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What Is A TWIC Card -Fly Through Security Fast Or Not?

What a great question; what is a TWIC card? Well, first off, the initials stand for Transportation Worker Identification Credentials. But who needs a TWIC card and why? In this article, let’s explore many avenues and answer some questions. 

What Is A TWIC Card?

The Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC) is an official photo I.D. with an integrated security chip. The chip holds personal information, such as fingerprints, and only employees who work in the transportation industries are eligible. Anyone who requires access to secure areas such as maritime facilities needs a TWIC card.

What Is A TWIC Card, And Who Needs One?

Anyone and everyone who works in the Maritime Transportation Industry and goes into secure areas needs a TWIC card.

Here are some workers who need a TWIC card:

  • Coast Guard: The Coast Guard personnel need a TWIC card to help protect U.S. citizens and ships at maritime ports.
  • Truck Drivers: Not all truck drivers require a TWIC card, but the ones who need access to ports to haul goods in and out need one so they can enter restricted areas.
  • Longshore Worker: Those workers who inspect cargo going in and have access to vessels will require a TWIC card.
  • Maritime Security: Ship security protects crew and passengers; therefore, they need a TWIC card to access many areas, such as cargo, loading, and unloading of ships.

Do TSA Workers Need What Is A TWIC card?

If you notice, in the above list, I did not mention anything about TSA security personnel needing a TWIC card. That is because they have already gone through the rigorous process required to get a TWIC card. TSA personnel are one of the groups who do the checks on people who ask what is a TWIC card and who needs one. 

The Coast Guard also does the checks, but not all workers can approve TWIC card applications, so some need a TWIC card. 

What does this say for TSA personnel? It tells me that we are in good hands when we fly. They have strong background checks and have the training to protect all of us when we travel by air. Now that is a nice secure feeling.

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How Do I Get One A TWIC Card?

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and the United States Coast Guard are the ones who issue the TWIC cards. 

You must fill out an application if you qualify as a worker needing a TWIC card. You can do this in person at a TWIC application center or fill out an online application at the tsa.gov TWIC site.

After completing your application process, TSA will conduct a background check and check the international databases to confirm your identity.

Are There Any Special Responsibilities When You Have A TWIC Card?

There aren’t any special responsibilities. But as a card holder, you went through a security threat assessment which was the process to qualify you to access specific areas. Once you have your card, you must continue to follow the same rules and uphold them with the same integrity you exhibited to get the card. 

How To Use Twic Card At Airport – Is It A TSA ID?

If you have asked, “can I use my TWIC card at the airport,” you are in luck because the answer is yes. Your TWIC card will come in handy for you at the airport. If you are a permanent lawful resident, a U.S. national, or a United States citizen with a TWIC card, you are automatically TSA precheck. Your TWIC is proof of identity, which means you don’t have to fill out a precheck application. Going through airport security checkpoints with your magnetic strip just got easier as of July 8, 2020. 

With this in mind, I researched if you can use your TWIC card for global entry. In many places, including the TSA website, it eludes that you can, but nowhere does it actually say that you can. So I need to say no unless I find other definitive answers that state you can. 

In addition, your TWIC card is also officially an I.D., and you can use it in place of your passport. 

How To Use Your TWIC Card For TSA Precheck

Your TWIC card has a magnetic strip on it. You can swipe the strip at any security checkpoint, and the chip will give TSA personnel the necessary information. This information will clear you as TSA PreCheck.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding What Is A TWIC Card.

Here are just a few FAQs regarding what is a TWIC card.

What is the purpose of a TWIC card?

A TWIC card is a legal document that all workers who deal with air travel or international water maritime facilities must have. It is a complete check on the workers to ensure they are safe to take care of our air and water space.

Is getting a TWIC card worth it?

A TWIC card is a requirement for workers of maritime facilities who work on the docks or bring goods in and out. So to keep a job in this area, it is absolutely worth it to have a TWIC card.

How long is a TWIC card good for?

A Transportation Worker Identification Credential card is valid for 5 years, at which time it requires renewal. But now that you know what is a TWIC card the process will be easy.

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What Is A TWIC Card – Conclusion

If you have ever wondered what is a TWIC card, We now have that information, and we know who needs one. Also, we have information on where to apply for one if you qualify as a maritime worker. But we may not have known that your TWIC card has a special benefit for you. 

When you fly, it can make the transition through airport security easier. With your card, TSA did an in-depth close look at your life. Because of the checks, you went through, you are a secure person and will reap the benefits. 

Happy travels, my friend.

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