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Cruise Door Decorations – New Rules And What You Need

Cruise Door Decorations – New Rules And What You Need

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It’s time to start cruising again, and oh, how I miss a good cruise vacation. But there is something new, at least there are some new rules, which are cruise door decorations and who will and will not allow them. It sounds like so much fun, but what is it, and is there a purpose in decorating my cruise door? Not to mention who allows what? Let’s find out.

What Are Cruise Door Decorations?

A cruise door decoration is simply a piece of art or craftwork you can hang on your cruise door. It can be a simple picture frame or an elaborate display. Add a personal touch and make it yourself because the possibilities are endless.

Quick Overview Of Cruise Door Decorations (Updated List)

cruise door decorations 9Personalized Custom Cruise door hangerMore Details
cruise door decorations 28 Pieces Turtle Cruise Door Magnets More Details
cruise door decorations 11Summer Beach Magnets 22 PcsMore Details
cruise door decorations 3Caribbean Cruise Magnet-all cruise linesMore Details
cruise door decorations 12Dolphins Under The Sea Family Cruise MagnetMore Details
cruise door decorations 7Happy Birthday Magnet DecorationMore Details
cruise door decorations 14Fish Extender Disney Cruise –
Hanging Pockets [3 Pocket]
More Details
cruise door decorations 15Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard
Magnetic Markers & Eraser Included
More Details
cruise door decorations 13Command Pull 20-StripsMore Details
cruise door decorations 5Swivel Swing Magnetic Hook More Details

Why Do I Need Cruise Door Decorations?

In reality, you don’t really need cruise door decorations, but they are fun and may come in handy for a few reasons:

  • If you are traveling with other people, it will help you find their rooms. 
  • Cruise ships are large, and all the doors look the same, so decorations will help you find your room easier. 
  • Some decorations have dry-erase boards; you can put an itinerary on your door to let your friends know where you are and when.
  • If you are celebrating a special occasion like an anniversary or birthday, you can put decorations on your door that will make someone feel special.
  • And, it is just fun to decorate your door. After all, it is a vacation. 

What Do You Look For When Buying Cruise Door Decorations?

There are a few guidelines the cruise lines expect you to follow. With this in mind, we will review the types of decorations allowed and how to choose good cruise door decorations. 

Attachment Capability

How will you put your decorations on your cruise door? Most cruise lines will not allow any adhesive to apply decorations; however, they do allow magnets (because most doors are metal) and command strips. You know those strips that you peel off the back, and they have a pull tab that releases the sticky side when you pull on it.


cruise door decorations pin

Cruise lines have guidelines and rules you must follow, so this is where size is important. With this in mind, you cannot put decorations or string lights on the door frame or light fittings. In addition, you cannot put lights strung across the hall or railing, and no lights as cabin door decorations.

So long as you follow the stateroom decoration policies, all will be well.  

You may not find door dimensions information on the cruise line you plan to board. However, there is a standard measurement for most cruise cabin doors which is; 23 inches to 24 inches wide. Of course, it depends on the manufacturer, but these are the standard sizes.

With this in mind, when buying cruise door decorations, follow the standard door size, and you should be fine.

Are All Cruise Lines The Same?

I am assuming you mean that all cruise lines allow decorations, and are the guidelines the same? 

No, Norwegian Cruise Line does not allow decorations for fire safety reasons. In other words, they passed this rule back in 2019 for all of their cruise lines. But most other cruise ships do allow decorations on your door. 

In Addition, Carnival Cruise Line recently changed their policy to say:

“For the safety of all guests and crew, any decorations not made of fire retardant material or deemed flammable, will be removed and no compensation will be provided.”

The policy goes further to state that you cannot spray any item with a flame-resistant product. It has to be purchased with the retardant already on the decoration. With this in mind, I only found one item that meets these requirements.

Also, most ship stateroom doors are metal, but on occasion, you will run into cruise ship doors that are wood. In light of this, a magnetic dry erase board would attach well to a metal door. 

Disney Cruise Line will allow a fish extender, a hanging fish that is like and add on to your mailbox next to your door. In other words, it is a fish mailbox. For a Disney cruise, an extender is a place your friends and family can leave presents for you.

Almost all other cruise lines, such as Caribbean cruise, Disney, and Princess cruise lines, just to name a few, do allow stateroom door decorations. 

To find decorating rules and regulations look at each cruise line website; you will sail on.

Information Tidbit

  • Generally speaking, if you choose to put a pineapple on your door, you need to know what this means, or you may be in for a surprise. In other words, pineapples signify that you are a swinger. In addition, an upside-down pineapple says you want to meet fellow cruisers who are of like minds. 

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Cruise Door Decorations Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews of a few fun Cruise Door Decorations and accessories.

cruise door decorations 9
Personalized Custom Cruise door hanger

Build memories and customize this beautiful 5×10 plaque with your names. Additionally, it is made of 1/4 inch thick wood with a rustic look.


  • Will easily fit on your door and allow for extra decorations if you desire.
  • Attaches to your cabin door with a magnetic hook to hang the plaque.


  • Does not come with the string to hang

cruise door decorations 2
8 Pieces Turtle Cruise Door Magnets 

Just how cute are these out-to-sea decorations? Each one is 5 inches tall with a duplicate match. You can share the matches with friends to easily find their cabin or add them to your door to create your own design. In addition, these beauties are versatile for your car or refrigerator.


  • Magnetic backing to attach to almost any metal door.
  • Each one is 5 inches in size and will allow for more decorations or a whiteboard.


  • Not enough duplicates for a large group in this one 8-piece pack.

cruise door decorations 11
Summer Beach Magnets 22 Pcs

With this 22-piece magnet set, you can decorate any stateroom door in style and stand out among the crowd. Additionally, these magnets are a vibrant color, fun in the sun, and scream vacation blast.


  • Vinyl with magnetic backing to attach to your metal cruise door.
  • Each one varies from 4 inches to 6 inches, and all parts will fit on your cabin door to create a gorgeous, fun design.


  • It includes one pineapple, so be aware of the meaning of pineapple on your door.

cruise door decorations 3
Caribbean Cruise Magnet-all cruise lines

The perfect door decoration for a Caribbean cruise. Fully customize this memory builder with the date, cruise line, and all of your ports of call. Not to mention, once your cruise is over, put this on your refrigerator to remember all the fun you had.


  • Magnetic backing to attach to most smooth metal doors.
  • In short, it is 11 inches x 8.5 inches to easily fit on your cabin door


  • Takes 6-10 days to arrive due to the customizing options, so order early

cruise door decorations 12
Dolphins Under The Sea Family Cruise Magnet

Here we have yet another gorgeous, fully customizable ship door magnetic decal. You can change the cruise line, the middle section, and the names at the bottom. Additionally, it is individually handmade and fit to order.


  • Magnetic backing that adheres to most metal
  • The perfect size at 9.5 inches x 8 inches to easily fit on your door and see it from far away.


  • No returns as it is a custom-made product

cruise door decorations 7
Happy Birthday Magnet Decoration

Celebrate a birthday or wish your friends a happy birthday. Surprise them with this beautiful positive magnetic on their stateroom door. In addition, you can choose from 2 different colors.


  • Notably, it has a full magnetic backing to attach to most metal doors.
  • In addition, it is the perfect size at 12 inches x 5 inches, so you can add other decorations to your door.


  • Have to pay extra shipping if you need it in less than a week.

cruise door decorations 14
Fish Extender Disney Cruise –
Hanging Pockets [3 Pocket]

Are you headed out on a Disney cruise? Here is the perfect fish extender to hang at your door. With this in mind, you can give and receive gifts for the kiddies with 3 expandable pockets.


  • It will nicely hang on your door with one of the magnetic hooks listed below.
  • In addition, it has the perfect dimensions to meet Disney Cruise Lines regulations.


  • Only accepted by Disney cruises

cruise door decorations 15

Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboard
Magnetic Markers & Eraser Included

Keep your itinerary or messages right on your door. In other words, if you are traveling with family and friends, this is a perfect way to keep track of each other. To put it differently, you can let them know where you went or what the schedule is for each day.


  • Notably, each one has a full magnetic backing to attach to almost any metal door
  • In addition, it is available in 8 sizes, and 3 of them will fit a stateroom door


  • Will not attach to stainless steel

cruise door decorations 13
Command Pull 20-Strips

Don’t be left standing at a blank door. What if you get to your ship only to find out your door is not metal? In this case, these command pulls will save the day, and they are regulation approved.


  • In any event, you can easily attach any decoration to your cabin door with these pulls that will not leave marks or damage a door
  • Not to mention, there are 20 pieces, so you have plenty if you need them.


  • No hooks are in this package, only the command strips.

cruise door decorations 5
Swivel Swing Magnetic Hook

These are perfect magnetic hooks to put on your door to hold hanging items. In other words, you can hang things like the wooden plaque or the fish extender. As a matter of fact, you won’t have any worries when you have a few of these to save the day.


  • Magnetic backing to secure on most metal doors.
  • A pack of 20 comes in 5 different weights.


  • The magnet may scratch stainless steel, so please put a tissue between the metal and the magnet.

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Cruise Door Decorations – Conclusion

These are just a few of the fun cruise door decorations you can use. In fact, you may want to mix and match these to fill the entire door.

Not to mention all the memories you can build with a customizable magnet.

Just be sure to follow the guidelines for the cruise line you will be traveling. In fact, you may want to look up the regulations before you set out on the high seas. In other words, be prepared, have fun, and most of all, be safe.

Happy travels, my friends.

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