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Global Entry Application Form – Practical Clear Cut Steps

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Do you want to skip the long immigration clearance lines upon arrival at a U.S. airport from your travel abroad? You will easily skip the long lines if you complete and submit a Global Entry Application Form and wait for approval.

Find out how you can avail of Global Entry membership privileges in this article.

What is Global Entry?

Global Entry is a program the (CBP) Customs and Border Protection offers to eligible U.S. citizens. The Global Entry program provides eligible citizens a faster way to enter the United States through U.S. Customs.

As a Global Entry member, you skip the long lines and possibly hours of wait time to clear everyone going through customs.

When you receive your Global Entry card, you proceed to a self-service kiosk which will scan your face and examine your information on file. The expedited process allows you to bypass the customs line and head directly to get your luggage.

Who Are Eligible To Submit The Global Entry Application Form?

You can only fill out the global entry application form if you are eligible. Please note that citizens of the U.S. and United States lawful permanent residents can apply for Global Entry membership. In addition, a legal permanent resident with a “green card” may also apply for Global Entry.

Citizens of the following countries may also fill out and receive a Global Entry application form, Argentina, Brazil, Bahrain, India, Colombia, Germany, Panama, Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Mexican Nationals, and Switzerland.

Please note that the list above varies on the internet, but the list here is from the cbp.gov site.

Citizens and residents of Canada can also enjoy Global Entry member privileges through their NEXUS program membership. The NEXUS program is like Global Entry but for Canadian residents.

Travelers under 18 years old must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian to participate in the program.

What Will I Need For My Global Entry Application Form?

To take advantage of the benefits of Global Entry membership, you must fill out the Global Entry application form.

The application process requires some documents, which will depend on your citizenship. You must take the following documents to the Global Entry application form interview. You may need some of the information from these documents on your application.

To help you prepare, we have listed them here. You will only need the ones that apply to you; for example, if you are a U.S. citizen, you will not need evidence of legality or proof of a “green card.”

  • Proof of citizenship
  • Passport
  • Evidence that you can legally enter the United States
  • Permanent U.S. Resident Card that is original with a machine-readable zone.
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Proof of residence
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Can I Fill Out A Global Entry Application Form Online?

The Global Entry application form is available online through the TTP website.

The application form will require the following information:

  • An email address (to create a Login.gov account)
  • Address history for the past five years
  • Employment history for the past five years
  • Past five-year history of International Travel
  • Court documents (if convicted of a crime other than a traffic violation)
  • Vehicle information (if you are crossing the border in a car from Mexico into the United States)
  • Phone number(s)
  • Documentation to prove any other citizenships (if any)

Once you have compiled this information, you can start the application process on the government TTP website.

It may take up to 4-6 months to process your Global Entry application form. The process requires a rigorous background check, and the number of people applying has increased with travel opening back up.

What To Expect When I Complete My Global Entry Application Form?

After completing your Global Entry application form, follow the steps below:

Payment of Fee

After completing the application form online, the page will prompt you to pay a non-refundable fee of $100.

Pending Review Status

Your payment is successful when you see a “Pending Review” status on your application. It also means that A CBP officer is reviewing your application. Check your email to see if you received something to verify the status of your application. The email will prompt you to log into the TTP website.

Conditional Approval, Schedule Interview

If the CBP officer grants conditional approval, you will schedule an interview at a Global Entry Enrollment Center. The application status will change to “Schedule Interview,” and you can select an interview date, time, and Enrollment Center.

If you need to reschedule or cancel the interview, you can make the change through the TTP website by clicking “Reschedule Interview” or “Cancel Interview.” Clicking on “Cancel Interview” could cause the cancellation of your application, so it’s better to reschedule your appointment.


Scheduling an interview takes up to a year to find an available time. So start your process ASAP.

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In-Person Interview

The interviews take place at specific locations, and you may need to travel quite a few miles to do your interview. You must also complete an interview within 730 days of your approval.

When you go to your interview, you will need your passport and some type of I.D., such as a driver’s license or I.D. card. U. S. lawful permanent residents will present a machine-readable permanent resident card.

Alternative Method To An Interview

After your application is “conditionally approved” for Global Entry, you can complete the enrollment process during your Customs and Border Protection (CBP) primary inspection instead of setting up an appointment at an Enrollment Center.

It will take place at airports that offer this service when you arrive at a U.S. customs check-in. You will go to a booth designated for Enrollment on Arrival.

Most customs check-in areas have signs directing you where to go for this process.

What To Expect With My Membership Approval, Activation, and Validity

Your approved Global Entry membership is valid for five years. You must activate your card within 30 days of the date you receive it. To activate it, log into your TTP account and select “Activate Membership Card” under the “Program Membership Section” to activate your card.

If you have an address in the U.S., you will receive your card in the mail. If you do not have a U.S. address, you will claim it at your designated U.S. point of contact or Global Entry Enrollment Center.

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Is My Global Entry Application Form And TSA Approved The Same?

No, these 2 are different. The Global Entry application form is the paperwork for expedited customs screening when entering the U.S. On the other hand, TSA PreCheck® is the paperwork for expedited security screening for flights departing from U.S. airports.

Global Entry membership automatically comes with TSA PreCheck® benefits. If you are a member of the Global Entry program, you are also TSA Approved. The reverse does not apply, though. TSA PreCheck® does not include Global Entry membership.

Your travel needs will determine what program is best for you. TSA PreCheck® is suitable for domestic travelers. If you travel internationally four or more times a year, Global Entry is the program for you.

If I Am TSA Approved, Will It Help With My Global Entry Application Form?

Having TSA PreCheck® approval does not affect your Global Entry application form in any way. It does not guarantee Global Entry application approval.

If your Global Entry application is unsuccessful and you are TSA approved, you still enjoy expedited screening when departing from U.S. airports.

FAQs About Luggage Locks For International Travel

Here are some commonly asked questions about luggage locks for international travel.

Can you walk in to apply for Global Entry?

Some application officers will accept walk-ins. If you need your Global entry soon, it is worth a try, but there is no guarantee.

How long does it take for Global Entry application to be approved?

It takes, on average, one year. The long process is due to the many applicants and the time it takes to get an in-person interview.

How long is a Global Entry interview?

Once you get in, the interview is only about 15 minutes. Most of the process takes place before your face-to-face meeting.

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Global Entry Application Form – Conclusion

Your travel time through customs to the United States becomes hassle-free with a Global Entry membership. Follow the clear-cut steps to submit your Global Entry application form. And in 4 to 6 months, enjoy the benefits of Global Entry membership.

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