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Using Airtag In Checked Luggage – Surprising Tidbits To Help

Using Airtag In Checked Luggage feature

Lost luggage is every traveler’s dream! NOT! It is, to say the least, a travel nightmare. The airline lost our luggage coming home from New Zealand one year. Granted, it was on the way home because I couldn’t imagine losing it at the beginning of our vacation. How would I do anything without clothes and personal items? Using Airtag in checked luggage would have saved me a lot of headaches. 

The airline worked hard to accommodate us when they sent it to our home by Uber, but that still didn’t make up for everything I needed. Would using airtag in my checked luggage have helped me locate my baggage better? Let’s dive in and find the answer. 

What Is An Airtag?

What is an Airtag is the first question we will answer. First and foremost, Apple makes an Airtag using Bluetooth to track things. In other words, an Airtag connects to your iPhone’s “find my phone” app. 

There are other Bluetooth tracking devices for luggage, such as the Tumi tracer or the Lugloc, but the term Airtag is attached to the Apple product. For this reason, it is the Apple Airtag we will refer to in this article. 

Is A Smart Tracker Different Than An Apple Airtag?

Although a smart tracker and Airtags in checked luggage work as Bluetooth devices and each track luggage, there is a bit of difference. Some smart luggage tags only work with a particular phone, while the Apple Airtag works with a smartphone. But no matter which tracker you use, it still has to connect with an app on your phone. 

How Does Using Airtag In Checked Luggage Work?

When using Airtag in checked luggage, you can use the “The find my phone” app to locate your luggage. In other words, you put the Airtag in your luggage, pair it with your smartphone, and no matter where your luggage is, your phone can communicate with the Airtag. If you lose your luggage, you can track the Airtag, which will tell you where it is. 

It will work the same if you put the airtag inside or outside luggage, but by putting it outside, you take a chance on someone removing it. So it is best to put it inside your luggage.

Is Using Airtag In Checked Luggage OK?

Yes, using airtag in checked luggage is perfectly OK. TSA approves placing an Airtag in your luggage. You can attach it to the outside of your luggage, but there is a chance it will get knocked off as the baggage handlers toss your bags around. The best place for an Airtag is in a pocket inside your luggage. 

Are There Other Benefits To Using Airtag In Checked Luggage?

I’m glad you asked. If the airline loses your luggage, you can help locate it, but that isn’t the only benefit. 


  • Track your luggage through the airport – With an Apple Airtag in your luggage, you can track where it is in the airport. Your baggage disappears when you put your luggage on the airport carousel for check-in. With your Airtag in your suitcase, you can always know where it is.
  • Know when your luggage is in the airplane cargo hold – When you sit down in your seat to fly away, have peace of mind that your luggage is on the same plane. 
  • It works anywhere – as long as you have the Airtag Bluetooth connection to your phone, it will track anywhere. 
  • Know when your suitcase is on the baggage carousel – No more standing at the baggage claim conveyor belt, wondering if your luggage made it. You can track it right up to the moment you remove it from the belt. 

While there are some amazing benefits, there are also some drawbacks. We will list some surprising tidbits to help you can avoid them.


  • iPhone or iPad pairing – Plan and pair your Airtag with your device before you place it in your luggage. You cannot pair it using a laptop, so don’t leave this part for later. 
  • Stolen luggage – If someone steals your luggage, they can remove the device. In this case, you cannot track your suitcase. 
  • History – The Airtag does not record the history of where your luggage has been. It only gives you a location where it is at the time you check, but that is not always an exact location.  
  • Close proximity – If you want to track a bag more than 20 -30 feet away, at a precise location, you must pair it with your “find my network” app on your phone.

Will Using Airtag In Checked Luggage Pass Airport Security Screening?

An Airtag will pass through screening when it is in your checked luggage. For that matter, it will pass through any security, whether checked or carry on. The lithium-ion battery in an Airtag is so tiny that it is safe to put in checked baggage.  

Quick Video on Using Airtag In Checked Luggage Setup

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Using Airtag In Checked Luggage – Conclusion

Using Airtag In Checked Luggage is a lifesaver for many. Even tho there are some drawbacks, the benefits out weight the negatives and can give you a way to track your luggage

You can use many other Bluetooth tracking devices, but the Apple Airtag is affordable and proven effective by many. 

Happy travels, my friends.

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