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How To Go On A Cruise – Cheap Way To Vacation

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After two years of global slowdown, it’s time to pack your bags and go on that well-deserved vacation. So what’s the plan this year? Of course, going on a cruise would be a good plan. But are there cheap cruises out there? Do you know how to go on a cruise without breaking the bank?

Thank goodness there are ways to go on a cruise vacation without spending so much. Of course, it will take some planning, but you’re bound to get a great deal. Check out the tips below for finding fantastic cruise deals you can’t resist.

Off-Season Cruise

Travelers must know the off-season months when planning a cruise vacation. In addition, learning some tips on how to go on a cruise during off-season months will save you a great deal of money.

Families usually go on vacation when kids are on school break. Therefore, travel demands and cruise vacation prices are high during these months. But not during the off-season months of September through November. When kids are back in school, family travel drops during these months. Hence, a good tip on how to go on a cruise is to book off-peak months for cruising.

If you know how to go on a cruise and have fun, avoid the summer months of June through August. These are the high-season travel months, and you can expect an influx of travelers joining the cruise. As a result, you may enjoy the onboard attractions if fewer people are on the ship.

Many travelers will book cruise destinations like Europe, Alaska, and the Caribbean during these months. However, cruise vacations on holidays like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day can be costly, so don’t schedule your cruise vacation around these significant holidays. Aside from being expensive, these cruise vacations can also be overcrowded.

Book Early

Do you know a good tip on how to go on a cruise and save extra money? Experience will tell you that airlines offer cheap flights if you book way earlier than your desired travel date. The same applies to cruise vacations. So, if you plan at least a year before your intended cruise departure dates, you will find some fantastic cruise deals.

When you book early, you will find that most cruise lines offer low prices when ships have more cabins available. But as the vessel sells out, prices start to climb up. So don’t be like most travelers who don’t plan and book cruise vacations very close to the departure date.

Early booking is also one of the many ways on how to go on a cruise with the best cabin on the ship. And by early, it means years ahead of the scheduled cruise departure dates.

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The Three-Month Mark Last-Minute Deals

Booking at the last minute can also be a valuable tip on how to go on a cruise. Will you save money if you book close to the departure date?

According to the Cruise Critic managing editor, Chris Gray Faust, 90 days before a ship sets sail is a great time to find last-minute cruise deals. Most cruise lines offer travelers 90 days before the departure date to secure their booking with a final deposit. Cruise lines also give travelers three months before the departure date to cancel without penalties.

Mark your calendar for the 90-day pre-sailing date. Then plan your dream cruise vacation and check for a last-minute price-drop promo. Cruise lines will try to fill the canceled or vacant cabins by offering slashed fares to lure travelers in. So, if you are okay with getting low-key cruise cabins, it’s worth a try to book your cruise three months before the cruise departure date.

Stay Away From Fancy Ships

Do you want to know how to go on a cruise without compromising the prospects of having fun? Book a cruise vacation on an older ship. Not only will you get a better cruise deal, but you will also enjoy the newly added top-deck attractions on older vessels.

Cruise lines often give older ships massive makeovers to add some new frills to attract travelers. Cruise vacation prices are more affordable for older vessels, and you can splurge on spa treatments or fine dining with the money you save.

Book An Inside Cabin

When you book an inside cabin instead of a balcony cabin, it shows that you know how to go on a cruise in a budget-friendly way. Balcony cabins offer more floor space and windows with the best sailing view. Hence, these cabins go faster than inside cabins. They are more expensive, though.

What do you need the windows for when you can enjoy the top-deck attractions like everyone else? You will spend less if you book an inside cabin. You can also enjoy a restful sleep in your room in a quieter space.

Book A Repositioning Cruise

Do you want to know another way on how to go on a cruise without spending as much?

Some cruise lines have voyages as they reposition the vessel to cross one part of the world to another. Cruise lines refer to them as repositioning cruises. Some typical repositioning cruises are voyages between Europe and the Caribbean in spring as ships move to the Mediterranean for summer. There are also repositioning cruises between the Caribbean and Europe in the fall. You can also look for repositioning cruises annually between Alaska and the Caribbean and Asia and the US West Coast.

Why are repositioning cruises less expensive? Cruise lines offer discounted fares for this cruise type because there are few port calls and more days at sea. Repositioning cruises are also longer than weeklong voyages. Hence, cruise lines try to fill the cabins by offering better deals. Booking for a repositioning cruise is an easy way for “how to go on a cruise within your budget.”

Use A Travel Agent

Travel agents know how to go on a cruise the cheap way. Because of this, it is better to book your cruise vacation using a travel agent. Cruise travel agents have access to lower bulk fares which travelers like you and me don’t have access to. For example, travel agencies will block out many cabins when ships open up for booking. Your travel agent can offer you one of the cabins at a bulk fare discount, giving you substantial savings.

Aside from finding great cruise deals, your travel agent can offer extra perks like a complimentary bottle of champagne or some onboard credit. And significant savings can also come from avoiding costly mistakes if you do all the booking yourself.

Book Your Next Cruise Vacation Onboard

Nothing can beat a great cruise deal when you book your next vacation while onboard the ship. It’s an easy tip on how to go on a cruise with significant savings, but it requires an advance deposit on a future cruise. Most cruise lines offer irresistible discounts when you book your cruise a year in advance. Other cruise lines offer onboard credit and free spending money while sailing.

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Are cruises a cheap way to travel?

Yes. Compared to other travel destination packages, a cruise is the most budget-friendly way to go on vacation and have fun. You can book and pay in installments until three months before departure.

What is the cheapest month you can go on a cruise?

January through March are the best months to book a cruise. During these wave months, cruise lines offer industry-wide sales and promotions. As a result, cruise vacation prices during these months often drop to a reasonable level.

Can you go on a cruise and not spend money?

Part of a cruise vacation is enjoying the fun of top-deck attractions and other once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You can spend less money on an inner cabin and spend more time on the top-deck attractions.

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Going on a cruise vacation can be a dream come true if you plan well well ahead and choose a less expensive cabin. That means knowing the many ways on how to go on a cruise that will save you money. In addition, you get to experience how much fun a cruise vacation is; the best part is that you don’t break the bank.

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