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Best TSA Approved Gun Cases – A Guide To Safe Flying

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Bringing a gun with you on a flight is no easy task, but well worth it if you follow all the regulations. One limitation is you must have TSA approved gun cases. In addition, there are rules and regulations for ammunition and how to declare and check firearms. 

Rules are in place to keep us all safe, so let’s get a bit more information on how to travel with a gun in the best TSA approved gun cases. 

Overview Of The TSA Approved Gun Cases  (Updated List)

ProductDescriptionMore Details
tsa approved gun cases 12pngEylar Tactical TSA Approved Hard Sided Gun Case
Best TSA Approved Gun Case
More Details
tsa approved gun cases pelicanPelican 1450 Case With Foam 
Best TSA Approved Pistol Case
More Details
tsa approved gun cases 22HQ ISSUE Tactical Best TSA Approved Rifle Cases More Details
tsa approved gun cases 32
Eylar Protective Roller Tactical
TSA Approved Rifle Case
More Details

What Makes A Gun Case TSA Approved

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the United States has strict guidelines regarding TSA approved gun cases for the transportation of firearms and ammunition on flights. In line with these regulations, they specify that firearms must be securely packed in a locked, hard-sided gun case. These regulations are the same for the best tsa approved handgun case and a tsa approved shotgun case.

To meet TSA requirements, TSA approved gun cases must be sturdy and tamper-proof, with the ability to fully secure your firearm. The lock must be non-TSA, meaning that only the owner has the key or combination. This is crucial as TSA guidelines stipulate that no one other than the owner should have access to the firearm.

Many manufacturers of the best gun cases make models specifically designed for air travel, with reinforced construction, durable locks, and foam interior padding to protect your firearm from damage during transit.

TSA Approved Gun Cases Product Review

Without further delay, here are the reviews of the top TSA approved gun cases to protect your firearms and TSA compliance while you travel.

Eylar Tactical TSA Approved Hard Sided Gun Case

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The Eylar Tactical TSA Approved Hard Sided Gun Case confidently ranks among the best TSA approved gun cases on the market. Renowned for its rugged durability and design, this case promises top-notch security as a TSA approved handgun case during transportation.

The Eylar Tactical case is built from a durable polypropylene shell, which ensures protection against external elements and impacts. This hard-sided case also features pressure equalization valves that maintain the internal atmosphere, crucial for protecting your firearm from altitude changes during flights.

A key feature of this case that sets it apart from other TSA approved gun cases is its customizable foam interior. This dual layer of foam can be shaped according to the user’s needs, providing a snug and secure fit for a variety of firearm sizes.

Moreover, Eylar Tactical has incorporated holes to place a secure lock system that will adhere to the TSA’s standards. This security feature means that only the owner can access the case’s contents, adding an extra level of security during transit.


  • Sturdy Construction: With a hard polypropylene shell, this case promises long-lasting durability and robust protection.
  • Customizable Foam Interior: The two layers of foam can be tailored to suit various firearm sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • TSA-Approved Lock System: The provided locking holes support the use of padlocks to meet TSA standards, adding an extra layer of security.


  • Size: The design is for one firearm, which could be a drawback for some users, although it does meet TSA requirements.
  • Foam Customization: While beneficial, customizing the foam to fit your firearm can be a time-consuming process and requires precision.

In summary, the Eylar Tactical TSA Approved Hard Sided Gun Case is an excellent option in the realm of TSA approved gun cases, offering robust protection and security for your firearm during travel.

Pelican 1450 Case With Foam 

tsa approved gun cases pelican

The Pelican 1450 Case with Foam is an outstanding choice for secure firearm transportation, and it rightly earns a top spot on the list of the best pistol case for air travel. Trusted by professionals in various fields, from photography to law enforcement, Pelican cases are renowned for their robust and durable design.

Constructed from ultra-high-impact polypropylene, Pelican 1450 TSA approved gun cases will withstand harsh conditions while keeping their contents safe. It is water and dustproof design, combined with a neoprene O-ring seal and automatic pressure equalization valve, ensures that your firearm is shielded from environmental elements. The double-throw latches offer easy access yet secure closure.

The interior of the Pelican 1450 is a customizable foam set, allowing you to design the perfect fit for your TSA approved pistol case and accessories. With the Pelican case you can rest assured your firearms will stay securely in place during transit. The stainless steel padlock protectors add an extra level of security, ensuring that your firearm stays securely locked in line with TSA regulations.

All these features are housed in a case that maintains a compact and portable design, making the Pelican 1450 an excellent option for those who frequently travel with their firearms. Whether you need to secure a handgun, camera, or any other sensitive equipment, the Pelican 1450 Case with Foam is a reliable and versatile choice.


  • Durable Construction: The Pelican 1450’s ultra-high impact polypropylene shell ensures it can withstand rough handling and harsh environments, promising long-term durability.
  • Waterproof and Dustproof: The case’s design, complete with a neoprene O-ring seal and automatic pressure equalization valve, provides excellent protection from environmental factors.
  • Security Features: The case has stainless steel padlock protectors, providing added security to prevent theft or tampering.


  • Size: Depending on the specific firearm or equipment, the case might be too compact for some users. Make sure to check the dimensions of the case and your equipment before purchase.
  • Foam Customization: While the customizable foam is a significant advantage, it requires time and precision to tailor accurately to your equipment. Inaccurate cuts could reduce the level of protection offered to your firearm.

In summary, the Pelican 1450 Case is an excellent option for your choice of TSA approved gun cases, offering enhanced protection and excellent reviews.

HQ ISSUE Tactical Hard TSA Approved Rifle Cases

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The HQ ISSUE Tactical Hard TSA Approved Rifle Case is a standout choice when selecting from the variety of TSA approved gun cases available today. It offers top-tier protection and security for your firearm, making it an excellent choice for the best airline rifle case for frequent travelers.

This case is constructed from a rugged polypropylene shell that ensures superior durability and protection. It’s designed to withstand rough handling and adverse conditions, which is crucial for those long journeys. The foam interior is customizable, allowing you to tailor the padding to perfectly fit your rifle or other equipment.

One of the key features of the HQ ISSUE Tactical case that sets it apart from other TSA approved gun cases is the inclusion of four secure locking points. These points offer a high level of security and ensure that your firearm safely meets TSA regulations during transit.


  1. Durable Construction: The rugged polypropylene shell provides excellent durability and impact resistance.
  2. Customizable Foam Interior: The foam can be easily adjusted to fit your specific firearm, providing a snug and secure fit.
  3. Multiple Lock Points: The inclusion of four secure locking points provides superior security compared to some other models.


  1. Size: This case is specifically designed for rifles and may not be suitable for smaller firearms. Make sure to check your firearm’s dimensions before purchasing.
  2. Weight: The robust construction, while offering excellent protection, does result in a heavier case, which may be a drawback for some users.

In summary, the HQ ISSUE Tactical Hard TSA Approved firearm case remains a top contender in the realm of TSA approved gun cases. Its balance of robust security features and customizable interior ensures that your firearm is well-protected during travel with the best hard rifle case for air travel.

Eylar Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case
Meets TSA Requirements

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The Eylar Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case is a top-tier choice among TSA approved gun cases. This case combines robust protection with ease of mobility, making it a perfect pick for individuals who travel frequently with their firearms.

Constructed with a polypropylene shell, this case is designed to endure harsh conditions, ensuring the secure protection of your firearm. The case also includes pressure relief valves, a feature that helps in maintaining the internal environment of the case, critical when traveling on flights with varying altitudes.

One unique feature of the Eylar Protective Roller Case, compared to other TSA approved gun cases, is the inclusion of roller wheels. This allows for easy transportation, a significant advantage when you’re moving through busy airports.

The case comes with a customizable foam interior, allowing you to securely fit your rifle or other gear for secure transport. Additionally, Eylar has incorporated a secure combination lock system, adhering to TSA’s strict requirements and ensuring only the owner can access the firearm.


  1. Roller Wheels: The built-in roller wheels make this case easy to transport, even in busy airports.
  2. Customizable Foam Interior: Eylar Tactical Rifle Case will hold 2 rifles, although you can only have one in the case to fly. The foam can be shaped to ensure a secure and snug fit for one rifle.
  3. Secure Combination Lock: The lock holes adhere to TSA standards, adding an additional layer of security.


  1. Size: As it’s primarily designed for 2 rifles, you can put 2 in one case to fly, however it may exceed the weight limit and require an extra fee,
  2. Weight: While robust construction promises protection, it also results in a heavier case, which could be a drawback for some users.

In conclusion, the Eylar Protective Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case stands out as a top contender among TSA approved gun cases. Its blend of durability, mobility, and customization makes it a fantastic choice for secure firearm transportation.

TSA Guidelines For Transporting A Firearm In Flight

According to the TSA, there are strict guidelines for transporting firearms and ammunition when flying. 

  • You must declare your gun at the airline ticket counter. No loaded or unloaded firearm can go to the security check-in point. It is punishable by law and possibly jail time. And it must be in a TSA-approved case.
  • You must check all firearm TSA approved gun cases (firearms unloaded) as a check on luggage.
  • You Must Have Your Gun In a TSA approved gun case to take your firearm through airport security.
  • Ammunition must also be in your checked luggage. It is best to store it in the original box or a container designated for ammo, although you can keep your ammo in the TSA approved gun case with your firearm in the approved ammo box.
  • The TSA approved gun cases must have key locks or combination locks, and only you can have the key or combination.
  • Rifle TSA-approved gun cases must have a separate lock on each end (you can NOT use a TSA-approved lock) 
  • You may have as many firearms in separate TSA approved gun cases in your checked luggage as weight allows. In other words, you can put 5 TSA-approved gun cases in your checked baggage, but the weight limit is 50 pounds or an extra charge for most airlines.

Please look online at the airline regulations you are flying and any countries you will visit for more in-depth airline regulations. 


Do not use a TSA approved lock on your gun cases. TSA regulations state that you and only you are to have a key to your gun case. If you use a TSA approved lock, all TSA workers have a key to the lock. In addition, it is against Federal law to use a TSA approved lock.

What does this mean? It means you are liable if you use a TSA-approved lock and someone opens it without you giving them the key. So please be safe.

What Features Make TSA Approved Gun Cases Ideal For Air Travel?

I am sure there are many features, but here we will go over the top 3 features of that makes a gun case ideal for air travel.


The best travel gun case will be aluminum or hard plastic casing. Therefore, your firearms must be in hard-sided, crush-resistant cases and possibly stackable. In addition, when looking for the best TSA approved gun case, you will want at least 1-inch thick foam because layers of foam absorb shock and protect your firearms.

Locking Capability

All cases that are TSA approved require gun case locks, but the rifle cases require a lock at each end. With this in mind, ensure the case you purchase has the appropriate locks to meet TSA requirements. 

With this in mind, please note: DO NOT use TSA approved locks on a gun case. It is against federal law. Instead, use regular locks that only you have a key to unlock.

TSA Approved

Not all gun cases are TSA approved. A TSA approved gun case must follow the TSA guidelines for transporting a firearm in flight as listed above.

TSA Approved Gun Cases99

FAQs About TSA Approved Gun Cases

Here are some commonly asked questions about TSA approved gun cases in general.

Can I take ammunition with me in my checked bags?

Yes, you can take ammo with you in your checked bags. However, it must be in the original packaging, or a TSA approved ammo box. Also, you may pack it in the same hard-sided locked case as your gun, but the firearm must always be unloaded.

What type of gun case is TSA approved?

According to the TSA website and regulations, a TSA approved gun case must be hard-sided case with locking areas to secure your firearms. You must keep the key to your locks in your possession while traveling.

Who can have the keys to my locked gun case?

You are the only person who has the key to your locked gun case. You are not to give it or a duplicate to anyone else. In addition, do not use a TSA approved lock on your gun case. TSA security can unlock it with a master key which means you are not the only person with a key to your gun case.

How many locks do I need on my gun case for TSA?

TSA requires every locking hole on your case to have a non-TSA approved lock in it, which means if you have 2 holes, you need 2 locks, and it your case has 4 locking holes, you will need 4 locks. However, I have also seen information that states you do not need a lock on every hole. To be safe, place a lock in each hole or contact the TSA and airline for further information.

Can TSA open my gun case without me present?

TSA regulations state that you need to be present to open the lock. Now with that said, if you have a TSA-approved sentry lock on your gun case, then TSA has a key and can unlock it. Or if you give your key to another person, they can give it to TSA personnel, and TSA can unlock it without you there. This is a no-no! You and only you are to keep possession of the key to your locked gun cases. You are to be present or within viewing range when TSA unlocks your firearm case.

Can I fly with my gun in Glock case?

If your Glock case complies with all of the TSA rules and regulations for TSA approved gun cases, then yes, you can fly with your gun in the Glock case. Most TSA gun cases are not specific Glock cases, but most TSA approved gun cases have a foam to customize the fit for your Glock.

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TSA Approved Gun Cases – Conclusion

Each of these TSA approved gun cases will help you meet the requirements of a best travel gun case. However, it is necessary to check the airline and TSA rules before flying, which are on the website for each airline. 

So you can fly with a gun? Yes, but you must have TSA approved gun cases to do so. Don’t you think it is well worth it for peace of mind and a great time?

Happy travels, my friends.

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