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Is A Messenger Bag A Laptop Bag – Best Detailed Answer

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Backpacks were not the preferred laptop bag many years back. Instead, I have seen bus and plane commuters carry their laptops in messenger bags. Yes, you heard it right. Messenger bags and laptops go well together. But do you know what a messenger bag is, and is a messenger bag a laptop bag?

What should I buy if I have a new laptop? A messenger bag or a laptop backpack? While many prefer laptop backpacks for carrying comfort, I’d probably go with the messenger bag. What about you? What type of bag will you choose to have for your laptop?

Let’s go ahead and find out what a messenger bag is and is a messenger bag a laptop bag.

What Is A Messenger Bag?

Postal workers in the 1960s used messenger bags to carry letters from house to house. Messenger bags, traditionally made of durable fabrics like canvas or leather, have a padded shoulder strap. In addition, it has a sizeable flap with a buckle or clasp to secure your belongings inside the main compartment.

You can carry the bag over your shoulder or slip it across your body like a crossbody bag. Well, that’s how most of us remember what messenger bags looked like and how people used them. Of course, people called messenger bags by other names like courier bags or carryalls. But was a messenger bag a laptop bag back then?

By the mid-1980s, the messenger bag became a popular fashion staple for university students and young professionals. Unfortunately, laptops around the same time were not as portable, so the messenger bags were unsuitable for carrying their computer.

Fast forward to now, messenger bags have come a long way in terms of innovations and designs. They have gradually transitioned from a postal worker’s bag and emerged as a stylish way to carry a laptop.

So, is a messenger bag a laptop bag considering that more people are now using them for their laptops? Also, today many people carry a messenger bag as their carry on while flying, but does it have the protection your laptop needs?

Messenger Bag Features That Match Laptop Bag Features

Is a messenger bag a laptop bag? By all accounts, yes! If you look at the designs of messenger bags these days, you will notice that the bag features match those of typical laptop backpacks or laptop bags. When I fly, I have noticed designer messenger bags such as Coach, Von Baer, and Burberry popping up everywhere.

Manufacturers may have sensed a demand for people using messenger bags as laptop bags, so they introduced many features to protect and secure your laptop. Some of the features include:

Adequate Bag Padding

Messenger bags now have adequate padding to protect the laptop from bumps and scratches. While carrying the messenger bag across your body may seem safe, accidental bumps happen, and without the padding, your computer will be at risk of damage from impact.

So, is a messenger bag a laptop bag just because it has adequate padding? Not necessarily. But with the padding, your laptop gets the shield it needs to prevent damage. So, yes. A messenger bag with generous padding qualifies as a laptop bag. Your PC can take a beating traveling through the airport and even on a plane when you have it under the seat in front of you. Padding is a must for protection.

Bag Size And Laptop Size

Because you are using it for your laptop, a messenger bag size must be proportionate to the size of your portable computer. For example, if you have a 15.6-inch laptop, choosing a messenger bag with more space to accommodate extra items is safe. However, the laptop sleeve or compartment must keep the laptop snug, so it doesn’t move while you’re walking or traveling abroad.

The messenger bag must have enough buffer space for storing other items, such as the laptop charger, mouse, and an external hard drive. Is a messenger bag a laptop bag if it fits the size of your laptop? Most definitely! Not all bags can accommodate the size of a computer, so if your messenger bag holds your laptop, it is a laptop bag.

Bag Materials And Closure Mechanism

Whether your messenger bag is nylon or vegan leather, you can expect it to last a long time. These materials are high-quality, hard-wearing, and waterproof, which you need for a reliable and sturdy messenger bag.

With a prized possession like your laptop inside, if your bag is not waterproof, you expose it to water damage. Likewise, if your messenger bag is not impact-resistant, your computer will have no protection from accidental bumps.

The quality of the bag’s closure mechanism is as important as the bag material, which can be a buckle strap (similar to a seatbelt) or a double-clasp closure system. Is a messenger bag a laptop bag if it has good quality bag material and a secure closure system? You and I know that the answer is yes.

Pockets And Extra Storage For Organization

You’re not just putting the laptop and accessories inside the messenger bag; you can also throw in other items like a shirt, some documents, and a folded umbrella. So, actually, you can use it as a carry on personal bag and store a ton of extra things in it. Therefore, the messenger bags must be spacious enough and have extra pockets where you can store these items in an organized manner. So, is a messenger bag a laptop bag with pockets to organize other accessories? Yes, it is.

Comfortable Shoulder Strap

The shoulder strap must be broad enough to carry a laptop comfortably. Thanks to its ergonomic design, you can have it on your left or right shoulder or across your back. With the adjustable shoulder strap, you can easily access the messenger bag’s main compartment even while traveling and with your hands full.

Is a messenger bag a laptop bag with an ambidextrous, padded shoulder strap? It is. Because if a bag’s shoulder strap is not wide and adequately padded, it will be uncomfortable for the shoulder with the laptop inside the bag.

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FAQ Regarding Is A Messenger Bag A Laptop Bag

We have compiled a few frequently asked questions regarding is a messenger bag and a laptop bag.

Can you use a messenger bag for a laptop?

Many messenger bags have features suitable for keeping and protecting the laptop inside the bag. So, is a messenger bag a laptop bag? Yes. It is a laptop bag because you can carry your portable computer to work or anywhere else.

What is the difference between a messenger and a laptop bag?

Some laptop bags have soft top handles, while most messenger bags do not have handles. Instead, messenger bags typically have a main flap with a double-clasp or buckle-type closure mechanism.

Is a messenger bag appropriate for work?

A messenger bag’s top quality is its versatility, allowing you to use it in many different ways and purposes. For example, you can use it to hold important documents for work together with your laptop inside. You can also use it for your gym clothes when working out.

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With some or all of these features infused in the design of most messenger bags, there is no doubt that the question “is a messenger bag a laptop bag?” will merit a positive response. The messenger bag may look sophisticated and formal, suitable for corporate executives.

However, there are also messenger bags that look sporty, which are perfect for bike-riding or air travel professionals. So, whatever your style preference, there is a messenger bag that suits your needs, style, and requirement for safely carrying your laptop.

A messenger bag for your laptop is a perfect addition to a carry-on luggage or a backpack.

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