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20 TSA Approved Baby Items – Easily Clear Security Check

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Welcome, fellow parent travelers! If you’ve found yourself here, it’s likely because you’re preparing for a journey with your little one and you’re wondering what are the “20 TSA Approved Baby Items”. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Traveling with a baby can be challenging. From packing the right items to navigating airport security, it can be overwhelming. And the last thing you want is to be caught off guard at the security checkpoint.

As a parent, grandparent, and frequent traveler, I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve navigated the complexities and learned the ins and outs of TSA regulations. I’m here to share my knowledge and help you prepare for your journey.

This guide is for parents, grandparents, or anyone traveling with a baby. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or this is your first trip with a baby, this guide will provide you with the information you need.

I understand the stress and uncertainty of traveling with a baby. That’s why I’m committed to providing accurate, helpful information to make your travel experience as smooth as possible. Together, let’s navigate the world of “20 TSA Approved Baby Items” so you can have a smooth trip.

How To Prepare For Your Flight With TSA Approved Baby Items?

Preparation is half the battle, and flying is no different. First, contact the airline you will travel to find out what you can take on the plane. Some items may travel better if you check them before going through security. 

With that said, If you are taking a baby carrier or car seat, you may get to take it on the plane with you. But only if the flight is not full or you bought a passenger seat for your baby. If you are not sure there is an empty seat and want to take your car seat, you can gate-check a car seat or baby carrier just before you board the plane. 

One of the TSA approved baby items you may want to invest in is a cloth wrap or sling to carry your infant on your body. But, a word of caution, make sure it has no buckles or only plastic ones. Any metal on the carrier will set off the X-ray machine when you and your baby go through it. 

Also, prepare for your trip with a large easy-to-carry diaper bag, such as a backpack bag for babies. Another adult can carry the backpack and have their hands free, but if you are alone, a pack will give you free hands for your baby. 

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What Are The Rules For TSA Approved Baby Items?

If you are a frequent flyer, you know about the 3-1-1 liquids rule. But the really cool part you may not know is when traveling with your baby, the things in your diaper bag do not have to follow this rule. Now, how exciting is that?

Let me clarify this a bit further. Items in your diaper bag like baby formula powdered and mixed in a bottle, empty bottles, and breast milk can be a full amount like 4 ounces or 8 ounces. Whereas with the 3-1-1 liquids rule, it must be 3.4 ounces or less. 

As a matter of fact, diaper rash creams and medications can be the full amount. 

With this said, you may need to remove the items from your diaper bag and place them in a bin for x-ray screening. In addition, the security officers will treat you, your family, and your baby with respect. 

How Should I Carry My Baby Through Security?

TSA security checkpoints will allow you to carry your baby or place him or her in a baby carrier. But TSA may want you to send the carrier through the scanner at the check area without your baby in it. 

As I mentioned earlier, the best and most convenient way is a personal baby carrier such as a cloth wrap or sling. Security does not usually ask you to remove your baby from the sling; you can go through the X-ray machine as one. 

 Not to mention, your hands are free to remove your diaper bag items for screening. 

List Of TSA Approved Baby Items You Can Take Through Security.

#TSA Approved
Baby Items
1.TSA diaper BagA diaper bag is not considered a carry on item
2.diapersYou probably change your babied diaper every 2-3 hours; bring enough for your flight + 2 more
3.diaper wipesYou can bring a full-size container of wipes
4.changing padAny size is TSA approved, but a small one will save room in the diaper bag; NO metal in the pad
5.extra baby clothesAny clothing made of all cloth, plastic snaps work but no metal snaps
6.sanitary wipesYou can take a full-size container of sanitizing wipes
7.bottled formulaA bottle of premade formula is acceptable. Please consider how you will warm it. Portable bottle warmers are available for purchase, or ask for hot water to warm the bottle. It is considered medically necessary.
8.powdered formulaA full-size container of the powdered mix is acceptable. Considered medically necessary. But if it is more than 8 oz, you may need to take it out of the bag for x-ray screening.
9.breast milkYou can transport breast milk in bottles or plastic breast milk bags on ice. It is considered medically necessary.
10.breast pumpA separate breast pump is not considered a carry on but rather a separate piece and is thought of as medication.
11.bottle warmerPortable baby warmers are available for purchase, and you can put it in your diaper bag
12.ice packsTSA approved ice packs are available on Amazon
13.cover for nursingBreastfeeding is natural, and some may not want a cover, but in an airport or on a plane, attendants and personnel may require a cover when you feed your baby.
14.empty bottlesGlass bottles are acceptable, but I suggest non-breakable bottles to save a mess if the glass breaks
15.burp clothTake a few clothes as we all know our babies go through them quickly
16.pacifierBe sure to have extra of your baby’s favorites as they are TSA approved
17.baby blanketsAll cloth baby blankets are approved
18.baby medicationsBaby medications are considered necessary for travel according to TSA guidelines


diaper rash cream TSAFull-size containers are acceptable
20.baggiesBaggies to put your wipes and dirty diapers in are acceptable.

Although full-size containers are TSA approved baby items, take smaller containers when you can save space in your diaper bag.

Here are a few FAQs regarding TSA Approved Baby Items.

These FAQs on TSA approved baby items will help to ease the stress of your travels with you precious baby.

What can I carry in a diaper bag on a plane?

Everything that pertains to the care of your baby on the TSA approved baby items list can go in your diaper bag. Because of the size, you may need to carry a breast pump in a separate case.

Will I have to take TSA approved baby items out of my diaper bag to go through security?

Some may require you to remove TSA approved baby items and place them in a bin to pass through the scanner. But if you declare to the TSA personnel that you have a baby (even if it is obvious), and in your diaper bag, you have the baby formula and other items, it may help.

Does my diaper bag count as a carry-on?

Most airlines on domestic flights do not count your diaper bag as a carry on. It is an extra bag, and you can still have one carry on and a personal bag for most airlines.

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TSA Approved Baby Items – Conclusion

The TSA is baby friendly and will do what it can to make your transition through security checkpoints smooth. Please comply if they ask you to do something that may take some extra time. They are only doing this for the safety of all passengers.

Happy travels, my friends.

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