & Riley CARRY-ON
Best in 2-wheel garment bags

Briggs & Riley designed a streamlined, functional 2-wheel, carry on with a built-in garment bag which makes this bag is the perfect stylish bag for any man.

The garment bag is great for suits or formal attire, yet you can pack other items in a large area with a wide open mouth for convenience. Additionally, the garment section has an extended panel you can also remove if needed.

It comes with 2 pouches inside that you can remove or use for smaller items, along with compression straps to hold your clothing in place.

On the outside, you will find a durable, impact-resistant telescoping handle that is placed on the externally to increase internal packing capacity. In addition, it has cushioned handles, hidden ID tags, and an exterior opening to allow easy access to your belongings at TSA security point checks.

To say nothing of the corner guards for added protection, a strap to nestle onto a larger suitcase, and a USB battery to charge your phone.


  • Briggs & Riley have brought men’s style to the table. Here you have a sleek upright tall garment bag and suitcase.
  • It has a durable outer shell, USB charger, hidden ID tags, compression straps, and a built-in garment bag; the garment bag can hang alone to place your suit in the closet.
  • Ergonomic telescoping handle and 2 inline wheels with stabilizing feet.


  • It is an inline 2-wheel instead of a 4-wheel spinner.

best carry on luggage for men 52
Samsonite Spinner Underseater
with USB Port
Best compact on wheels


This Spinner Underseater boasts the modern convenience of a USB port and the mobility of spinner wheels to move across all surfaces easily.

In addition, it is a compact case to fit under most seats on the plane with a front zip pocket that reveals a removable laptop pouch.

Inside you will find removable pockets as well as many pockets for organization.

Not to mention the exterior features include a zippered sleeve on the back, a sleeve to nestle over larger bags, and a charging port pocket—everything you need for a quick trip at an affordable price.


  • Small, easy to maneuver with a professional persona.
  • Many pockets for organization, removable laptop sleeve, spinner wheels, USB port
  • Adjustable telescoping handle with easy carry handles and gliding spinner wheels for the comfort of rolling.


  • Consequently, the charging batteries not included

best carry on luggage for men 7
TUMI Alpha Brief Pack®
Best overall Leather bag with style
and functionality

If you prefer a leather bag for a quick overnight trips then this one is for you. Not to mention, it is a beautiful black leather that is fully functional as well as stylish.

The interior has numerous pockets of many sizes to hold all your business needs, not to mention a padded tablet pocket. In addition, it has the patented TUMI tracer to locate your bag if it is lost.

The exterior pocket holds a 15-inch laptop with 2 u-zippers on the front and easy access to the inside. In addition, it has a sleeve to nestle onto larger bags, handles wrapped in leather, and adjustable padded shoulder pads.


  • Gorgeous full leather style
  • Easy internal access, laptop pocket, numerous pockets for business items and clothing for a short trip. Versatile for trips and use at home.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and handles wrapped in leaver for comfort and style.


  • It is for only a very short trip or overnight.

FAQs About The Best Carry On Luggage For Men

Here are some common questions about the best carry on luggage for men.

What is the TSA suggested size for carry on luggage?

The suggested size that will fit most airline guidelines is 22 inches, 14 inches W, and 9 inches H. these measurements must include the handles and wheels. But please check with your airline; each has recommendations for a carry on size.

If my carry on bag is too big, can I still get on the plane?

If your carry-on is slightly too large, the airline may likely let it pass or require you to gate check it. Which simply means they will place it in the cargo hold as you enter the plane. Usually, this is free, but some airlines charge a fee.

Can I take a backpack and another carry on?

For most airlines, you can take one carry on that will fit in the overhead bin and another personal bag that will fit under the seat. However, please check with your airline for details.

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Best Carry On Luggage For Men – Conclusion

So that concludes our list of some of the best carry on luggage for men. Each piece of luggage we reviewed is stylish, have exceptional features, and is comfortable. Each one will meet and exceed the expectations of any man who needs the best carry on luggage.

Happy travels, my friends.

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