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Non TSA Lock For Gun Case – No TSA Approved Locks Here

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There is a lot of confusion around locks for gun cases when you fly. Some of the regulations are clear-cut, but what type of lock to use is still an enigma. Let’s dig deeper into this story because the only type of lock you will need is a non TSA lock for gun case.

Although the TSA rules to fly with a firearm are clear-cut, they are lengthy. We have studied these regulations in depth, and we are here to share them with you and assist you in finding the appropriate non-TSA lock for gun cases.

So, together, let’s find the right lock for your gun case to travel.

When you are locking your gun case to fly, you should never use a TSA approved lock. Which leads us to, Why? TSA-approved locks allow TSA officers to open the lock if they need to inspect your checked bags further. For example, if you use a padlock with the Travel Sentry red diamond logo, you allow the TSA officer to open the lock with a TSA master key to inspect your luggage further. You will want to use a non TSA lock for gun case, and only you keep the key to your locks. This will ensure that no one opens your gun case without you present.

Quick Overview Of Non TSA Lock For Gun Case


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Master Lock M115XDLF Magnum

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Commando Lock

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Master Lock 140D Padlock

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InDepth Review Of Our Non TSA Lock For Gun Case

Any one of these 3 best gun case locks will easily meet TSA guidelines to fly with your firearm.

Master Lock M115XDLF Magnum

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The Master Lock Magnum® M115XDLF is a reliable heavy-duty padlock featuring a 48mm-wide laminated steel body. In addition, the outer components in stainless steel and zinc make this heavy-duty padlock weather-resistant.

It offers a lifetime guarantee against rusting on the lock body with its Rust-Oleum® Certified protection. The keyway, shackle, and laminated lock body’s seals offer extra protection against the elements.

The Tough-Cut™ boron-carbide padlock shackle is 50% harder than hardened steel, giving it the most resistance to cutting and sawing. In addition, the 4-pin cylinder prevents lock-picking, while the dual ball bearings offer maximum resistance against hammering and prying. With this heavy-duty padlock non TSA lock for gun case, you will know that no one can ever get into your locked gun case without your permission.

Commando Lock Blackout Laminated Steel Padlock 

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The Commando Lock Blackout 1300 Series locks have Solidbody Tek construction and a black zinc coating. They are sturdy with an interlocked and riveted body design.

These locks comply with US Military safety and construction standards, making them suitable for various security requirements. They are particularly suited as a non TSA lock for gun case, such as pelican cases.

Blackout locks are designed with rust-resistant zinc coating and dual-hardened stainless steel, providing increased durability. The lock is further protected from fracturing by its specific rivet hole design, while the boron-alloy shackle offers exceptional protection against cutting.

The polypropylene bumpers are UV-resistant and avoid causing scratches on internal components.

The Commando lock design has a pick and bump-resistant security pin system with up to 10 pins. The key remains in the lock until it is opened to a 180-degree angle or locked completely.

They are made in the USA using both domestic and international components.

Master Lock 140D Padlock

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The Master Lock 140D is less in diameter than the previous two we reviewed, making it perfect for smaller gun cases with smaller holes. It is a solid padlock with a key for access. The wide, solid brass body offers resistance to corrosion with dependable durability.

The hardened steel makes it more difficult to cut, while the four-pin cylinder helps prevent people from picking the lock. Its features make it dependable with resistance to corrosion, and it is a great choice as a gun case lock.

Why Is It Necessary To Use A Non TSA Lock For Gun Case?

If you use a TSA-approved lock on your gun case, all TSA security personnel will have access to your firearms. TSA regulations state that you are the only person who can have possession of the lock to your case. It also states that you need to be within the present (within eye range) of your case if TSA chooses to open it. So, if you place a TSA-approved lock on your gun case, you are allowing TSA to open it without your knowledge or without your presence. Therefore, you should never use a TSA-approved lock for your gun case.

With this information, it’s clear that when flying with a firearm, you must use an ordinary but heavy-duty Non TSA lock for gun case.

The size of the gun case lock for air travel will depend on the size of the lock ports. The padlocks that usually fit most firearm cases are those with a shackle diameter of less than 9.4 mm (3/8 in).

What To Look For When Buying Non TSA Lock For Gun Case

Here are three things to consider when buying a gun case lock for air travel.

Number Of Pins

The tumbler cylinder of each lock has a different number of pins. If a non TSA lock for gun case has more than one pin, each pin must reach a certain height for the padlock to open. Therefore, the more pins a padlock has, the harder it is to open with something other than the key.

Lock Body And Shackle Materials

You need a non TSA lock for gun case made of solid, sturdy materials to protect a valuable item like your gun. Heavy-duty lock bodies of stainless steel, titanium, solid hardened steel, TPE elastomer, or laminated steel are durable and long-lasting. Hence, they are highly resistant to the harshest conditions.

In addition, materials like boron-carbide steel are also perfect for padlock shackles because of their hardenability properties.

Thick shackles are hard to cut, but they may not fit into the lock ports or holes on the gun case. Most gun cases have lock holes that are 9.4mm in diameter. So, any non TSA lock for gun case with a shackle less than 9.4mm in diameter will work well.

Resistance Against Cutting, Prying, Picking, And Sawing

TSA advises using secure locks for storing firearms – the locks should be difficult to open, unbreakable, and safe from picking or prying. TSA does not recommend using a TSA lock for your gun case.

A gun case lock suitable for air travel should be able to resist and endure forceful attacks without compromising the security of your firearm. The best locks for any rifle case or gun case have to hold up against impacts or strikes to protect your weapon. The best lock for gun case is a non TSA lock.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Non TSA Lock For Gun Case

Here are some frequently asked questions about a non TSA lock for gun case.

Do I need TSA locks for gun cases?

No. A TSA-approved lock is not to be used on a gun case when you fly. To lock your firearms, you must use a non TSA lock for gun case.

What is the best TSA lock for gun case?

The best lock for a gun case is a non TSA lock. It is best not to use a TSA lock on a gun case because TSA security has a universal key to all TSA approved locks.

What makes a gun case TSA approved?

TSA requires that when you check your firearms and ammunition, you must store them in a lockable, hard-sided case. The gun case lock for air travel must have non TSA locks that are unbreakable and hard to force open to prevent unauthorized access to the firearm and ammo inside.

How many locks on a gun case when flying?

The TSA guidelines require the firearm case to have at least one lock on each end. However, using a padlock in each hole on your gun case will provide greater protection. 

What are the best locks for rifle case?

When you are checking a rifle case for a flight, the best locks are heavy-duty non TSA locks that no one can cut off or pick to unlock.

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The most important takeaway from this information is that you should not TSA approved gun case locks. Every TSA worker has a key that will open a TSA lock. So please use a non TSA lock for gun case as reviewed above for the safety of all passengers, your guns, and you.

Remember that you must secure the firearm inside the case with a non-TSA lock for gun case that is unbreakable and un-pickable gun case lock. With this setup, you don’t have to worry about your checked firearms getting into the wrong hands.

Have fun and be safe my travel friends.

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