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3 Best Samsonite Luggage Carry On – Own A Piece Of The Icon

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You may need some assistance when it comes to finding the best Samsonite luggage carry on. After all, there are so many pieces to choose from the task may be a never-ending saga.

We are here today to review 3 of Samsonite’s best carry on pieces with all the bells and whistles. Find what you need the first time to last a lifetime.

Overview Of The Best Samsonite Luggage Carry On (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.5best samsonite luggage carry on 1Novaire Best Samsonite Carry-On
Spinner – Exclusive To Samsonite
More Details
4.4best samsonite luggage carry on 2Bartlett Best Samsonite Soft Luggage
Soft Side Spinner – Customer Favorite
More Details
4.6best samsonite luggage carry on 7Omni PC Hardside Best Samsonite
Luggage Carry-On Spinner –
More Details

Benefits Of The Best Samsonite Luggage Carry On

The biggest benefit of Samsonite Luggage carry on is Samsonite’s reputation and experience. They have been an icon in the luggage business for over 100 years and release new innovative designs regularly.

And then there is the quality. Samsonite is well known for high-quality bags and accessories at an affordable price. Finding a good piece of luggage that will last and not break your pocketbook is a plus.

Samsonite’s Reputation For The Best Samsonite Luggage Carry On

Samsonite has been creating top-notch luggage since 1910. And for over 100 years, Samsonite has been designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line suitcases that offer superior protection, style, and longevity—also known and trusted by travelers worldwide.

The Best Samsonite Luggage Carry On Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews of the best Samsonite luggage carry on.

best samsonite luggage carry on 1
Novaire Best Samsonite luggage
Carry On
Spinner – Exclusive To Samsonite

The sophisticated traveler should have the Novaire spinner, which features a fine finish and strong hardside style. Constructed from Makrolon® material with superb shock resistance, it is textured with a special shine to lessen the appearance of scratch marks.

The multidirectional wheels rotate 360 degrees to release any weight on your arm. Additionally, this amazing bag has an exterior retracting handle with a secure locking system to allow more interior room for packing and TSA approved locks.

Inside the Novaire, you will find plenty of compartments, such as different zipper pockets and an easy-to-remove organizer. It also has straps to cinch your items in place, different compartments, and a detachable hanging pouch for toiletries and other small items.

The Novaire best Samsonite luggage carry on offers an elegant minimalist look with great capability.


  • Made from 100% Makrolon material
  • Durable textured shell
  • 360-degree spinner wheel
  • 3-digit TSA-approved lock
  • Tie-down straps and multiple organizational pockets
  • Each airline can set its weight and size limit, so check Samsonite’s size guide.


  • The Novaire is not an expandable piece of luggage.
best samsonite luggage carry on 2
Bartlett Best Samsonite luggage Carry-On
Soft Side Spinner – Customer Favorite

The Samsonite Bartlett Carry-On Spinner is a customer favorite with its tough 1680D Polyester soft shell side. You’ll enjoy the benefit of a lightweight yet strong design. They craft each part of this softside luggage to give you both dependability and value.

Easily move it around the airport on four multidirectional smooth gliding spinner wheels with a fully retractable locking pull handle.

Externally Samsonite added rubber guards to protect the corners from airport bumps and bruises.

The popular best Samsonite luggage carry on, the Bartlett case has a wide open mouth with durable zippers for better packing space and a 2-inch expansion capability. In addition, you will find multiple pockets, including mesh pockets, to organize all your belongings.

The Bartlett softsided spinner is a customer favorite and a highly sought-after piece of luggage.


  • Made of tough polyester fabric
  • Multidirectional double spinner wheels
  • Retractable Top handle
  • Solid zippers
  • It comes with equipped rubberized corner protectors
  • Big and small compartments for organization
  • Case expands 2″


  • This is a soft shell case preferred by many but not all.

best samsonite luggage carry on 7
Omni PC Hardside Best Samsonite Luggage Carry-On Spinner –

Check out the Omni PC luggage line, featuring a scratch-resistant Micro-diamond texture and a super lightweight 100% polycarbonate outer shell. It will withstand even the most extreme travel conditions to help your bag will look like new for every trip!

Omni PC luggage features 360° Spinner Wheels with a locking handle mechanism, so you can simply push it along with very little effort. Enjoy smooth gliding as you travel.

The Omni PC polycarbonate collection is light and eye-catching, with the capacity for expansion when necessary. TSA locks guarantee that your items are secure on their journey to your destination.

When packing this bag, you can use the full-zip interior divider and cross-straps to efficiently organize your items and reduce wrinkles.

Enjoy peace of mind with this 10-year warranty on all Samsonite products, which have quality and durability proven through extensive testing.


  • Scratch-resistant Micro-diamond texture
  • Lightweight 100% polycarbonate outer shell
  • 360° Spinner Wheels
  • Telescopic handle
  • Locking handle mechanism
  • Expandable
  • TSA approved locks
  • Full-zip interior divider
  • Internal cross-straps
  • 10-year warranty


  • The width is 0.5 inches wider than the TSA recommendations for a carry on

How To Choose The Best Samsonite Luggage Carry On

There are three things to consider when buying the best Samsonite Luggage Carry On.


Size should be at the top of your priority list. Ensure your bag meets TSA carry on size guidelines to fit in the overhead compartments. With the right size, you can avoid unnecessary boarding hassles with gate checking.

According to TSA, the standard carry on domestic luggage size is 9 x 14 x 22 inches, although this may vary for airlines with smaller or large planes.


Durability means you only need to shop once and get the right luggage. Samsonite makes their luggage from durable materials that last for years. Check out their high-quality materials, strong zippers, and reinforced handle for added strength.

Many durable bags have bumper guards around edges and corners, reinforced construction, self-sealing zippers, and smooth gliding wheels that can last longer.


In our modern world of technology, bags have many features, but some companies go the extra mile to add better, more, and stronger options. Samsonite is one of those companies.

Pay close attention to features such as multiple pockets for small items to help keep everything organized while on the go. Also, look for other features such as a retractable handle, exterior pockets, and combination locks.

Does it have extra protection from unexpected weather and built-in TSA locks to keep everything secure?

FAQ Section: Best Samsonite Luggage Carry On

Welcome to our FAQ section where we address some of the most common questions related to the best Samsonite luggage carry on available on the market. Here, we provide concise and informative answers to help you make an informed decision when choosing the best Samsonite carry on luggage for your travels. Explore our top three frequently asked questions below.

What are the key features of the best Samsonite luggage carry on options?

Top Samsonite carry-on luggage options often include features such as durable and lightweight materials, expandability for extra packing space, multidirectional spinner wheels for easy mobility, and TSA-approved locks for added security.

How do I determine the right size and weight for my Samsonite carry-on luggage?

To choose the right size and weight, consider your travel needs, the airline’s carry-on restrictions, and your personal preferences. Most airlines have specific size and weight limitations, so be sure to check with your airline beforehand.

Are there any warranties or guarantees offered on Samsonite carry-on luggage?

Samsonite typically offers a limited global warranty on its luggage products, which covers manufacturing defects and workmanship issues. The warranty duration and terms may vary depending on the specific product and region.

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Best Samsonite Luggage Carry On – Conclusion

The Samsonite carry-on luggage is perfect if you need strong, user-friendly, affordable suitcases. It boasts a variety of features that make traveling easier.

Today Samsonite is one of the leading brands worldwide! Whether you’re headed out on an international business trip or jetting off on a family vacation, there is no better companion than your trusty Samsonite suitcase!

Happy travels, my friends.

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