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5 TSA Approved Luggage Trackers – No More Lost Luggage

Where is your luggage? I have had to ask this very same question in the past. But I wonder if I had TSA approved luggage trackers in my suitcase would my story be different?

The airline lost my luggage on a trip home from New Zealand. It left me feeling vulnerable and a bit off balance.

We had a quick connecting flight out of Los Angeles (LAX) airport, luckily, we made the flight, but our luggage didn’t. So when we landed and stood at the baggage carousel, guess what? No bags and none of my belongings were in the same place I was. So away we went to the baggage claim services to locate our bags.

I did get my lost luggage back the next day, but a vast majority don’t see their bags for days. Today let’s look at luggage trackers to prevent this problem and the stress that goes along with it.


TSA does not approve or disapprove of a tracking device or GPS navigation. Instead, it all depends on whether the device has a lithium-ion battery to power it. Lithium-ion batteries are not allowed in checked baggage, but they can go in a carry on bag. However, at this time, Trackers are OK for checked luggage, even those with lithium metal batteries.  Please check the airline rules to ensure you can use them. 

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Quick Overview Of TSA Approved Luggage Trackers (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.8tsa approved luggage tracker 1Apple AirTag 4 Pack –
TSA Approved Luggage Trackers
More Details
4.6tsa approved luggage tracker 6Tile Pro (2020) 2-pack – Bluetooth
TSA Approved Luggage Trackers
More Details
4.5tsa approved luggage tracker 3Tile Pro (2022) 2-Pack Bluetooth
TSA Approved Luggage Trackers
More Details
4.4tsa approved luggage tracker 4Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (2 Pack)
TSA Approved Luggage Trackers
More Details
4.3tsa approved luggage tracker 5ATUVOS Smart Bluetooth Tracker 2 Pack
TSA Approved Luggage Trackers
More Details

Why Do You Need A TSA Approved Luggage Tracker?

There are a few reasons you may need a tracker to put in your luggage:

  • Peace of mind – Flying can have its stresses, so why not find calm in knowing where your luggage is? No more worry if it made it to your plane or your destination.
  • Baggage tracker – You can track your bag through the airport and onto the cargo hold in the airplane. Or if you left your carry on somewhere at the airport, you can easily track it. Also, you can track it as your baggage approaches you at baggage claim.
  • Track a stolen suitcase – With a tracking device in your luggage, you can see where it is if someone snags it out from under your nose.
  • International Air Travel- If you travel internationally, you will want to know where your bag is at all times, so use a tracker to follow its path.
  • Lost luggage – If your airline misplaces your luggage, you can track it with the right tracking device.

What To Look For When Buying A TSA Approved Luggage Tracker?

Here are 3 things to note when buying a tracking device.

Type Of Battery

tsa approved luggage tracker pin

Does the device you choose have a lithium-ion battery? Does it have a sleep mode to use during the flight so you can put it in your checked bag? Turning it off may be a nice feature, but at this time, lithium-ion batteries found in luggage trackers can go in your checked baggage.

The App Or Phone Used

Trackers will track a few feet, but when connected to your electronic devices, such as an iPhone or Android, they can track almost anywhere in the world. Some trackers only work for certain types of phones and apps. Make sure you choose the right one for your mobile phone.


What do others say about the luggage locator? Have they had a good experience? Are there any complaints? How many stars does it receive? Online reviews can help you see how well-known the device is and whether other people have had a positive experience. With a higher rating, you know you are getting a good tracker.

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TSA Approved Luggage Trackers Product Reviews

Without further delay, here is our review of TSA approved luggage trackers.

tsa approved luggage tracker 1
Apple AirTag 4 Pack – TSA Approved Luggage Trackers

The Apple AirTag is another device developed and released by Apple. It pairs with the smartphone to track your luggage.

The Apple AirTag has precision finding to tell you the exact location of items close to you. It will tell you where it is in feet and lead you directly to where it is, like your wallet or keys.

The Apple AirTag pairs with your “find my network” on your phone via Bluetooth as a luggage tracker. When you place the Airtag in your luggage, you can use the app to locate your bag. It will use millions of devices connected to the “find my network” app and send a message back to you through the cloud.

It is compatible with the following models: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max,


  • Apple AirTag uses a CR2032 coin cell battery which is a lithium metal battery, and you can use it in checked and carry on luggage by most airlines at this time.
  • It specifically works with Apple Smart Phone. All iPhone 12 and all iPhone 11 models.
  • It has a 4.8 rating, and reviews of those who use it to track luggage stated they found their luggage in foreign countries, and one bag was stolen. Also said, it works well, especially in populated areas.


  • AirTag operates on WiFi and Bluetooth, so it requires a strong signal on your phone to locate your baggage.

tsa approved luggage tracker 6
Tile Pro (2020) 2-pack –
TSA Approved Luggage Trackers

The Tile Pro works in checked or carry on luggage, and you can locate your bags up to 400 feet. It is compatible with iOS or android phones. You will need Amazon Alexa, Xfinity, Siri, or Google Assistant to use the find nearby.

To use the find feature faraway, it connects via Bluetooth with a Tile app. You can upgrade for added protection to premium or premium protection.


  • It has 2 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included) The company states the batteries are safe to place in checked or carry on luggage
  • Works with iOS or Android
  • 4.6 rating with statements like, worked great to track lost luggage, can track my luggage through the airport.


  • You must keep the tile app via Bluetooth running in the background to find an accurate location.

tsa approved luggage tracker 3
Tile Pro (2022) 2-Pack Bluetooth
TSA Approved Luggage Trackers

The Tile Pro is a newer version of the Tile reviewed above. You can use a smart home device to track your luggage nearby at 400 feet; just ask Alexa to find your luggage.

To track long-range, it connects to Bluetooth and a Tile app to find the location on a map. It works on a Tile network with others attached to the same app to help locate your luggage.

The newer 2022 version of Tile also has the availability to connect to a premium plan for greater protection. The Premium Plus option will give you back money for anything you have attached to your Tile and cannot locate.


  • It has 2 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included). The company states it is safe for checked or carry on luggage at this time.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, and smartphone
  • 4.5 rating, stating, great for travel, a cheap way to track luggage, and it works.


  • If you set up 2 Tiles on 2 different devices and the devices are close to each other, one Bluetooth will need to be off for the other to work.

tsa approved luggage tracker 4
Samsung Galaxy SmartTag (2 Pack)
Bluetooth TSA Approved Luggage Trackers

The Galaxy SmartTag will only work with a Samsung Galaxy phone to track lost items up to 130 feet. It has a Galaxy Find Network that can scan data and privately find items far away. In addition, it keeps a log of where your luggage has been.

Your Galaxy can pair with your smart home, and you can use the app to turn on your lights as a safety measure before you enter your home.


  • It has 2 CR2 replaceable batteries that are safe for carry on and checked luggage at this time.
  • The Galaxy SmartTag will only work with a Samsung Galaxy phone 
  • 4.4 rating stating great performance and design, but it needs more features


  • The features are limited compared to its competitors.

tsa approved luggage tracker 5
ATUVOS Smart Bluetooth Tracker 2 Pack
TSA Approved Luggage Trackers

The Atuvos tracker is the first and only tracker compatible with the iOS, Find My Network smartphone other than the Apple AirTag. And it works with all models of iPhone. It can track a precise location up to 400 feet. With Bluetooth capability, you can use it in your luggage to find it far away.

It uses the help of other iOS devices to find your luggage when it is farther away than 400 feet.

Atuvos boasts 24-hour service if you need assistance.


  • It has 1 CR2 battery, which is safe for carry on and checked baggage at this time.
  • Compatible with only the iOS and “find my network.”
  • 4.3 rating with statements like it is a good alternative to the Apple AirTag, and tracks luggage well, yet some say it is hard to connect to the app.


  • It will not store history or location information.

FAQs About A TSA Approved Luggage Tracker

Here are some commonly asked questions about TSA approved luggage trackers.

Are luggage trackers TSA approved?

TSA says you can place them in your checked and carry on luggage, although most have a lithium metal battery.

Are luggage trackers worth it?

The small price of a luggage tracker is well worth it when it comes to finding your luggage with all your belongings.

What distance can an AirTag track?

When using the nearby mode of TSA approved luggage trackers, it ranges from 130 ft to 400 ft. But when connected to Bluetooth, the distance is unlimited.

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TSA Approved Luggage Trackers – Conclusion

So that concludes our review of a TSA approved luggage trackers. We hope this helps you decide what type of luggage tracker you want to purchase. If you have any questions about these products, please feel free to leave them below.

Happy travels, my friends.

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