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Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag – The Best For Air Travel

Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag feature

Traveling to your favorite ski destination means planning well to remember all of your ski gear. Part of that planning means having an airline approved ski boot bag to keep all your ski gear organized and intact.

But can you take your ski boots in a carry-on bag or check them with your ski poles? TSA has some rules and regulations for traveling with your ski boot bag and gear.

The TSA guidelines specify that you can check your ski poles in a good ski bag but not as a carry-on. Some travelers check in a ski bag with a boot bag as one checked baggage. While most airlines allow ski boots and ski helmets in a carry-on bag and a checked suitcase, travelers prefer to keep them in a carry-on bag.

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How Will An Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag Benefit You?

We have compiled three reasons an airline approved ski boot bag will benefit you.

Easier Transportation

An airline approved ski boot bag will hold your ski boots securely and comfortably, making them easier to transport to and from the airport. With a designated bag, you won’t have to worry about carrying your boots separately or risking damage to them during travel.

Cost Savings

Many airlines charge extra fees for sporting equipment like ski boots, which can add up quickly. By investing in an airline approved ski boot bag, you can potentially save money on these fees over time. Plus, if you’re traveling with multiple pieces of ski gear, having everything in one bag can help you avoid additional baggage fees.


Ski boots are a valuable investment, and you want to protect them from damage during travel. An airline approved ski boot bag with padding and reinforced stitching will provide extra protection for your boots. Additionally, the bag will help keep your boots clean and dry, even in the cargo hold.

Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are airline-approved ski boot bag reviews.

Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag white 1
Unigear Airline Approved
Ski Boot Bag
(most versatile)

If you need a versatile bag for carrying all your ski gear, this Unigear ski boot bag is perfect. It has smartly designed compartments for everything – clothing, helmet, and boots.

In addition, you can squeeze in your gloves, goggles, thermals, hand warmers, socks, ski pants, and jacket between the gaps within the compartment.

A unique design feature is the easy-to-use rear access compartment. Unzip the back panel, and the ski boots will slide in with extra space for other items. In addition, when changing boots, the back panel door switches into a standing mat to keep your feet dry.

There is adequate insulation and thick EVA padding, so you don’t feel the boots digging into you when you carry the backpack.

The top of the bag features a large opening for your helmet. But you can also fit your gloves, hat, and goggles with the helmet in the same compartment.

Moreover, the integrated ski and snowboard strap lets you carry skis and poles conveniently when you reach your skiing destination.

All these features make the Unigear ski boot bag the most versatile and multi-functional bag for air travel.


  • Hard-wearing bag fabric (Tarpaulin and 1050D nylon) is splash-proof, water-resistant, scratch-proof, and tear-proof
  • Three roomy, separate organized compartments for boots, a helmet, and clothing
  • Internal zipped pocket
  • Side pockets
  • External phone pocket
  • Well-insulated and padded interior lining
  • Top-quality zippers with handy zipper heads that are easy on the fingers
  • Quality bag construction with reinforced stitching
  • Adapts the MOLLE system (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment – the current generation of load-bearing backpacks used by NATO armed forces – British and US Army)
  • Airline-approved as a carry-on bag
  • Wide nylon handle for easy grab
  • Back panel door that switches as a standing mat for ski boots to keep your feet dry
  • Padded ski and snowboard straps
  • 50L storage capacity
  • Can fit US men’s boots up to size 12.5
  • Bag’s bottom lining of waterproof and low temperature-resistant tarpaulin
  • EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) padded mesh back panel


  • The ski bag doesn’t have ventilation which could be a problem if you want to use it after a day of skiing.
Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag 2
KULKEA Boot Trekker – Airline
Approved Ski Boot Bag
(Largest Boot Bag)

The KULKEA boot trekker is your airline approved ski boot bag for carry-on. You can fit as much ski gear as possible in the spacious compartments – boots, jacket, gloves, goggles, hat, etc. A helmet hammock or carrier keeps the helmet attached to the bag.

The moisture control and venting system keeps the bag always fresh. It also features reinforced bottom-corner bumpers to protect against heavy use.

This high-performance, large snow sports backpack features several intuitive compartments for optimal organization of ski gear. In addition, there are individual compartments for gloves, face masks and hats, socks, lunch, water bottles, tools and snacks, and ski clothing.

The KULKEA boot trekker has padded and contoured adjustable shoulder straps, lifter straps, and chest straps, providing carrying comfort.

A KULKEA airline approved ski boot bag such as this can fit ski boots up to US Men’s Size 13. Loading and unloading your ski boots in the spacious boot compartment is a breeze.

The ski boot bag’s bottom part is waterproof. You can use this large ski boot bag for other purposes if you’re not skiing.


  • Heritage craftsmanship for construction durability
  • Cold weather and water-resistant
  • Reinforced bottom corner bumpers for protection against heavy use
  • Moisture control and venting system
  • Two glove pockets
  • Two wide-mouthed front pockets
  • Face masks and hats pocket
  • Two sock pockets
  • A front compartment with separate pockets
  • Extra-large top-loading compartment for ski pants, warmers, jackets, tops, and more
  • Contoured and padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Comfort-fit back panel
  • Lifter straps
  • Chest strap for even distribution of weight
  • Can fit ski boots of up to US Men’s size 13
  • Top-quality zippers in the right places
  • Backpack size: 18 (H) x 14.5 (L) x 18 (W) inches (expandable up to 19.5-inch wide)


  • While a helmet hammock keeps the helmet attached to the ski bag, you cannot use this feature during air travel.

Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag 3
Element Equipment Boot Bag
Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag
(most affordable)

If you need to organize your ski gear, the Element Equipment boot bag is an excellent choice. It can fit a pair of ski or snowboard boots, gloves, hat, helmet, goggles, and ski clothes. In addition, you can protect your goggle lenses from scratches by placing them in the fleece-line goggle pocket.

The Element Equipment boot bag features well-designed pockets for a lift pass, wallet, sunscreen, keys, and more. Carrying the backpack is easy and comfortable because of the padded shoulder straps.

The bag material is 600D Oxford PVC coated polyester – a rugged, water-resistant, and hard-wearing fabric. And a reinforced bottom keeps the bag shape while the vent holes keep the boots fresh and dry.

We find this bag to be the most affordable with solid features. You can have a great Element Equipment ski boot bag at a meager price. If you ski less often, this ski boot bag is perfect and will sustain occasional use.


  • Fleece-lined goggle pocket
  • Fully padded back panel for comfort in carrying without the boot buckles digging into your back
  • Zipper closure
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Spacious and can fit a pair of ski or snowboard boots in men’s size 14
  • Made from water-resistant 600D Oxford PVC-coated polyester
  • Reinforced, double stitching
  • Lined interior
  • Comfortable carry handles
  • Vent holes to keep your boots fresh and dry
  • Lightweight


  • The ski boot bag comes in only one size.

What To Look For When Buying An Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag

Before deciding on the best airline approved ski boot bag, take into account the following considerations:

Carrying Comfort

Your airline approved ski boot bag, and any backpack for that matter, must be lightweight and compact. If your ski boot bag is heavy when empty, it will be uncomfortable to carry when packed with all your gear. Therefore, an airline approved ski boot bag with padded shoulder and chest straps is a must. The sternum or chest strap helps distribute the weight evenly so you can comfortably carry the ski boot bag.

Keep Your Ski Gear Organized

Packing your ski gear in one bag requires organizational features like individualized compartments and pockets for specific ski gear and accessories. Aside from keeping your ski gear intact and protected, you can quickly access your gear when needed. For example, you don’t have to unpack everything when you only need to get your gloves.

An airline approved ski boot bag with enough pockets and compartments will keep your ski gear neat, tidy, and organized.

Insulation And Padding

Most ski boot bags use water-resistant materials like nylon and polyester. A waterproof airline-approveded ski boot bag will prevent snow from soaking your gear.

Aside from water-resistant bag materials, your airline approved ski boot bag must have adequate insulation and padding for maximum protection.

Ski boots have rugged construction and may cause discomfort when directly in contact with your back. A fully-padded ski boot bag will eliminate back pain and keep the boots intact. And you will not feel them digging into your back when carrying the ski boot bag.

Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag 44 (1)

FAQ About An Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag

You may have some questions about an airline-approved ski boot bag, so we have put together three frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Can you take a ski boot bag on a plane?

Most airlines allow a ski or snowboarding bag and a boot bag as a single checked baggage. However, if you have a ski boot bag that does not exceed the carry-on size and weight limits, you can take it as a carry-on bag.

Do airlines charge for ski bags?

It will depend on the airline you booked the flight with. Major international airlines allow a ski (with ski poles and boards) bag and a boot bag as checked baggage. If the combined weight is below 50 lbs or 23 kg, most airlines include them in the free allowance.

How much do ski boots weigh in kg?

On average, men’s ski boots weigh between 3.75 to 4.4 lbs (1.7 to 2,0 kg). On the other hand, one pair of women’s ski boots usually weighs between 3.53 to 3.97 lbs (1.8 to 1.8 kg). So men’s ski boots are heavier than women’s, that’s for sure.

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Airline Approved Ski Boot Bag – Conclusion

It is best to have an airline approved ski boot bag to keep your ski boots and other ski gear organized and protected. Keeping your ski boots and gear – helmet, gloves, goggles, and ski wear in a carry-on ski boot bag is more convenient for air travel. Therefore, it’s crucial that the airline approved ski boot bag you choose meets your specific needs and requirements.

Remember that if you store your ski poles in your boot bag, TSA regulations say you must check your bag. But without the poles, many ski boot bags are suitable for carry-on.

Happy travels, my friends.

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