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Get TSA Approved – Zip Through Security Checkpoints – 7 FAQs

We know that some things are TSA approved, like items you can carry on and things to put in your checked luggage but did you know that you can get TSA approved? Yes, you as a person can be TSA approved. This article will teach you how to get TSA approved and what it means. With TSA approval, you can zip through security checkpoints with ease. 

What Does It Mean To Get TSA Approved?

TSA PreCheck is an expedited security clearance for travelers who meet certain criteria. In December 2013, the TSA program formed and has since expanded to more than 200 airports and 82 airlines. 

To get TSA approved simply means you have clearance as a TSA PreCheck flyer. In other words, TSA PreCheck allows you to move through airport security more quickly. It also gives you special perks that other passengers may not get. When you get TSA approved, you can leave your shoes on, leave your jacket or sweater on and keep your electronics in your bags. 

When I Get TSA Approved, How Can I Use It?

When traveling by air, you can use the TSA PreCheck program at any of the over 200 airports. You can use TSA PreCheck to speed up your time going through security checkpoints. In other words, a TSA approved passenger will go to a shorter line that is marked TSA PreCheck and avoid the long lines. Technically as mentioned above, you can leave your shoes on, a jacket or sweater, a belt, and all electronics can stay in their bags, as well as your 3-1-1 toiletry bag. 

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When I Go Get TSA Approved, Can They Deny Me Clearance?

There are actually several reasons for clearance denial. TSA check looks for domestic or foreign criminal convictions, some serious and some minor. Not to mention, TSA will deny your clearance if your name is on a terrorist watchlist or database.  

TSA can also deny you if you have a mental illness that deems you capable of harming another or yourself and if you are legally incompetent to stand trial for any reason. 

Another reason for denial may be previous offenses or issues on an airplane, in an airport, or any maritime facility. 

There is a complete list located on the TSA Government site.

What Are The Requirements To Get TSA Approved?

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Yes, there are some requirements. You will need a photo I.D. issued by the U.S. Government, which is a driver’s license along with your birth certificate or your passport. 

You must be a permanent lawfully resident, a United States citizen, or U. S. national to apply. 

How Do I Get TSA Approved?

Here are the steps to get TSA approved. 

  1. You must first enroll for TSA PreCheck. To do so, you can apply and submit your application online.
  2. After your application submission, you must set up a time to visit an enrollment center. You will have to appear in person for this part of the application because of your background check and fingerprints. The whole enrollment center process takes about 10 minutes. 
  3. If the application site does not direct you to the place to find a center, you can click on this link. Put your zip code in the space to see a list of enrollment centers near you. 
    I received my TSA PreCheck a little over 3 years ago and had to travel 2 hours to a center. Today TSA has added over 200 centers for your convenience in finding one close to your home. 
  4. After you complete the process, receiving your KTN number will take 3-5 days for most. You will get a KTN (Known Traveler Number) according to the choice you made to receive it, such as mail, email etc. 

How To Use Your KTN

When you book a flight, you will input your KTN number. Under your name for the person who is flying, click on the dropdown under “Secure Traveler Information,” where you will find a place marked “Known Traveler.” You must put your number in each time you book a new flight. 

FAQ For TSA PreCheck

Here are 7 FAQs to make the process easier.

Does the name on my application need to be the same as I put on my airline booking?

Yes, the 2 names need to match but make sure your application name is your legal name and use your legal name on your booking reservation. 

Can you help me find an enrollment center?” 

Click on this; it will take you to the area to find a center. Once on the site, put your state or zip code to find a location near you. 

How will I get My KTN number?

When you go through the process of applying, it will ask you how you want to receive your number. You can choose phone, email, text, or mail or check the status online.

Once I check in at the airport, how can I tell if I am TSA Precheck?

When you put your KTN number in the slot when during booking, the airline will see this; at the airport, your flight ticket will have “TSA PreCheck” printed on it. 

When I get TSA Approved, do I still need a passport or real I.D.?

TSA PreCheck clearance does not take the place of a passport or Real ID. So, yes, you still need one of these 2 items to fly. 

When can I use my TSA PreCheck?

You can use it when flying on domestic connecting flights within the U.S. You can also use it when flying out of the United States to a foreign country. However, you cannot use it when flying from a foreign country to the U.S. 

Do all airlines honor TSA PreCheck?

To see a list of airlines that honor TSA PreCheck click here.


TSA says Precheck isn’t guaranteed for every trip because they can randomly exclude passengers from the program based on new safety information for that day.

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A Quick Video On What Is TSA PreCheck

Get TSA Approved – Conclusion

Getting TSA approved has become a simple process if you don’t mind a background check or fingerprints. I did get TSA approved and love it; although not all airlines honor PreCheck, many do. 

I recommend that everyone take the time to get TSA approved because it will be faster for you and saves time for TSA security. 

Happy travels, my friends. 

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