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What Is Luggage And How To Choose The Best For Your Trip

What Is Luggage And How To Choose The Best For Your Trip

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What is luggage? Well, it’s a suitcase or carry-on bag you can use when traveling by air, train, bus, boat, foot, or car. It contains your clothes and other personal belongings; for some, it may also hold a food supply.

What Are The Different Types Of Travel?

The first thing that will help in selecting the best luggage for your trip is what kind of trip are you taking. Your ideal trip may be totally different than mine. There is a different piece of luggage for each type of traveler. So what are the types of travelers:

  • The Budget-minded traveler
  • Cruise ship traveler
  • A traveler who loves luxury
  • Active, adventurous backcountry traveler

I could go on all day with the different types of travelers but let’s stop here. The whole point is that luggage has a different meaning to each person.

Types of Luggage:

Many different types of luggage are available today, including plastic, aluminum, leather, canvas, steel, and even wood. There are various sizes and shapes with many features such as wheeled suitcases, carry-on luggage, roller bags, backpacks, duffel bags, and more. In addition to these, there are different colors, patterns, and designs.

Back To What Is Luggage?

It is pretty much a travel piece that will suit your needs and the needs of your type of travel. Luggage can even be a pillowcase or an army bag stuffed with your goods. Although I don’t recommend the pillowcase as a safe type of luggage, we can easily classify it as luggage. 

Let’s go with the duffel bag and take it from here. You may have an army-issue duffle bag into which you stuff your belongings, but not everyone has this privilege.

When I was a little girl, my sister and I would take my dad’s large green army-issue duffle bag, stuff all the dirty clothes in it, and drag it to the laundry mat. I could probably consider this luggage as we were young, and it was a trip as we traveled to the laundry mat to wash the clothes. OK, so maybe not. But at a young age, I considered our trip as traveling. 

Today duffle bags come with wheels, making traveling much easier, and may be a great choice for a weekend trip, shorter trips, or a getaway.

How Can You Find The Right Luggage For Your Trip

Travel bags come in hard and soft suitcases, backpacks and duffle, different materials, and different prices. Your choice of luggage extras is vast, with internal pockets, external pockets, mesh pockets, and packing pods for space utilization. 

In addition, luggage comes in different weights to help meet flight weight restrictions. Choosing luggage mostly boils down to personal preference along with the type of travel.

Not to mention, not all airline restrictions are the same except for items with ion lithium batteries that have to go in a checked bag on all airlines.

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What Is Luggage To A Budget-Minded Traveler

what is luggage over stuffed

If you are a budget-minded flyer, you are probably taking one of the less expensive budget airlines. Some of these have hidden baggage fees. So the type of luggage you may need is the best carry-on or backpack available. The kind that you can stuff absolutely everything into and still fit under the seat or overhead bin. 

Please note that carry-on luggage may have a weight limit as well as checked bags. Not to mention there are some things you must carry on, such as a vape, and other things you must check, such as alcohol. Unless, of course, you purchased the alcohol at a duty-free station.

The best way to determine what you need is to check the airline requirements, which you can find online for most airlines. What size of luggage fits into the overhead bins, how many bags can you carry on without a fee, and can you place bags in the undercarriage upon boarding the flight without an extra charge? 

Finding this information will help you decide if you can take a backpack and a suitcase and maybe a piggyback clip or large crossbody purse if needed. Try to max out your limit, which is usually 35 pounds for a carry-on, to prevent the need to pay extra to check a bag. 

A budget-minded traveler may also be a minimalist and want to choose lightweight luggage that will fit into tight spaces. Luggage that weighs less than 5 pounds will come in handy for you. 

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What Is Luggage To A Cruise Ship Traveler

Many cruise ships have dress requirements for dinner, So if you take a tuxedo and lovely dresses, you may want to pack them in a soft-side garment bag. Luggage such as this is considered a carry-on up to 51 inches.

You might also want to bring along a small overnight bag for when you get off the ship, including toiletries, pajamas, and other items you might need during the night.

So the luggage needed for a cruise vacation may include:

  • A garment bag.
  • An overnight travel bag.
  • Large suitcases with extra space to bring home presents for all.

Some types of luggage are expandable and may come in handy when bringing home trinkets to allow more room. 

What Is Luggage To A Traveler Who Loves Luxury

What type of luggage will a luxury traveler require? You may travel with one of the major airlines in first-class. Some have a separate bedroom area with a sitting area and dressing area. In addition, you might even have a private bathroom.

what is luggage bunch of cases

One who travels first-class will want to check bags regardless of the cost. You can take a carry-on for your toiletries on the plane and pack all you need in a set of nice suitcases. Take note also pack toiletries in your checked bags because it’s good to have extras if something happens to your carry-on. Not really knowing what airport security can see in the luggage, make sure all personal items meet requirements.

The luggage can be your choice of soft or hard shell, depending on which one you prefer, but one with compartments may come in handy for a carry-on to store your easy-to-access items.

You can even choose from designer luggage. But remember, if you are a luxury traveler, be sure to pack enough for any adventure that awaits you. 

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What Is Luggage To An Active, Adventurous Backcountry Traveler

The adventure travelers will want to travel light and may need luggage for a bit of dry food storage. Be sure to research what you will need. If you plan your trip as a cross-country adventure, you may only need a large backpack or a backpack duffel and a means to carry your shelter. A backpack with wheels may also come with frames for this purpose.

Backpacks, food storage, and shelter carriers are also considered luggage and come in all sizes, shapes, and a variety of colors to meet your needs. Whether it is day trips you want to take or longer overnight trips, there is the perfect piece of luggage for you. 

Be aware of the weight you will carry on a hiking adventure and adjust accordingly to your body’s needs. 

Your luggage may need water-resistant treatment to keep things dry from the rain, not to mention a durable outside material. 

Video – 10 Packing Tips

Just for fun and to help you pack efficiently, here is a video for you to enjoy.

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Luggage is important whether used for business travel, long-term travel, or even international travel. It helps you stay organized while you enjoy yourself. Selecting the right luggage for your needs will make your trip much easier.

I would suggest getting a combination suitcase/backpack for most trips. This way, you can use the suitcase for clothing and personal items and the backpack as a carry-on. Not to mention, you can just pull out the backpack for excursions or at home.

I’ve used 4-wheeled luggage and a carry-on travel backpack for years and love it! It’s very convenient to roll around and fits everything I need.

If you need a bit of space and also want it to look good, I’d recommend going with a duffel bag. After all, duffle bags are perfect because they don’t look like a suitcase and fit in overhead bins easily.

But if you need something smaller than a duffle bag, I’d recommend a backpack because most have a chest strap to save your back. You can also wear one over your shoulder instead of having to strap it onto your back.

But when it comes down to our original question, “What is luggage” as we can see, the term luggage encompasses anything that helps make your trip easier. Luggage is anything you can pack to have fun on any adventure. 

Oh, final note, bag tags that are bright colors will help you recognize your luggage when it rolls around on the luggage carousel. I actually use bag tags and a bright-colored scarf handkerchief for identification on the conveyor belt.

Happy travels, my friends!

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