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3 Of The Best TSA Approved Gun Cases For Safe Flying

Bringing a gun with you on a flight is no easy task but well worth it if you follow all the regulations. One limitation is you must have TSA approved gun cases. There are rules and regulations for ammunition and how to declare and check firearms. 

Rules are in place to keep us all safe so let’s get a bit more information on how to travel with a gun. 

Overview Of The TSA Approved Gun Cases  (Updated List)

RatingsProductDescriptionMore Details
4.8tsa approved gun cases 33Eylar Tactical TSA Approved Hard Sided Gun Case More Details
4.7tsa approved gun cases 11HQ ISSUE Tactical TSA Approved Rifle Case HardMore Details
4.6tsa approved gun cases 22
Eylar Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case
Meets TSA Requirements
More Details

Why Do You Need TSA Approved Gun Cases?

The TSA, or Transportation Security Administration Of The United States, has strict rules on flying with a gun. When you adhere to these regulations, the process most likely will go smoothly. But what are these rules?

According to the TSA, there are strict guidelines for transporting firearms and ammunition when flying. 

  • You must declare your gun at the airline ticket counter. No firearm, loaded or unloaded, can go to the security check-in point. It is punishable by law and possibly jail time. And it must be in a TSA-approved case.
  • You must check all firearm TSA approved gun cases (firearms unloaded) as a check on luggage.
  • You Must Have Your Gun In a TSA approved gun case to take your firearm through airport security.
  • Ammunition must also be in your checked luggage. It is best to store it in the original box or a container designated for ammo, although you can keep your ammo in the TSA approved gun case with your firearm in the approved ammo box.
  • The TSA approved gun cases must have key locks or combination locks, and only you can have the key or combination.
  • Rifle TSA-approved gun cases must have a separate lock on each end (you can NOT use a TSA-approved lock) 
  • You may have as many firearms in separate TSA approved gun cases in your checked luggage as weight allows. In other words, you can put 5 TSA-approved gun cases in your checked baggage, but the weight limit is 50 pounds or an extra charge.


To sum it up, the requirements are straightforward, but you must have TSA approved gun cases to transport firearms with air travel. However, there are other regulations to follow, which you don’t want to wait to learn about at the airport security checkpoints. That would be way too late!

With this in mind, I suggest you look online at the airline regulations you are flying and any countries will visit. 

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What To Look For In TSA Approved Gun Cases?


Most gun cases are aluminum or hard plastic casing. Therefore, your firearms must be in hard-sided, crush-resistant cases and possibly stackable. In addition, you will want at least 1-inch thick foam because layers of foam absorb shock and protect your firearms.

Locking Capability

All cases that are TSA approved require gun case locks, but the rifle cases require a lock at each end. With this in mind, ensure the case you purchase has the appropriate locks to meet TSA requirements. 

With this in mind, please note: DO NOT use TSA approved locks on a gun case. It is against federal law. Use regular locks that only you have a key to unlock.

TSA Approved

Not all gun cases are TSA approved. A firearm case with more than one gun will not meet the requirements. However, you can use a case that holds 2 rifles if you only put one gun in it. Additionally, see the TSA approved firearm regulations above. 

TSA Approved Gun Cases Product Review

Without further delay, here are the reviews of 3 TSA approved gun cases to protect your firearms while you travel.

Eylar Tactical TSA Approved Hard Sided Gun Case

tsa approved gun cases 33

The Eylar Tactical made our top pick TSA approved gun case list for smaller firearms such as pistols and Glocks.

This Eylar case holds one gun with foam padding: in addition, you can customize the foam for a secure fit of your ammunition and your firearm.

These TSA approved handgun cases have everything you need to safely travel, such as an outer Polypropylene hard-shell, which makes the durability top-notch. It is stackable and crush-poof up to 3000 lbs; not to mention, the case comes in 11 vibrant colors at an affordable price.

In addition, Eylar makes this TSA approved handgun case in various sizes ranging from 11.62 inches to 16 inches wide and weighs 2.59 lbs.


  • Waterproof for up to 1 meter
  • 3 pieces of packing foam
  • Has locking capability with 2 areas for a TSA approved gun case lock, but only one is required.
  • A pressure valve to equalize cabin pressure when flying


  • When opened, this TSA approved pistol case easily tips over.


Here are just a few FAQs you may have on your mind regarding this best TSA approved gun case.


Q – Will a Glock 19 fit in this case?

A – Yes, it will fit in this airline safe gun case, and it will float


Q – Is a lock included?

A – No, a lock does not come with the case, but you can purchase a TSA lock at a reasonable price.


Q – Can I open it without a key by removing the hinge locks?

A – No, the hinge locks are a closed system.

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HQ ISSUE Tactical Hard TSA Approved Rifle Cases

tsa approved gun cases 11

The HQ ISSUE Tactical TSA Approved Hard Rifle Case is an excellent choice to house a rifle, pellet, BB gun, or paint gun.

It holds one firearm and, therefore, it is a TSA approved firearm case. It has an outer shell of a durable, sturdy molded waterproof shell that is 100% water-proof and weighs 15.1 lbs.

Measurements are: ‎43 x 16 x 7 inches. A TSA rifle case like this will travel easily, stack easily, and can protect your firearms from damage.


  • Customize the foam to fit your rifle.
  • Wheels on one end for easy mobility
  • This airline approved rifle case has foam padding
  • A lock on each end to meet TSA gun case regulations


  • some say the water seal on these TSA gun cases is not adequate.


Here are just a few questions you may have on your mind regarding HQ TSA approved gun cases.


Q – Can I remove the foam?

A – Yes, the foam in this airline approved shotgun case is not attached to the case, and you can remove it.


Q – Is the foam cut out for a rifle?

A – No, it is not, so you can customize it to fit your needs, although it does have a pattern to follow.


Q – What are the inner dimensions?

A – It measures 40x13x5 1/2 inches.

Eylar Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case
Meets TSA Requirements

tsa approved gun cases 22

While the Eylar Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case is for 2 rifles, it is a solid firearm case. It is one of the TSA approved gun cases for airlines as long as it only has one firearm inside.

You can choose sizes ranging from 38 inches to 53 inches in length, and the outer dimensions are 38.3 inches x 17.85″ x 6.25 inches.

Eylar outdid themselves on this gun case with rolling wheels, TSA approved areas for locking, and a durable outer hard case made of reinforced polypropylene.

However, this airline firearm case does weigh 20.5 pounds without firearms or ammunition.


  • Firstly, it is designed with an equalizer valve to waterproof pressure
  • Secondly, it is waterproof, in up to 1 meter of water.
  • Thirdly, you can customize a case this size to fit your firearm and the allotted ammo.
  • It is versatile because when the foam is out, you can use it for other items, such as a camera, when not flying.


  • The case is rather heavy.


Here are just a few questions you may have on your mind regarding Elar TSA approved gun cases.


Q – Does this case have wheels?

A – Yes, it has 2 wheels on one end and a handle on the other end to move it along smoothly.

tsa approved gun cases pin2


Q – What dimensions is the largest gun case?

A – The 53-inch case measurements are 54 x 15 x 6 inches.


Q – Can I put 2 firearms in this to fly?

A – No, TSA regulations say only one firearm per case, but you can store your ammo in with your rifle.

FAQs About TSA Approved Gun Cases

Here are some commonly asked questions about TSA approved gun cases.

Can I take ammunition with me in my checked bags?

Yes, you can take ammo with you in your checked bags. However, it must be in the original packaging or a
TSA approved ammo box. Also, you may pack it in the same hard-sided locked case as your gun, but you must be unloaded at all times.

Can I put 2 guns in one case and meet TSA approval?

No, TSA regulations state only one gun per case, even if it is a TSA approved rifle case made for 2 guns.

Who can have the keys to my locked gun case?

You are the only person who has the key to your locked gun case. You are not to give it or a duplicate to anyone else. If you have a TSA approved lock on your gun case, TSA security can unlock it with a master key or ask you for the key while you are in their presence.

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TSA Approved Gun Cases: Conclusion

Each of these TSA approved gun cases will help you meet the requirements of a best travel gun case. However, it is necessary to check the airline and TSA rules before flying, which are on the website for each airline. 

So you can fly with a gun? Yes, but you must have TSA approved gun cases to do so. Don’t you think it is well worth it for peace of mind and a great time where you are headed?

Happy travels, my friends.

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