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Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier For Easy Travel And Safety

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Our pets are our family, and leaving them at home will break our hearts. So why not take your pet with you? Did you know small pets can fly with you in the cabin? But to meet TSA and air travel requirements, it is necessary to have the best airline approved pet carrier.

I recently took a flight and sat next to a young man with a cat in a pet carrier. He was so good to his little furry friend it warmed my heart. But he did need to keep him under the seat in the carrier during the flight.

With this experience and my love for pets and travel, I researched best airline approved pet carriers and am here to share my knowledge with you. So, you’ve come to the right place because, together, let’s dive into pet carriers and TSA regulations to find the best one for your needs.

Quick Overview Of The Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.6best airline approved pet carrier 1Maskeyon Best Airline Approved Pet CarrierMore Details
4.6best airline approved pet carrier 2Smiling Paws Pets – Best Airline Approved Pet CarrierMore Details
4.4best airline approved pet carrier 3Mr. Peanut’s Monterey Series Convertible
Backpack Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier
More Details
4.2best airline approved pet carrier 42Katziela Pet Carrier – Airline Approved Dog CarrierMore Details
4.4best airline approved pet carrier 5Pet Carrier Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier with WheelsMore Details

What Are TSA Regulations Regarding Pets On A Flight

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) sets guidelines for what is acceptable to carry on a plane when you fly. They established many other regulations also, but for now, we will talk about carrying pets onto a plane.

The TSA.gov site says you will need to check with the airline for specific regulations regarding carrying a pet onto a plane.

However, the site does state that when you go through the security checkpoint:

  • Take your small pet out of the carrier
  • Have control of your animal with a leash tether
  • Remove the leash when you go through the scanners
  • Hold your pet while in the scanners

Most airlines say you can bring your small pet onto the plane, but stipulations exist. Your pet must be in the best airline approved pet carrier and placed under the seat during the flight. As mentioned above, a small pet must always be in a carrier.

Many animals feel stress when their environment changes. A pet carrier will give your pet boundaries for more security. A carrier is a great way to stay close to your pet and offer a secure environment if you need to medicate your small animal.

The best airline approved pet carrier is one the airline has put its seal on. Not really a seal that you can look for, but the carrier meets TSA guidelines and will easily pass through security checkpoints.

Choosing a pet carrier that is airline approved to glide smoothly through security is important.

Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier Product Reviews

Without further delay, let’s dive into our best airline approved pet carrier reviews.

Maskeyon Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Maskeyon best pet carrier will serve your needs well. It has 4 zippered extensions with mesh panels for ventilation, providing more room for your pet when used for other travels.

Two adjustable, detachable shoulder straps and handles on top allow for different options for carrying your pet. If one way of carrying your pet is tiring, you can switch to another form. It has a pocket to rest it on, a suitcase telescoping handle, and an area to secure it with a seat belt when in the car.

For comfort, you will find a removable, machine-washable fluffy mat on the carrier’s floor. The soft-sided carrier itself is easy to cloth clean inside and out. The material is Cationic Oxford and High-Density EVA board which is non-toxic and waterproof. And they wove steel strands into the frame for increased stability.

With 2 side entrances, it allows easy access to put your pet in and out. In addition, there are three pockets for storage and organization.

Fully zipped without the extensions open, the dimensions are 19.5 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches. To determine if your furbaby or small animal will fit comfortably, measure them and compare them with these dimensions.


  • 19.5 inches x 12 inches x 12 inches with 4 extensions
  • Seat belt attachment
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Cushioned mat
  • Mat is machine washable
  • Sturdy cloth washable material
  • 2 side entrances
  • 3 storage pockets
  • Slip over a suitcase handle


  • You cannot open the 4 extensions while flying.
best airline approved pet carrier 2
Smiling Paws Pets – Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier

The Smiling Paws Pet carrier is TSA compliant and the perfect size to fit under the airline seat. It is extra small at only 9 in. and for pets 15 lbs or less.

It has a top entry with a 4-way extension on all sides for added comfort and room for your small cat, rabbit, or dog, with breathable mesh for plenty of ventilation.

For the more active animal, the material is a durable polyester with extra safety features such as: locking safety zippers, metallic clips, rods of high quality, and an internal built-in leash.

Oh, did I mention the interior area of the carrier is leak-proof with laminating on the internal materials? You can remove the inner plush padding to machine wash it and breathable mesh windows for your small animal’s comfort.

You will enjoy the handles and padded shoulder straps for ease of carrying. In addition, it has a luggage strap to nestle it onto a suitcase handle.

When ready to store it, fold it into a compact size and tuck it away in tight spaces.


  • TSA-compliant and the perfect size to fit under the airplane seat
  • Top entry with a 4-way extension
  • Durable polyester inside and out.
  • Locking safety zippers
  • Internal leash
  • Leak-proof laminating
  • Machine washable plush padding
  • Compact size for storage


  • Only for pets 15 lbs and under

best airline approved pet carrier 3
Mr. Peanut’s Monterey Series Convertible Backpack
Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Mr. Peanut’s best airline approved soft-sided pet carrier is great for airplane travel and many other forms of travel.

It is TSA compliant and meets airline requirements. Not to mention, it has a soft frameless top to fit easily under the seat. In addition, the base has a board insert for stability and a soft faux fleece pad for comfort.

Put your pet in from either side with zippered closure and breathable mesh panels. You will love the many features, such as; self-locking auto zippers to protect your pet, a pouch to store treats, soft sides with easy-to-clean nylon material, and a built-in leash.

You can enjoy comfortable adjustable shoulder straps with extra padding and a luggage strap to nestle onto the telescopic handle of a rolling suitcase.


  • TSA compliant
  • Soft frameless top to fit easily under the seat
  • Faux fleece pad for comfort
  • 2-sided entrance
  • Durable, washable nylon
  • Self-locking auto zippers
  • Breathable mesh on all sides


  • Will only accommodate pets up to 13 lbs.

best airline approved pet carrier 42
Katziela Pet Carrier – Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier
for Small Animals

WOW, a pet carrier with 6 rubberized wheels! Just roll your pet around the airport with a double telescoping handle. The Katziela carrier offers comfortable top-carrying handles and all-around lightweight mesh panels.

Inside, you will find a strong floor with a small plush pad you can remove for machine washing. You can remove the wheelbase and flooring as needed.

Some extra features include back and front accessory pockets, an inside safety tether leash, and full locking zippers to easily put your pet inside. Features such as these have your pet’s best interest in mind.

It has the Katziela’s satisfaction guarantee, which states you can return unopened new items within the first 30 days for a full refund.


  • Katziela’s satisfaction guarantee
  • 6 rubberized wheels
  • Removable wheelbase
  • Comfortable top-carrying handles
  • Removable machine washable plush pad
  • Mesh panels with full zippers
  • Storage pockets
  • Safety leash


  • Its measurements are slightly above recommended size, but because of the soft top, it will push down to fit under the seat; therefore, it is TSA compliant.

best airline approved pet carrier 5
 Katziela’s Pet Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier With Wheels

Here is the Cadillac of the best airline approved pet carriers with large mesh panels for ventilation and an extremely soft pad that is machine washable. Your pet will love the feel and comfort of this incredible temporary house. It even has a guard to protect your pet from the sun. It is very versatile.

It is TSA approved and compliant to fly safely with your much-loved pet. It has 6 wheels with a telescopic handle to take the burden off of you, along with padded shoulder straps, locking zippers, and a convenient top opening to put your fur baby.

The wheels are rubber for traction, and to prevent tipping, the wheels are further apart. The pull handle snaps back when not in use.

You will find perfect storage with 2 pockets for treats, a built-in leash, a removable tray, and a pad. If that’s not enough, the top is flexible, so you can push it down to fit under the seat.


  • Large mesh panels for ventilation
  • Machine washable soft pad
  • Removable wheel base
  • Removable floor base
  • Flexible top to fit under the seat
  • TSA approved and compliant
  • Protective sun guard
  • Locking zippers
  • Wide open top entrance
  • telescopic handle


  • Unstable with animals over 20 lbs

What To Look For In The Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier?

When you choose a pet carrier, there are a few things to note. We will cover 3 important aspects of a TSA approved pet carrier.


All airlines have a separate set of rules or dimensions for an airline pet carrier; however, most size limits are within a half inch. Unless your carrier stands out like a flashing pink neon sign, TSA isn’t going to measure for exact sizing.

Not only is the size important for the flight but is it a good fit for your pet. Will your fur baby have room to move around? You can actually measure your pet and compare your findings against the measurements of the pet carrier. With this in mind, you will want 2-3 inches of extra space in the carrier for your pet to maneuver.


Your pet needs room to breathe, so mesh panels for ventilation are necessary.

In addition, you may want to pet your animal to comfort them. A zippered window is excellent for reaching in to pet your small furry friend to let them know you are still here.

Extra Features

Extra features can make or break an airline approved carrier for pet travel. Things to consider are:

  • How will you carry it?
  • Will it get heavy?
  • Is the material durable?
  • Is the carrier safe?

These are just a few considerations, and with these, pay close attention to the handles, wheels or not, the type of construction, and any safety features in place.

Without further delay, let’s review the best airline approved pet carrier.


FAQs About The Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Here are some commonly asked questions about the best airline approved pet carrier.

What size pet carrier will fit under an airline seat?

The approved dimensions for an under-seat bag or the best pet carriers for flying are 18 inches x 11 inches x 11 inches. Please remember that if the top of a carrier is soft, you can push it down to fit under the seat, and each airline has its own rules.

How strict are airlines about pet carriers?

Airlines do not measure a pet carrier. However, if the carrier will not fit under the seat, they will not allow you to keep your pet on the plane.

Can my dog sit on my lap during a flight?

TSA rules and regulations state that all small animals in a carrier must remain in that carrier throughout the entire flight. So, an animal cannot sit on your lap during the flight.

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Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier – Conclusion

This concludes our review of the best airline approved pet carrier buying guide. I am an animal lover, so it is good news that we can take our fur babies on the plane. But it is important to use an airline approved carrier and follow the rules for a safe flight.

Happy travels, my animal-loving friends.

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