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What Happens If You Put A Vape In Checked Luggage

What Happens If You Put A Vape In Checked Luggage

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The question, what happens if you put a vape in checked luggage has come up a lot lately, and I want to share my thoughts on the subject. Vaping is on the rise, and I myself am a former vaper. 

There are rules to follow with vaping and flying, just as there are rules with tobacco. So let’s dive in and discover those rules and what happens when a vape is in your checked luggage. 

What Happens If You Put A Vape In Checked Luggage?

The first thing that will happen is if they find it, security will remove it, and you have lost your vape. Security does not return Vaping devices to you.

But the real reason you can’t put a vape of any kind in checked luggage is the lithium batteries that cause a fire risk. No one wants to be up in the air, and a fire breaks out in the luggage compartment. 

So if you want to hang onto your vape, it is best not to put it in checked luggage. 

Can I Take My Vape With Me When I Fly?

Yes, you can take your vape and electronic cigarettes with you when you fly, but you must store them in your carry-on luggage. There are also some rules and guidelines for vape accessories you may want to take with you. 

We will review some of these guidelines here, but it is always best to look at the vape rules for the airline you travel. You can find these online for the airline you have chosen to fly. 

How Do I Pack My Vape Device?

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When you take your vape on a flight, it is best to empty the liquid from your vape tank before placing it in your carry-on. The high pressure in the cabin of a plane will cause the juice to leak out, which can make a horrible mess. 

If you don’t want to empty your vape, you can wrap it in paper towels and place it in a zip lock baggie. But I assure you the high cabin pressure will cause it to leak with the juice left in the chamber. 

How To Pack Bottles Of Vape Juice?

You can take vape juice with you on flights, but you can only store 30 ml or 1 ounce in a carry-on bag, and it must be in a ziplock baggie. However, you can pack the 100ml per bottle or greater liquid in your checked luggage because it does not contain a lithium battery. The vape juice bottles are considered safe in the baggage hold area. 

Beware that the liquid juices may leak because of the airplane cabin pressure, so put them in a ziplock baggie in your checked luggage. Who wants to have e-liquid all over their clothes when they arrive at their destination?

How To Pack Extra Vape Batteries And Coils?

If you feel you will need extra lithium-ion batteries, you will also need to store these in your carry-on luggage. However, the batteries can cause issues on a flight, even when in carry-on luggage. To help prevent problems, you may want to purchase a battery case to store the spare lithium batteries. You can buy battery cases at most vaping stores or online. 

Where Can I Use My Vape When Traveling?

Now, this is an excellent question. With so many regulations and restrictions regarding vaping laws, there are very few places you can use your vape. 

If you travel abroad, check the laws of the countries you visit. These laws change quickly and sometimes without notice. 

You are NOT to use a vape in any airport or plane, whether in flight or on the ground. The same regulations apply to vaping as they do to tobacco products. If found vaping, it carries a very hefty fine and is punishable by law. So please follow the regulations and be safe. 

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Video With Tips On How To Take Your Vape When You Fly

Here is a quick video with tips and tricks on how and where to pack your vape when you fly.


Vaping is increasing in popularity, but it does come with some rules, especially when flying. 

You can take your vape pens and electronic device with you when you fly, but they must be in your carry-on baggage along with the accessories. It is best to pack vaping juice in your checked luggage. 

Be aware of juice leakage from your device and the e-liquid vials and pack them accordingly. 

Check the laws for countries abroad, airline regulations, and airport policies. And most important, DO NOT vape on planes or in airports. 

Happy travels, my friends.

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