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TSA Trekking Poles – Best For Airline Travel

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If you are one who uses a Trekking pole to help you walk, or you just need to take some with you for your hiking trip you are in the right place. We have discovered some great TSA trekking poles.

When traveling by air, you never know what comes into play regarding what you can and cannot bring. You certainly don’t want to get to the check in scanner and find out you can’t bring your poles.

There are TSA restrictions along with specific airline requirements that you must comply with. For example, do you keep them in your luggage, or can you carry your TSA trekking poles onto the plane?

We have traveled the world and have a vast knowledge of TSA regulations. We would love to share this information with you here today. So, if you plan to take trekking poles with you on a flight we have you covered.

Together, let’s walk through all the TSA regulations and take a look at some great TSA approved trekking poles you can fly with.

But First, What does TSA Say About Trekking Poles?

TSA classifies trekking poles as hiking poles, which you can pack in checked baggage but not in a carry-on bag. But what if you use the trekking pole as a cane or walking stick to assist your mobility? What does TSA say about this?

TSA rules prohibit walking sticks on carry-on bags but allow them if packed in checked baggage. However, a caveat to this rule says, “The”final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.” Now, that sounds tricky, so a bit further down, we will dig deeper.

Quick Overview Of TSA Trekking Poles (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.6tsa trekking poles grey 1Montem Ultra Strong
TSA Trekking Poles
More Details
4.5tsa trekking poles 2TREKOLOGY Collapsible Nordic
TSA Collapsible Hiking Pole
More Details
4.4tsa trekking poles 3Covacure TSA Trekking PolesMore Details

Why Do You Need TSA Trekking Poles

First, why do you take a TSA trekking pole on a plane? If it is your cane or aids in mobility, you must fly with it. So one reason you may need a trekking pole is to help you walk.

So, collapsible, foldable TSA trekking poles can easily fit into the plane’s overhead bin and your carry-on bag. During the flight, you can fold your TSA trekking poles to store in your backpack stowed under the seat. In addition, you can quickly access the folded trekking poles if you need to use them to go to the lavatory.

Another reason a trekking pole will benefit you is when hiking on uneven or rough terrain, you can use them to steady your journey. So, features that will be especially beneficial to you are EVA handles and sweat-absorbing grips to keep your hands dry. Slipping is a typical trekking pole hazard.

TSA Trekking Poles Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews of TSA trekking poles.

Montem Ultra Strong

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Montem Ultra Strong
TSA Approved Hiking Sticks

Made from sturdy aircraft-grade Aluminum 7075, the Montem trekking poles are lighter than other models made with cheap alloys or mixtures. With EVA foam grips with extra padded straps, these trekking poles wick sweat and moisture, eliminating odors. In addition, the trekking poles feature an extended foam sleeve for switchbacks and uneven terrain. Finally, a rigid Tungsten carbide tip provides friction to lock the stick and prevent slips.

When used for hiking, the Montem ultra-strong poles can support a total weight of over 350 lbs. The trekking poles are ideal for walking assistance as they protect your knees, hips, and joints. They come with interchangeable rubber tip protectors, pole connectors, and mud baskets, so they don’t wear out quickly. In addition, the poles come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Modern flip-lock mechanism allows the poles to lengthen up to 53 inches and shorten to 24 inches in a snap. As a result, they pack up easily for storage in luggage, backpacks, and duffel bags.

The Montem trekking poles serve as two extra contact points, taking the load off your back. Hence, you can use them to secure your footing and balance when dealing with rivers or uneven grounds. You can also use them to enhance your mobility and balance.


  • Quick locking mechanism to adjust to the desired length from 24 to 53 inches
  • Ultra-strong and light at 9.6 ounces per pole
  • Crafted out of sturdy, aircraft-grade Aluminum 7075
  • Compact and travel ready
  • With rubber tip protectors
  • Pole connectors
  • Mud baskets for extra protection
  • Pack up easily for storage in luggage or backpacks
  • Padded straps to ensure a comfortable and ergonomic grip
  • EVA foam grip wicks sweat and moisture, eliminating odors
  • Designed for use by hikers, walkers, or anyone with balance and mobility issues
  • Tungsten carbide pole tips perfect for ice and snow
  • Free lifetime pole replacement


  • The pole tends to rattle because it is not a one-piece pole.

TREKOLOGY Collapsible Nordic

tsa trekking poles 2
TREKOLOGY Collapsible Nordic
Hiking Poles Carry On

The TREKOLOGY Trek-Z trekking poles are compact and portable in their new foldable and collapsible design. With adjustable lengths, the trekking poles are perfect for various heights and terrains. Built with a sustainable and comfortable cork grip that wicks away sweat, the TREKOLOGY collapsible poles keep your hands dry. In addition, the EVA foam shafts allow a firm grip even in extreme terrain environments.

Made from aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum, the TREKOLOGY Trek-Z trekking poles can support heavier weights and withstand pressure and impact. The collapsible design features a retractable tri-fold system allowing the tubes to fold to a portable 15-inch length. In addition, enhanced pole joints have metal stoppers for extra security and protection.

Designed and engineered to last, the TREKOLOGY Trek-Z trekking poles are ideal for hiking or backpacking on rough terrains. In addition, you can use these poles as your all-day walking stick to enhance mobility and balance. One pole is lighter than an average umbrella, weighing only 11.5 ounces per pole.


  • Poles support the extra weight and help prevent knee injury
  • Sweat-absorbing cork grip keeps your hands dry
  • EVA foam shafts offer a firm grip in extreme terrain environments
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable and engineered to last using aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum
  • Enhanced and extra secure pole joint with metal stopper
  • Designed to withstand pressure and impact
  • Retractable, tri-fold collapsible design can fold down to a portable 15-inch length.
  • Can fit into backpack, luggage, or duffel bag
  • Multi-use – for hiking, walking, and other leisure activities
  • Poles enhance mobility and balance when used on rough or uneven surfaces
  • Secure metal flip locking system for various length adjustments
  • Lighter than average umbrella at 11.5 ounces per pole
  • Includes carbide, rubber, mud-stop, snow basket, and rubber feet tips to suit trekking environments


  • The lower section of the pole rotates freely, which means the feet can easily rotate out of alignment.

Covacure TSA Trekking Poles

tsa trekking poles 3
Covacure TSA Trekking Poles
TSA Hiking Poles

The aero-grade 7075 aluminum-crafted Covacure trekking poles can withstand pressure and impact. In addition, the poles can support extra pack weight, keep your balance and improve stability. Designed for long-distance hiking, trekking, or walking, the Covacure TSA trekking poles are ideal for leisure activities.

With its telescopic and trifold design, the Covacure TSA trekking poles can freely adjust from 43 to 51 inches. When folded to its shortest length of 14 inches, you can pack them in your luggage, backpack, or duffel bag.

The Covacure TSA trekking poles feature a surface treatment that creates a protective coating to prevent corrosion. Protective rubber tips enhance stability on various terrains. An adjustable wrist strap lets you relax your grip and transfer some pressure to your arm. The EVA foam handle wicks sweat away, keeping your hands dry. With a skid-resistance groove design, the Covacure TSA trekking poles secure your footing to prevent slipping.


  • Durable and sturdy aero-grade 7075 Aluminum alloy
  • Telescopic and tri-fold design to adjust lengths from 43 to 51 inches
  • The shortest fold length is 14 inches
  • Can withstand pressure and impact
  • Ultra-lightweight and sturdy
  • The surface treatment creates a protective coating, making the poles corrosion-resistant.
  • Includes three different shapes of rubber tips to enhance stability in all terrain environments
  • Sweat-absorbing EVA foam handle
  • Skid-resistance groove design
  • Adjustable wrist strap


  • The locking mechanism can become loose over time and may cause the pole to collapse while walking.

Why Does TSA Prohibit Hiking Poles And Walking Sticks On Carry-On Bags

The TSA rules specify what you can and cannot bring in your carry-on bag. For example, items considered potentially dangerous weapons or ones with sharp edges will not pass security checks for carry-on bags.

Put these items in your checked baggage, and TSA will allow you to bring your hiking poles. However, make sure you dismantle the trekking poles before packing them to make it easier for TSA to inspect. TSA trekking poles can be dangerous, and the tubes can conceal harmful and explosive substances. Hence, the TSA restrictions for carry-on bags.

On the other hand, walking sticks may be allowed through the security checkpoint and on board the airplane on most airlines. So if you use your TSA trekking poles to aid your mobility, it is at the TSA officer’s discretion to allow a walking stick on board the plane.

However, some testimonies from travelers point to instances when TSA allowed hiking poles as mobility aids through the security checkpoint. Place the stick on the X-ray belt for screening and inform the TSA officers if you need assistance. Let the TSA officer know if you need your hiking pole back immediately to aid mobility.

What To Look For When Buying TSA Trekking Poles

You already know that TSA trekking poles must be in your checked baggage. But when used as mobility aids, TSA and the airline will allow them in your carry-on bag. Hence, it is essential to look for trekking poles that will pass TSA security checks if used to assist you in walking.

Whether you are using trekking poles for leisure activities or as mobility aids, these are the top three factors to consider:

Shaft Material

Most TSA trekking poles use aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum to construct the pole shafts. Aluminum poles are more durable and can withstand pressure and impact better than carbon fiber since aluminum bends without snapping. As a result, TSA trekking poles made from aluminum are ideal for long-distance trekking or walking, where durability is a foremost concern.

Pole Adjustment And Locking Mechanism

The type of lock adjustment system will determine the stability of your TSA trekking poles. Most locking systems are the modern flip-lock mechanism type which is reliable in securing the trekking pole to the adjusted length. In addition, this type of mechanism is not prone to snapping or getting smashed when it hits the ground.

Ergonomic Grips And Handles

Stability is a critical element of a reliable trekking pole. Therefore, your TSA trekking poles must have an ergonomically designed handle made from EVA foam to achieve stability. Even in extreme terrains, EVA foam shafts offer a firm grip, while sweat-absorbing cork or EVA grips keep your hands dry. With dry hands, you reduce the risk of slipping out of your TSA trekking poles, preventing injuries.

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FAQ About TSA Trekking Poles

You may have questions about TSA trekking poles, so we have compiled three frequently asked questions.

Can you bring trekking poles on a plane?

TSA allows hiking poles used for leisurely activities as checked baggage. On the other hand, walking canes or sticks may be permitted in your carry-on bags, provided they do not conceal any prohibited or dangerous substances in the pole tubes.

Why can’t I take my hiking pole on a plane?

There are three reasons why TSA and airlines do not allow a carry on trekking pole. First, they are – too long to fit in the overhead bin, can conceal dangerous and prohibited substances inside the tubes, and can be potentially dangerous weapons.

Does TSA allow a trekking pole as a walking stick?

It is up to the TSA officer if they will allow a trekking pose as a walking stick to pass through security checkpoints. Foldable walking sticks stand a high chance of getting carry-on approval from TSA.

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You can travel with your TSA trekking poles if you comply with TSA and airline regulations. It is always best to call the airlines to inquire if you can put your collapsible trekking poles in your carry-on bag or checked baggage. It will also help if you make the same inquiry with TSA to check if your TSA trekking poles used as mobility aids will make it to the boarding gate without any issue.

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