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Best Samsonite Luggage Set – Travel With Confidence

Are you traveling on a long trip soon and need to bring a lot of stuff with you? Take the best Samsonite luggage set and make your life easy and comfortable!

Traveling is fun, yet for some, a bit stressful. You try to pack as much as possible to ensure you have everything you need. All your stuff needs to fit nicely in your luggage without worrying about breakage or damage. In addition, you want to travel in style. Samsonite has just the right luggage for you.

Overview Of The Best Samsonite Luggage Set (Updated List)

4.6best samsonite luggage set 2Omni PC 3 Piece Spinner Set
Best Samsonite Luggage Set
More Details
4.4best samsonite luggage set 1Carbon 2 2 Piece Set
Best Samsonite Luggage Set
More Details
4.3best samsonite luggage set 3Executive Set 2 Piece Set
(Backpack / Carry-On)
Best Samsonite Luggage Set
More Details

Why You Should Get The Best Samsonite Luggage Set?

For over a decade, Samsonite has remained a trusted name in the travel luggage market. Founded in 1910 by Jesse Shwayder, Samsonite faced tough competition from other wealthy manufacturers that monopolized the market. Instead of making cheaper versions to seize the market, Shwayder produced expensive luggage using better and stronger materials.

The name Samsonite equates to quality, durability, and reliability. When you buy Samsonite luggage, you can expect a product that will surpass the life cycle of other brands. Samsonite has a variety of luggage for both business and leisure travel, from backpacks and carry-ons to checked bags and duffels. To this day, the best Samsonite luggage set is a top choice for many travelers.

Features To Look For When Buying The Best Samsonite Luggage Set

Choosing to buy travel luggage entails a lot of considerations. Here are three things you should look for when purchasing the best Samsonite luggage set:

Durability Equals Savings

We all want value for our money. Look for added features incorporated into the luggage design but not a high markup. What type of material will it last through years of use and abuse?

Choosing a cheaper brand may mean you have to buy replacements more often. Invest in Samsonite luggage made from polycarbonate or polyester for greater longevity—it’ll be a worthwhile expense.

Strong Packing Capacity

Traveling with multiple bags can be an arduous task, especially when you’re flying solo. That’s why it’s important to choose a lightweight suitcase but spacious enough to hold all your stuff. The best Samsonite luggage set is light and includes compartments and pockets to keep your stuff organized.


Samsonite has taken into account your needs when creating their luggage designs. If you need something for a quick journey, Samsonite has multiple carry-on bags or backpacks with features to store all your travel essentials.

For those who are off on more extended trips abroad, there is an ideal Samsonite set that meets the requirements of your voyage. Whether it requires more space, safety details, or new style details, Samsonite has one to fulfill your needs.

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The Best Samsonite Luggage Set Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the best Samsonite luggage set reviews.

best samsonite luggage set 2
Omni PC 3 Piece Spinner Set
Best Samsonite Luggage Set

THE Omni PC is Samsonite’s lightweight but highly impact-resistant line that withstands harsh travel elements. The combination of scratch-resistant textures and polycarbonate construction produces a piece of great-looking luggage. They will stay sturdy from one trip to the next.

The 360-degree double-spinner wheels provide great mobility and are strong enough to support even the heaviest luggage. You don’t need to pull them; roll them comfortably and smoothly at your side.

The expansion design is for extra storage and is perfect for a long overseas vacation or a shorter domestic trip. With the expansion, you can stuff your luggage without putting undue strain on the zippers.

Regarding security, all checked baggage pieces come with TSA approved locks to give you peace of mind while traveling.


  • Lightweight scratch-resistant polycarbonate durable material
  • Highly impact-resistant
  • Retractable handle
  • Withstand tough travel elements
  • Scratch-resistant textures
  • 360-degree spinner wheels
  • Expandable feature for extra storage
  • Built-in TSA approved locks


  • One review stated that excessive use causes the wheels to jam and restrict smooth movement.

best samsonite luggage set 1
Carbon 2 2 Piece Set
Best Samsonite Luggage Set

The Samsonite Carbon 2 2 piece set is your stylish luggage choice. The set includes one checked bag and one piece of carry on luggage; this set is perfect for your travel essentials.

Samsonite used a special blend of materials to help these bounce back to their original shape after absorbing a strong blow.

Each piece has a zippered main compartment spacious enough to fit everything you need and elastic cross-straps to hold your belongings in place. An extra zippered lid compartment provides separate space for toiletries and accessories. Each piece has an expansion allowance for added storage.

The Samsonite case has a Travel Sentry TSA approved lock and multidirectional spinner wheels for easy movement, making safety the primary focus.


  • Stylish 20″ and 28″ spinners
  • ABS/Polycarbonate material
  • Scratch and impact resistant
  • Zippered main compartment with elastic cross-straps
  • Extra lid compartment for accessories and toiletries
  • Extension zipper allows for added storage
  • Travel Sentry combination locks
  • Four 360-degree wheels


  • A USB port would be a great feature
best samsonite luggage set airplane and man pin

best samsonite luggage set 3
Executive Set 2 Piece Set
(Backpack / Carry-On)
Best Samsonite Luggage Set

Samsonite crafted this combination backpack and carry-on specifically with business professionals in mind.

What could be cooler than a backpack you can take on your daily commute that doesn’t look old or gutted? Samsonite’s backpack is durable and makes it possible.

Samsonite crafted this softside luggage backpack from 100% polyester for improved resilience and strength. This bag has several pockets – one for your wallet and keys, another for a water bottle, and an extra mesh pocket that can hold additional belongings, making it especially convenient. These are features that make this backpack particularly versatile and practical.

The backpack features padded shoulder straps, an air-mesh back panel, quilted ventilation channels, and a SmartSleeve™.When you use it in conjunction with the carry on; it will nestle onto the telescopic handle to move easily through the airport.

Additionally, this backpack has a TSA friendly padded compartment. You can open the bag wide for security scanners and not have to take your laptop out of your pack.

On the other hand, the Executive carry on has plenty of space because of its bigger size. A luggage set such as this is the right choice for short business trips. Like the backpack, it is sturdy and stylish, producing a professional appeal.

The robust weave polyester material makes it ultra-durable. The imitation leather and gunmetal trappings added professional style and look. A good investment, indeed.

Exterior pockets will hold your passport, wallet, and keys. It has Smart Fix™ buckles that make packing easy and free of tie-down straps. A Wetpak™ pocket separates your toiletries, wet items, and dry clothing. Additional storage space is possible with its expansion allowance of 0.65″, which is good enough to squeeze in a few more things.

Other features include textured zipper pulls, a retractable bag tag, 360-degree spinner wheels, and a push-button dual-stop handle.


  • Durable luggage using polyester material
  • Multiple interior and exterior pockets for specific purposes
  • Durable exterior
  • Professional style
  • Impact-resistant
  • SmartSleeve™
  • Secure laptop compartment
  • Smart Fix™ buckles
  • Wetpak™ pocket
  • Expandable zipper for extra packing capacity
  • 360-degree 4 multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Comfortable padded straps with top and side carry handles.


  • There is no USB charging port.

FAQs About The Best Samsonite Luggage Set

Here are some commonly asked questions about the best Samsonite luggage set.

Is Samsonite the best luggage?

Samsonite remains a top choice because of its durability, lightweight material, and various capacity options.

Which suitcase is the most durable?

Samsonite maintains top ranking for durability. The lightweight yet strong materials used in constructing every piece make users prefer this brand.

Are 2 or 4 wheel suitcases better?

Most travelers prefer carrying luggage that rolls smoothly and does not tip over. Four-wheel suitcases are far more stable and offer effortless mobility than those with only 2 wheels.

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Best Samsonite Luggage Set – Conclusion

With the right Samsonite luggage set, those who travel often can have the best packing experience. The pieces in each set ensure your journey is effortless, comfortable, and stress-free.

Samsonite is one of the most trusted names in the market today; you’ll always do well with the best Samsonite luggage set.

Happy travels, my friends.

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