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Can I Bring Scissors On A Plane – TSA Sharp Answer

Great question, Can I bring scissors on a plane? The answer may now be so simple. After all, scissors are sharp objects, or at least most are sharp. And TSA does have guidelines, rules, and regulations. 

Let’s dig into the question, can I bring scissors on a plane, to find the correct answer? 

Are There Different Types Of Scissors?

I always like to look at the definition of something to determine the answer to a question, but we all know what a pair of scissors are. But only some understand that the type of scissors makes a difference. 

As a starter, there are 16 types of sewing and craft scissors, such as pinking shears, dress Maker Shears, and embroidery shears. 

That is just sewing scissors; then we have 5 different categories of medical scissors, such as mayo and suture scissors. 

That’s not all; we also have trauma scissors, such as EMS rescue and folding trauma scissors. 

But wait, we also have kitchen shears and utility scissors.

So you see, the list of scissors can go on to infinity and back, but the bottom line is all scissors are sharp objects, so there are TSA requirements you must follow. 

Can I Bring Scissors On A Plane?

So if you want to know can I bring scissors on a plane, you need to ask yourself if scissors are sharp and what TSA says about the whole thing.

Now, this is where it gets interesting because some scissors are considered TSA approved and can go in your carry on luggage. We will discuss these in a moment.

If you want a straightforward answer to the question, “can I bring scissors on a plane” the answer is yes, you can bring scissors on any flight. Where you pack them is the real key to finding the right answer. 

The TSA.gov site states that you can pack scissors in your carry on only if they are 4 inches from the pivotal point to the tip. 

Can I bring scissors on a plane

All other scissors with a blade greater than 4 inches must go in your checked baggage. 

Trauma Shears

But you may find articles that state trauma shears are TSA approved. Trauma shears are scissors used by ER and EMT personnel to cut through clothes and possible casts quickly. 

Even trauma shears have to meet the regulations of 4 inches. The catch here is most trauma shears appear long, but the blades are short and meet the 4 inches rule. So, in reality, they are no different than any other scissors. 

Can TSA Change The Rules?

TSA personnel can always change their minds. Every time they go to work, they might get new information that changes things. And at a TSA security checkpoint, someone could interpret the rulebook differently than everyone else.

If the rules change at the airport, they might take away your scissors even though they meet the 4-inch rule. If this happens, they do it because they want to protect you and everyone else when they fly.

Can I buy Scissors In The Airport?

I am sure you can replace a small pair of scissors at an airport convenience store or a duty-free station. But scissors specific to sewing or an expensive pair of utility scissors may be hard to find. So it is best to follow the TSA guidelines. 

Can I bring scissors on a plane pin

What Is The Alternative To “Can I Bring Scissors On A Plane?”

The alternative is to pack scissors in a checked bag and follow the guidelines set by TSA. These guidelines request you to cover scissors with a case or wrap them in a cloth to protect TSA workers. 

When they scan your bag, it may trigger a search, and no one wants to cause damage to another with a pair of sharp scissors that can cut the skin. 

FAQs About Can I Bring Scissors On A Plane?

Here are some commonly asked questions about, can I bring scissors on a plane?

Why scissors are not allowed in flight?

Scissors fall under the category of sharp objects. TSA labels all scissors that are greater than 4 inches as a weapon. So 4-inches or fewer scissors can be in a carry on bag, and others must be in checked luggage.

Can I take scissors in my hand luggage?

A handbag and a carry on bag are the same when it comes to TSA rules. If the scissors are 4 inches or less, you can take them in your hand luggage.

What are TSA approved scissors?

TSA approved scissors means they are packed in the appropriate luggage and follow the guidelines of TSA.

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Can I Bring Scissors On A Plane – Conclusion

The answer to our question, can I bring scissors on a plane, is yes, but you must follow the 4-inch rule. When placing them in a checked bag, please wrap or sheath your scissors to protect everyone. 

Happy travels, my friends.

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