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Samsonite Luggage – 8 Large Suitcases That Focus On Quality

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Welcome, fellow travelers! Samsonite luggage is one of my favorite brands with reliable, stylish, and durable pieces. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Samsonite Luggage, you’ve come to the right place.

With so many brands of luggage on the market today, it is a virtual maze to find the right one. Samsonite has consistently stood out for its exceptional quality and design. As a lover of luggage and one who has experienced what Samsonite has to offer, I am here to share that vast knowledge with you.

So hold onto your seat as we review 8 of the best Samsonite luggage pieces. Together, we will uncover the features and benefits of each for you to make an informed decision.

Quick Overview Of Samsonite Luggage (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.6samsonite checked luggage 8Centric Large SpinnerMore Details
4.6samsonite checked luggage 6Outline Pro Large SpinnerMore Details
4.9samsonite checked luggage 7 Samsonite Silhouette 17 Review
Hardside Spinner
More Details
4.6samsonite checked luggage 5Ibon Large – Zipperless
Unique Design
More Details
4.6samsonite checked luggage 4Stryde 111 Large GliderMore Details
4.8samsonite checked luggage 1Samsonite Pro Extra Large
Expandable Spinner
More Details
4.7samsonite checked luggage 2SoLyte DLX Extra Large
Expandable Spinner
More Details
4.4samsonite checked luggage 3Eco Advance Large Spinner
Samsonite’s Top Pick
More Details

Benefits Of Samsonite Luggage?

One of the first benefits of Samsonite luggage is the offer of great value for your money. The Samsonite design will last and stand up against rough handling from airport baggage personnel. Samsonite luggage is well known for its quality and durability.

With Samsonite luggage, you have a variety of options in sizes, styles, colors, and materials. They have a suitcase to fit most styles and desires, with 31 different styles and color options

In addition, Samsonite offers free shipping on all orders over $150, and with the high shipping cost today, this is free money you don’t want to pass up.

Finally, Samsonite’s luggage looks good. The company takes pride in designing its products to look stylish and modern. They set high standards with an innovative focus on durability and quality.

Samsonite Luggage Large Suitcase Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews on our chosen Samsonite luggage. Here, you will find the highest-rated checked luggage with the best features to showcase the top picks for our Samsonite luggage reviews.

samsonite checked luggage 8
Centric Large Spinner
Best Samsonite Luggage

The Centric large spinner is a sharp-looking, stylish, lightweight piece of Samsonite luggage that weighs only 10.8 pounds. It has a large packing capacity to hold all your needs for a long trip. But if that’s not enough room, it has a zippered expansion feature.

The durable 100% polycarbonate lightweight material looks good and wards off scratches. Not to mention easy spinner wheels that will glide right along with you and built-in TSA-approved locks along with a retractable handle.

Internally, you’ll find compression straps to hold your belongings in place.


  • Overall rating of 4.6, with most customers saying the large capacity is great and strong durability.
  • This piece has a durable hard shell coating to withstand rough handling.
  • Perfect for the minimalist looking for an affordable large suitcase with a focus on durability rather than pockets and packing features


  • There is very little information on how many internal pockets this suitcase has.

samsonite checked luggage 6
Outline Pro Large Spinner
Best Samsonite Checked Luggage

The Outline Pro Large Spinner is a sleek design with a beautiful color combination made with a Polypropylene durable shell that only weighs 10.1 lbs. Not to mention, it has a large capacity packing ability and zipper expansion to hold all your travel needs.

You can glide on dual-spinner wheels with a retractable ergonomic trolley handle. With a comfortable handle, you can adjust it to your height. In addition, you will find side and top carry handles with Samsonites Sam-AMH™ (Samsonite Antimicrobial Handle), which decreases bacterial growth, leading to deterioration.

It also comes with built-in TSA-approved locks for your safety and four delightful colors.

Internally, this piece is lined with Recyclex, a material made from 100% plastic recycled bottles. What a way to help our environment!

On one side, you will find a zippered overlay to secure your items, yet on the other are 2 compression straps with a panel divider that functions as a compression piece. This removable piece is known as a KompressPak™, which also has a zippered pocket and a pocket to keep damp items separate.


  • This piece of Samsonite luggage has a 4.6 star rating with raving reviews about the large packing capacity and the internal divider.
  • A hardshell piece with a sleek design that boasts durability and style
  • The internal packing features are perfect for keeping your items secure and helping to decrease wrinkles—interior pockets with a removable compression sleeve also have pockets.


  • Some say the outer shell does scuff easily.

samsonite checked luggage 7
Silhouette 17 Large Hardside Spinner
Best Samsonite Hard Shell Luggage

Samsonite first launched their Silhouette luggage in 1958. With many revisions over the years, we now have the Silhouette 17 hard side spinner for the global business person.

Its weight is slightly more than most other pieces of Samsonite samsonite hard shell suitcases. Its empty weight is 13.1 lbs. Even with the extra weight, it still exceeds many competitors. Not only is the piece large, but Samsonite offers a 1.25 expansion ability for extra space.

The outer shell is polycarbonate with a special textured design to resist scratches. In addition, it has a RightHeight™ Handle System, which will adjust 1 inch at a time to fit your height. The handle has grip padding and is mounted externally for an added internal packing capacity.

Glide easily on any surface with shock-absorbent double-spinner wheels custom-engineered by Samsonite.

Samsonite goes the extra mile with the Silhouette 17 by adding built-in TSA-approved locks, YKK zippers, a zipper repair kit, a retractable ID tag, and the option of silver or black colors.

Internally, the Silhouette 17 has a durable Recyclex® lining with a removable WetPak™ and a shoe bag that is also a laundry bag. Another incredible feature is the FlexPack packing system, a divider that doubles as a compression panel and a packing cube.

When the case is open, one side has a zippered closure, and the other has compression straps with the FlexPack and multiple pockets for organization.


  • The Silhouette 17 Samsonite luggage has a nearly perfect rating of 4.9 stars, with most reviews stating the durability and features make this an amazing piece.
  • Perfect for the frequent flyer business person requiring a large hard shell suitcase with plenty of space for longer trips.
  • The packing features are incredible, with multiple pockets, a compression packing cube divider, and extra items like a shoe bag.


  • Two reviews state this bag is “huge,” but they still love it.

samsonite checked luggage 5
Ibon Large Spinner – Zipperless Unique Design
Samsonite Hardside Luggage

Samsonite tipped the world of innovation with the Ibon Large spinner and all of its extra features. The Ibon is a zipperless suitcase that opens from the middle as a space-saving feature to provide a smaller footprint. It is sleek and stylish while boasting function and durability, which Samsonite luggage is well known for.

It only weighs 11.3 lbs with a durable polypropylene shell to help you pack and not worry. Just rotate the TSA approved integrated lock and lay your suitcase open for faster packing.

Easily pull your case with an integrated pull handle and 360-degree dual spinner wheels. In addition, it has top and side handles and hides your ID tags with a built-in holder.

Internally, find an innovative glide-and-click compression pack to increase your packing space. It is like having compression packing cubes included but with a more efficient process.


  • The Ibon Samsonite luggage has a 4.6 rating, with many stating they love the design, smaller footprint, and gliding wheels.
  • If you prefer a zipperless hard shell suitcase that is stylish and chock-full of innovative features, then this one is for you.
  • It offers a modern, state-of-the-art packing feature with a glide-and-click packing system.


  • You cannot nestle other travel bags on the handle because of the design.

samsonite checked luggage 4
Stryde 111 Large Glider
Best Samsonite Hardside Luggage

Who would have ever thought that a horizontal bag would look so sleek? Samsonite made a sleek bag when they invented the Stryde 111 with a low center of gravity and an unconventional packing method. With the wider top, you can stack all of your suitcases and maneuver with only one. When this beauty is empty, it weighs 14.3 lbs.

WOW, the exterior is a hard shell polycarbonate with curvatures and LED lights by the handle for easy identification. In addition, it has dual spinner wheels and a 1-inch increment adjustable handle with built-in TSA approved luggage locks for safety.

The interior has Recyclex™ lining, a toiletry lay flat kit, a padded trifold removable garment bag, and smart fix buckles on the compression straps.

Each side has full zipper closure panels and packing cubes that fit perfectly in the Stryde 111.


  • The Stryde 111 Samsonite checked luggage review rating is 4.6, stating it is a beautiful piece with a great center balance.
  • If you are a person who loves style with ease of movement and a hardshell case that is a bit different, then this one is for you.
  • Internal packing features include packing cubes with zippered closures on both sides to secure your belongings.


  • The empty weight is 14.3 lbs.

samsonite checked luggage 1
Samsonite Pro Extra Large
Expandable Spinner

The Samsonite Pro is the ultimate soft side luggage with 100% ballistic nylon, reinforced seams, added leather for style, a 1.75-inch expansion option, and it only weighs 12.8 lbs.

The Pro soft side offers outer zippered pockets to organize and textured zipper pulls for easy grip.

It will smoothly glide with the innovative split DLX Sphere wheels, and a grip handle contoured for comfort. In addition, it has TSA approved locks.

Internally, you will find a tri-fold garment bag, a Wetpak™ pocket, and multiple zipper compartments.


  • The Pro Samsonite luggage has a 4.8-star rating, with most stating the high quality and durability.
  • Soft side luggage offers more external pockets for organization. So if this is a requirement, Samsonite Pro is the perfect Samsonite checked bag for you.
  • Multiple internal and external zippered pockets as a strong packing Feature


  • It only comes in one color, black.

samsonite checked luggage 2
SoLyte DLX Extra Large Expandable Spinner

The SoLyte DLX Extra Large Samsonite luggage softside suitcase is a beauty to behold with an outer material of 100% polyester weave and zippered exterior pockets for organization. It is lightweight, and it only weighs 10.5 lbs.

Slide to your destination on 360 dual spinner wheels, extending telescoping handle on top with top and side handles.

The SoLyte DLX has a wide open mouth with a 0.75-inch zippered expansion for easy packing. You will also find Smart Fix™ buckles on the compression straps and multiple internal pockets. In addition, it has a built-in wet pocket and shoe pockets.


  • 4.7 star rating with statements like roomy, lightweight, rolls easily, and has 8 organizational pockets.
  • A nice highly, rated suitcase for those who love a durable, soft-sided piece of luggage
  • Multiple internal and external pockets, Smart Fix™ buckles, shoe pockets, a wet pocket, and it’s lightweight.


  • It does not have Samsonite’s garment bag.

samsonite checked luggage 3
Eco Advance Large Spinner
Samsonite’s Top Pick

Here we have the ECO Advanced large spinner, a Samsonite top pick for the environmentally eco-minded person. The ECO bag is made inside and out with Recyclex™, a material made from 100% plastic recycled bottles to improve our environment.

ECO has a lightweight wrap-around frame for durability and only weighs 11.75 lbs. It rolls on 360 gliding spinner wheels with a handle that adjusts one inch at a time for your comfort with integrated side and top handles.

Samsonite included the famous YKK zippers all around to enhance durability and a top external pocket for easy access to your personal belongings during check-in.

Internally, you will find a large internal space, multiple pockets, a compression cross strap, and a mesh pocket on the lid.


  • The ECO Samsonite luggage has a 4.4-star rating, with many stating it is a roomy, beautiful color, and the perfect size.
  • For the ECO-conscious person, this fabric suitcase is the perfect luggage piece.
  • Wide open mouth for easy packing, internal and external pockets, and compression straps.


  • It does not expand

Best Features Of Samsonite Luggage?

Samsonite is a well-known, respected luggage brand with high customer ratings. With this in mind, we will look for 3 things when choosing the right piece of luggage to last for years.


The great thing about Samsonite luggage is the customer reviews. With Samsonite’s durability, functionality, and high-quality luggage, most reviews are 4 and 5-star ratings. Reviewing the reviews will help determine if your chosen piece meets your needs.

Luggage Preference

What is your luggage preference? Is it soft-sided luggage, hardside luggage, or an ECO-friendly piece? Examine the features of each piece of Samsonite luggage well to determine the type that best suits your needs and desires. After all, some say they have had Samsonite luggage for 10+ years, and you want a suitcase you will love.

Packing Features

Each piece of Samsonite luggage has different features. For instance, do you need a wide range of pockets, mesh pockets, a garment bag, or a wide open packing space? Are internal compression straps or zippered compartment overlays required to help keep your clothes wrinkle-free?

On the exterior, do you need outer pockets or zippered compartments? If so, you may want soft-sided luggage. If a TSA-approved combination lock is important, you are in luck because most of the Samsonite luggage has these locks.

Samsonite Checked Luggage 102

FAQs About Samsonite Luggage

Often, there are some common questions, so we compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding Samsonite luggage.

Are Samsonite bags worth it?

samsonite checked luggage for FAQ2

Samsonite is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium luggage. Samsonite has focused on durability and function for more than 100 years to produce bags well worth the money.

Is Samsonite a luxury brand?

Samsonite offers affordable luggage and luxury pieces. The brand itself is not a luxury brand, but some of the products are luxury items.

Is Samsonite hard side or soft side luggage better?

Hardside luggage is more protective, while soft-side luggage is more flexible. Samsonite’s hard side and soft side luggage both have benefits, which makes your choice a personal preference.

Which samsonite luggage is the best?

Samsonite makes all of its suitcases of quality, durable materials. The best Samsonite luggage would be the one that suits your needs best with the organization and features you need.

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So, that concludes our review of Samsonite luggage. Samsonite is a well-known brand with high functionality and long-standing durability. A company you can trust to make your travels not only safe and secure but enjoyable.

We reviewed Samsonite larger checked luggage but they also carry some of the best samsonite carry on luggage as well.

Happy travels, my friends.

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