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Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved To Fly In Your Carry On Bag

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Have you ever tried taking your favorite multi tool in your carry-on bag on a flight and didn’t quite make it through TSA security screening? You may need a bladeless multi tool TSA approved to fly.

It is a sinking feeling when your trusted tool is confiscated by TSA, and you reach your destination without it. As seasoned travelers with a vast knowledge of TSA regulations, we understand what makes a tool both functional and travel-friendly.

I personally know how you feel. My husband loves his pocket tool, but it, too, has a blade on it. So, together, let’s navigate the TSA guidelines regarding a bladeless multi tool TSA approved and bridge the gap between what is OK and what is not.

Quick Overview Of Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.5Bladeless Multi Tool TSAbgerbern greyGERBER MP600
Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife
More Details
4.5Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife 2
Toolcard Pro
Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife
40 in 1 
More Details
4.5Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife 3SmallRig Folding Screwdriver
Pocket Multi Tool Without Knive
Hunter AAK2495
More Details
4.5Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife43S.R.T. Survival
Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife
14 Function 
More Details

TSA Regulations For A Multi Tool and Knives

If you’re packing a multi-tool to fly, the “Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved” is a popular choice among travelers. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what the TSA says about these tools and knives:

Carry-On Luggage

  • Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved: If you’re carrying a Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved, you’re in luck. These tools are allowed in your carry-on luggage since they don’t have blades. However, the final decision always rests with the TSA officers at the checkpoint.
  • Multi-Tools With Blades: Any multi-tool equipped with a blade is a no-go for carry-on luggage. It may be a TSA approved pocket knife but still needs to be stowed away in checked luggage.
  • Knives: All knives, irrespective of their blade length or type, are prohibited in carry-on bags. The only exceptions are plastic or round-bladed butter knives.

Checked Luggage

  • Multi-Tools: Whether it’s a Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved or one with blades, you can pack it in your checked luggage without issues.
  • Knives: Knives in checked bags must be securely wrapped to prevent potential injury to those handling the luggage. Even a TSA approved knife has a sharp edge that can harm another.


  • Before heading to the airport, inspect your multi-tool and knives to ensure they align with TSA regulations.
  • For any uncertainties, the TSA’s “What Can I Bring?” tool is a handy resource.
  • TSA agents have the final say. Even if an item like the Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved is generally permitted, officers can refuse any item they see as a potential threat.

Review Of Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved

Now that we understand why we need a bladeless multi tool TSA approved let’s look at 4 that fit TSA regulations.


Bladeless Multi Tool TSAbgerbern white
Gerber mp600 Bladeless TSA

The Gerber MP600 bladeless multi tool TSA approved complies with the “No Knife” policies of industrial facilities, hospitals, and other places that put safety as a top priority. Known for their high-quality stainless steel multi-tools, Gerber features patented one-handed opening needle nose pliers.

The MP600 pocket multi tool has 12 tools, including a removable RemGrit saw and Tungsten Carbide replaceable wire cutters. In addition, the bladeless MP600 multi-tool has three flatheads, one Phillips screwdriver, scissors, a coarse and fine file, and a plain edge blade. Not to mention a lanyard ring, a retail package opener, and a bottle/can opener that locks in place for safety.

Ideal for use by the military, the Gerber MP600 multi-tool is highly functional. Aside from its versatility, this pocket multitool without knife has a tough and durable stainless steel body that can withstand the harshest conditions.


This bundle has two items – the bladeless multi tool TSA approved MP 600 needle-nose pliers and the Gear 30-000469N 12-in-1 Dime mini multi-tool.

The bladeless MP 600 needle-nose pliers

  • Compliant with “No Knife” policies
  • Bladeless multi tool TSA approved
  • Opens easily with one hand
  • Solid stainless steel construction with black oxide finish
  • Includes replaceable Tungsten Carbide wire cutters and ballistic nylon sheath

The Gear 30-00469N 12-in-1 mini multi-tool

  • 12 tools in one best multi tool without knife
  • Bladeless MULTI tool TSA approved
  • Features a slim design and butterfly opening for easy access
  • Compact construction to fit in a pocket or on a keychain
  • Perfect for camping, as a workshop tool, and for other daily needs


  • The pliers have to slide out and may not seem as stable as other tools.

Toolcard Pro

Bladeless Multi Tool TSA  2
Toolcard Pro
Multitool Without Knife
40 in 1 

The Toolcard Pro is a bladeless multi tool TSA approved in the size of a credit card with an optional pocket clip and 40 tools. This incredible utility tool lets you do daily tasks such as opening boxes, tightening bolts or screws, or bolts, cutting cords, and opening a beer.

The best thing about this versatile multi tool without a knife is that you can carry it around in your wallet and have all the essential tools you need.

The Toolcard Pro pocket-sized toolkit has beveled edges, a glossy silver or black satin finish, and sharp, laser-etched markings. This multi-tool combines style and function.

The Toolcard Pro multi-tool features a 420 stainless steel construction in a proprietary 7-step process. After precision stamping and minting, the parts undergo rigorous procedures. Next, they tumble them to remove sharp edges, heat treatment, CNC milling, deburring, bead blasting or PVD coating, and laser etching. The result is a product that looks good and is strong enough to last for a long time.

It includes 40 tools, such as a bottle/can/box opener, a pry bar, a cord cutter, various screwdrivers, rulers, and eight closed ends. In addition, it has eight open-end wrenches in different gauges (inches and mm), a hex bit holder, a straight edge, a graduated compass, a protractor, and a speed square.


  • 40 tools in one
  • A card tool with no sharp or jagged edges and offers a firm grip when using the tools
  • TSA compliant at 1.3 oz weight and a bladeless Multi tool TSA approved
  • It can hold six cards and a few bills if you buy the optional money clip
  • Made of heat-treated 420 stainless steel with a satin silver finish
  • Features a classic design and a clean, functional layout
  • It fits the wallet like a credit card
  • A pro-style bottle opener that is flat, front, and center
  • Functional design that maximizes usability with its clip-on and clip-off tools
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The laser-etched markings (measurements) will fade with age and wear and tear. Embossed markings would have been better.

SmallRig Folding Screwdriver

Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife 3
SmallRig Folding Screwdriver
Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved
Hunter AAK2495

The compact folding TSA approved screwdriver kit from SmallRig is a pocket-sized multi-tool for videographers. The tool kit includes four Allen Wrenches, a flat screwdriver, and a Torx T25 driver.

To use the folding screwdriver, you simply push it out. Then, press the release button to draw it back into the side plate.

This kit features a rectangular form with a limit column to prevent the deflection of the screwdrivers. In addition, there are threaded holes in different gauges to hold spare screws.


  • Includes seven functional screwdrivers – four Allen Wrenches, one flat and one Phillips screwdriver, and one Torx T25 driver
  • Easy-to-use design with a release button to push out and draw back screwdrivers
  • Bladeless Multi tool TSA approved
  • Compact, sturdy, and durable. You can carry it around without losing tiny any of the wrenches or screwdrivers.
  • Made of rugged stainless steel (body) and robust aluminum allow (side plates)
  • It has an anti-twist design to keep the screwdrivers in the middle
  • Storage for spare screws (spare screws not included)
  • All tools fold in one pocket-sized set.
  • It has a hole for a keyring.
  • Knobs are bi-directional. Pushing the knob will get the wrench to pop out automatically.


  • The tool’s wrenches and screwdrivers don’t lock into place.

S.R.T. Survival

Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife43
S.R.T. Survival
Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved
14 Function 

The SRT stainless steel survival pocket multitool without a knife offers 14 tools to help with various troubleshooting needs.

It has unique features like a hammer that will strike and break glass, an oxygen valve opener, a provision for self-defense, a wire stripper, and a seat belt cutter. In addition, it has a gradual hex driver, a ¼ inch nut wrench, a bottle opener, a ruler, a gripper, a box cutter, a kinetic spin glass break, a nail puller, and a flat screwdriver. All of these tools are in one pocket-sized unit.

There are perimeter groves throughout the multi-tool to improve the grip in various orientations.

The SRT survival multi-tool is a handy yet highly functional tool for law enforcement, first responders, security personnel, and everyone who wants an added measure of protection.

As a medical professional, never again will you need to fly without some type of tool you can use in an emergency.


  • Manufacturers’ design incorporates personal protection or self-defense.
  • Sleek appearance
  • Bladeless Multi tool TSA approved
  • Easy pocket deployment
  • 14 function multi-tool components allow quick access to various tool options and efficient tool use
  • Some features offer solutions to emergency needs (as an oxygen valve opener and as a windlass for a tourniquet)
  • Made of 440C grade stainless steel
  • Multi-tool is 5.25 inches long
  • Fits easily into pockets, rescue vests, and bags
  • Some features offer auto-rescue tools (seat belt cutter, window breaker)


  • For self-defense, you need to watch training videos and practice.

Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife7

What To Look For When Buying Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife

If you want to take your pocket multi-tool with you when you travel, you can choose from the numerous TSA-approved multi-tools available on the market.

“No Knife” Policy Compliant

Having a bladeless Multi tool TSA approved means you can also use them in places that enforce a ‘no knife’ policy. For example, you can’t bring a bladed multi-tool in hospitals, industrial facilities, law enforcement offices, etc.

Weight and Materials

A bladeless Multi tool TSA approved must be lightweight to carry as a pocket tool. A heavy multi-tool will be burdensome to have in your pocket.

The general rule is to keep the toolkit under four ounces for ease of use and comfort. However, many manufacturers sell multi-tools in a sheath, so you can carry them comfortably on a belt if the toolkit is heavy.


One critical factor is identifying the tools you need in the multi-tool. For example, are you fond of fixing things around your home? Then a multi-tool with pliers and scissors will suit your fixing needs.

A bladeless Multi tool TSA approved with a screwdriver is handy. Some utility tools have a bit holder, which allows you to use the correct screwdriver bit size. All in all, finding the right tool for your needs that will fly without hassle is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bladeless Multi Tool TSA Approved

Here are some of the questions that may come to mind regarding a bladeless multi tool TSA approved.

Can I fly with a multitool?

Remember that TSA does not allow you to carry pointed or sharp objects longer than seven inches onto a plane. So if flying with a multi-tool, make sure it is bladeless, or wrap the knife securely in your checked baggage.

Why do you need a multi-tool?

Having a versatile tool that you can use to fix random things (tighten screws, cut wires, etc.) is convenient and helpful. For example, if caught in a situation where you need to free yourself from a stuck seatbelt, a multi-tool in your pocket will do the job and possibly save you from further harm.

Is multitool worth having?

Yes. Knowing that you have a multi-tool that can turn you into a McGyver is cool. If you like to fix things (tighten screws or bolts, cut wires or ties, etc.), a pocket multi tool that does not have a blade worth buying.

Additional Resources on TSA Approved Items

If you are looking for more tutorials, walkthroughs, and troubleshooting on TSA, here are some additional posts about TSA items:

Pocket Multi Tool Without Knife – Conclusion

We’ve looked at 4 pocket tools and have an extensive knowledge base of the TSA regulations. When you travel and want to put your bladeless multi tool TSA approved in your carry-on bag, you have some great choices. Make sure to choose the one that has the tools you need.

Just make sure your tool doesn’t have a blade or knife, and the scissors are less than 4 inches from the pivot point. Follow the TSA guidelines and comfortably travel with your new multi tool in your carry on bag.

Happy travels, my friends.

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