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Best Singles Cruise – Unbiased Overview Of The Basics

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Embarking on a cruise alone can be a unique and thrilling experience. If you’re considering such a voyage, you’re probably seeking information on the best singles cruise, hoping to find an unforgettable adventure.

The challenge lies in sifting through the countless cruise options to find one that caters to singles, offers an engaging itinerary, and creates a safe and enjoyable environment.

With a wide array of travel experiences under my belt, including diverse cruise journeys, I’m here to share my unbiased insights to guide you through your singles cruise selection process.

If you’re an independent traveler planning a solo cruise, or someone curious about the concept of singles cruises, this guide will illuminate your path.

Let’s sail together on this journey of discovering the best singles cruise. Embrace the joy of solo traveling, meet like-minded voyagers, and create unforgettable memories. Ready to set sail?

Is The Best Singles Cruise Different Than Other Cruises?

Let’s take a look at the best singles cruise for more information on what it is. Well, it is a group of single people who take a cruise. However, they are usually on a ship with couples because there aren’t enough people to fill a cruise ship with just singles. It sure would be fun if that were the case, but most regular cruise ships today hold four thousand to seven thousand passengers.

A best singles cruise is a cruise with an itinerary for a group of single people on a regular ship. A dedicated cruise director will plan singles activities for solo travelers to attend. These are not mandatory activities, but you can meet other single people. 

You can eat with like-minded people, go to the movies, and do other things such as excursions, ice cream socials, or evening dances.

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What Is A Singles Cruise vs. A Solo Cruise?

A singles cruise and a solo cruise are a bit different. A person who takes a solo cruise travels alone and is not necessarily on a cruise with other single cruisers. In comparison, a person who books a singles cruise is doing so in hopes of spending time with other single people. 

I am not saying that a person traveling solo cannot meet others, but they may decide to find more solitude rather than meet other single people. So when looking for the best singles cruise, keep these thoughts in mind.

However, some apps allow solo and single travelers to connect with others before, during, and after their trip. 

Here are 2 apps:

  • One such app is cruisea which allows you to look at profiles, choose ones you like, and then meet while cruising if you prefer.
  • A second one is tender, which operates along the same lines as cruisea. A single or solo traveler can use either of these apps. 

Is There An Age Limit Singles Cruise?

Yes, some singles cruises offer age groups, and some may have age restrictions. Such as the Regal Princess is well known for its cruises for seniors. While the Royal Caribbean has singles cruises for the 30-50 range age group. 

When looking for a particular singles or solo age group to travel with, the best thing to do is ask the cruise line or your travel agencies. Each cruise line has its specialty, and these people can help you determine the best singles cruise for you.

Make a list of your expectations and ask questions before you book. Are you looking for a party vacation, extra shore excursions, or maybe quiet time with meet and greets? Also, ask for an itinerary of the cruise.

Do I Have To Share A Cabin With Someone Else?

The fear of sharing a cabin with someone you don’t know can wear on your mind. We have good news for those who are concerned. You do not have to share a cabin with anyone, but at the same time, the ship can pair you with someone if you want to meet a new friend. However, it will cost a bit more to stay in a cabin alone but well worth it if you wish to have more solitude in a room. 

What Should I Expect From The Best Singles Cruise?

You can expect the world, but the fact is each one will offer a different array of onboard activities. It would be better to determine your expectations and go from there. 

Are you wanting to meet the love of your life, party all night, or relax and meet new friends? Or are you vacationing to get away and want to meet new people?

Regardless of your desires, you will probably meet many others with the same expectations. After all, you are on a cruise with others of similar age and situation as yours. 

Just go and have fun. If you find yourself uncomfortable with some of the activities, then skip those and go to the ones that appeal to you. The other singles on the ship are of like mind with you. 

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What Should I Look For In The Best Singles Cruise?

There are some things to look for in the best singles cruise so that you will be on a ship with like-minded individuals like yourself. So when you are searching for the best singles cruise, also ask some of these questions.

  • Is the cruise singles or a solo cruise? If you want the best singles cruise, you must ensure they have a plan for singles. In other words, do they have planned activities for singles to meet? Look at the itinerary to see if it sounds appealing to you. 
  • What type of rooms do they offer? Do they have single or double-occupancy staterooms? Can you choose a single stateroom, or are you required to bunk with another single person? Not to mention, will your bunkmate be of the same gender as you?
  • What is the age range of the cruises? If you are 70, it may not be as much fun to join in social activities if you are on a singles cruise under 30.

Where Do I Start Looking For The Best Singles Cruise?

I suggest starting with the 3 cruise lines that know about singles cruises and will plan it for you to have fun. These are:

  1. Princess cruise is known for its seniors’ single cruise.
  2. The Norwegian cruise line is famous for its younger party singles cruise, such as Norwegian Breakaway. 
  3. Royal Caribbean cruise is just known for everything. In other words, the options are vast. 

Check with a travel agent who knows the ins and outs of booking a cruise. However, if you choose to research and book a cruise yourself, begin with one of these 3 cruise lines and move from there. Also, look at river cruises; although they are a bit more expensive, they may be right up your alley.

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The Best Singles Cruise – Conclusion

Now that we better understand singles cruises, the bottom line is, have fun! I am like you and would be a bit hesitant and wonder, should I take a singles cruise? With all of this information, if I were single, I would dive right in and see if I like it. This is my recommendation for you, pick and choose what to participate in and who knows, you may meet some lifetime friends. 

Enjoy yourself, and remember that magical things do happen. 

Happy travels, my friends.

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