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Tumi Luggage – 47 Years Of Luxury And Satisfaction

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Quality, dependability, integrity, and innovation. These are just a few words to describe Tumi Luggage, a company whose influence spans the world of travel. Let’s take a moment to learn about this company and its incredible high-quality travel luggage and accessories. It’s time to dive deep into the world of Tumi and the impact they make on the travel industry.

Who Is Tumi Luggage?

Tumi manufactures suitcases and accessories classified as luxury or high-end luggage. In 1975 Charlie Clifford began Tumi luggage in Edison, New Jersey. Charlie was in the Peace Corps and was impressed by a knife known as the Tumi. It was a ceremonial knife the Peruvians used for sacrifices. So when he returned home and started his company, he named it Tumi.

Tumi is well-known for its use of ballistic nylon material with a black-on-black design. However, today they manufacture more than just soft-sided ballistic nylon products.

The History Of Tumi Luggage With A Timeline Image?

What Is The History Of Tumi Luggage?

Tumi’s history is 47 years long, with tremendous accomplishments that have impacted many travelers.

In 1975 Charlie Clifford began Tumi. In the 1980s, Tumi released a soft side suitcase made from ballistic nylon. Along with the well-known durable material also came the black-on-black sleek-looking luggage that became Tumi’s signature.

Tumi did change hands a couple of times, with Doughty Hanson & Co buying the company for $276M. In 2016 Samsonite acquired Tumi through an acquisition for 1.8 billion in cash.

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What Is The Innovative History Of Tumi?

  • 1983 – Tumi invented their first legendary carry-on garment bag. Today the Tumi garment bag is built in and as a stand-alone with multiple features to meet your needs.
  • 1996 Swivel Platform Snap Hook patent – Who would have thought the first swivel snap hook started at Tumi?
  • 1999 Released the famous Tumi Tracer – TUMI Tracers are unique 20-digit codes imprinted on a metal plate that make it easy to find your luggage if it gets lost or stolen.
  • 2002 Omega closure system patent – A zipper system that Tumi designed to reduce the risk of damage.
  • 2003 Swivel “P” handle paten – The Tumi handle ergonomically rotates or swivels.
  • 2004 Integrated Tumi wheel assembly patent – In-line wheels custom-designed to glide.
  • 2005 Released award-winning electronic travel accessories – including a Flash Drive of 4GB, a speaker for travel, a power pack for mobile, and a workout travel player.
  • 2021 Released, the Alpha bravo Esports and the 19-degree hard side both in part are recycled material
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What Sets Tumi Luggage Apart From The Rest?

Tumi luggage built its business from the ground up. Their focus is on creating quality products based on 5 principles that guide every piece of luggage and accessories they produce.

  • Extraordinary Design
  • Unsurpassed Quality
  • Innovative Technology
  • Exceptional Functionality
  • World Class Customer Service

Extraordinary Design

Tumi boasts over 125 patents inspired by the world of innovation. They use ideas sparked by the world around them, then obsess over them, study them and create new innovative products for you.

Unsurpassed Quality

Tumi produces products of exceptional quality. They run their luggage through 30 different Tumi tests. They throw bags around 125 times, yank on the handles, attempt to break the zippers, and test the wheels for longevity. The result is luggage and accessories that last a lifetime.

Innovative Technology

Tumi uses the newest, most innovative technology to produce products that will not have problems. Which means your luggage will last.

Exceptional Functionality

You, the consumer, inspire Tumi to produce world-class functional products that are tested and used by real people. If one piece slips through the rigorous testing, Tumi will fix it.

World Class Customer Service

Tumi is here to assist you in whatever way they can. They stand behind their products and stand beside you.

Does Tumi Really Have World-Class Customer Service?

Yes, Tumi does offer World-Class Customer Service. If you have a problem with any product you purchase from Tumi, they are here to provide a solution. They offer information on setting up the Tumi Tracer, setting your locks, and repairing any defects.

Tumi gives you 3 promises to stand behind their customer service.

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The bottom line is that Tumi is committed to your satisfaction and wants to ensure you are pleased now and in the future.

What Features Does Tumi Offer?

Tumi is the ultimate in luxury and durability without compromising quality. They offer some incredible features that increase the functionality of their products.

  • FXT Basiltic Nylon – the most durable outer shell for soft-sided luggage available.
  • Gliding Wheels – a patented in-line wheel system to move your luggage smoothly
  • Omega Zipper System – virtually eliminates the need to replace the zipper.
  • X-Brace 45 Handle System – Aluminum from aircraft grade material to absorb impact to eliminate structural damage to the handle.
  • Personalize your luggage on a metal plate.
  • Warranty – a full 5-year warranty on all parts of luggage.
  • Tumi Tracer – built-in luggage tracker registered at Tumi to find your baggage if it is misplaced or stolen.

Is Tumi Luggage Worth The Price?

Yes, Tumi luggage is worth the price. Tumi is an innovative company. They spend a great deal of time developing bags and accessories that will look good today and 10 years from now. Tumi luggage is about convenience, quality, durability, and a continuous barrage of tests to ensure your satisfaction.

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Tumi Luggage – Conclusion

Tumi has come a long way since 1975 and continues to put its customers first. They are constantly testing and developing new innovative designs that are functional yet meet your needs. Your luggage is an investment, and buying a Tumi piece will ensure you don’t have to buy another luggage set for years to come.

Happy Travels, my friends.

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