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Luggage Tags For Cruise – Best Holders For Any Ship

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Are you planning a cruise? If so, you may need PVC holders for luggage tags for cruise, so you don’t have to staple or glue them to your bags.

When traveling by air, you get your luggage tags upon check-in at the airline ticket counter. However, it’s different when you go on a cruise. You get your luggage tags via email, and you print them. You will then attach the luggage tags to your travel bags even before arriving at the port of call.

Your cruise documents include your boarding pass and luggage tags with your name, sailing date, cabin number, and cruise ship. After printing the travel documents, you will have them ready when you arrive for passenger validation at the port of call.

Quick Overview Of Luggage Tags For Cruise (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
5.0Luggage Tags For Cruise grey 34 Sets
Luggage Tags For Cruise
More Details
4.7Luggage Tags For Cruise 2Swatom PVC Holders
Luggage Tags For Cruise
More Details
4.8Luggage Tags For Cruise grey 1All Cruise Line Ships Tags
Luggage Tags For Cruise
More Details

How Can Luggage Tags For Cruise Benefit You?

Any of these luggage tags for cruise have some things that will benefit you. Let’s see what they are.


With the luggage tags for cruise attached to your travel bags, you keep them organized and adequately marked. If you stick or staple luggage tags to your bags, chances are you will find them ripped off or missing from your bags. Using sealed holders for your luggage tags for cruise is a convenient and efficient way to keep your information intact.

Save Time

One reason often attributed to lost baggage is lacking proper identification marks. With the luggage tags for cruise holders, your cruise information is clear and always visible. As a result, cruise line crews and baggage handlers can quickly deliver your luggage pieces to your assigned cabin. And it will save you and the staff a great deal of time keeping your luggage intact and easy to find during the cruise.


With luggage tags for cruise, you can conveniently print the luggage labels one time, insert them in the luggage tag holder, and off you go to the port of call. No more stapling or taping labels to your luggage.

Luggage Tags For Cruise Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are the reviews for luggage tags for cruise.

Luggage Tags For Cruise white 3
4 Sets
Luggage Tags For Cruise

The Luggage Tags for Cruise from Beluga Gears set has everything a cruise traveler needs. Each set includes luggage tag holders, magnetic hooks, reels and clasps, an ID pouch, and lanyards.

Four waterproof luggage tag holders with zip seals and colorful, durable wire loops are perfect for securing your luggage tags. The cruise crew will know where to put your bags once you board the ship. You can quickly identify and spot your luggage with these unique luggage tag holders.

These cruise luggage tags are compatible with nine major cruise lines.

Aside from the four cruise luggage tag holders, this set also includes four magnetic hooks that can hold up to 27 lbs. These magnetic hooks are handy and can hold your clothes, hats, towels, and other heavier items. In addition, you can hang keys, lanyard ID badges, and other small things on these magnetic hooks.

Also included in the cruise luggage tag set are two retractable wheels, two detachable clasps, two lanyards, and two ID holders. When put together, you get two sets of lanyard ID badges which you can wear while on the ship for easy identification.

These ID lanyards come in two colors with high-resolution cruise-themed design prints.


  • Four sets of luggage tag holders for cruise
  • Zip seals
  • Colorful wire loops
  • Two waterproof ID pouches
  • Two beautifully designed adjustable lanyards
  • Four cabin magnetic hooks that can hold up to 27 lbs
  • Two retractable reels
  • Two detachable clasps
  • Easily identifiable luggage tags
  • Luggage Tag size: 9 x 19 cm (3.6 x 7.5 inches)
  • Lanyard length: 55 cm (22 inches)
  • Luggage tag holders are compatible with nine renowned cruise lines


  • You need to buy another pack if you have more than four travel bags for the cruise.
Luggage Tags For Cruise 2
Swatom PVC Holders
Luggage Tags For Cruise

The Swatom luggage tags for cruise are durable, reusable, and waterproof. The waterproof zip seal protects your cruise information and prevents seepage if it falls briefly into the water.

These cruise luggage tag holders’ sizes of 7.3 x 3.5 and 7.9 x 2.5 inches suit luggage tags of six cruise lines – Carnival, NCL (Norwegian), Princess, P&O, Costa, and Holland America.

Four luggage tag wire loops made from stainless steel and high-quality PVC securely attach the luggage tag holders to your travel bags. The luggage wire loops are durable and rust-resistant. With a screw thread-cap lock design, the wire loops will prevent your luggage tags from falling off the bags.


  • Four PVC, waterproof cruise luggage tag holders
  • Four stainless steel wire loops with screw-on lock
  • Waterproof and zip seal design to keep your cruise info dry and clear
  • Luggage tag sizes: 7.9 x 2.5 inches and 7.3 x 3.5 inches
  • PVC cover steel loop
  • Screw thread cap lock
  • Compatible with major cruise lines


  • Some say the steel wire loops are hard to bend and screw together.

Luggage Tags For Cruise grey 1
All Cruise Line Ships Tags
Luggage Tags For Cruise

The Zanedy all cruise luggage tags feature a zip-top seal to protect your eTags from rain or falling off. Eight luggage tag holders use high-quality, waterproof PVC. The luggage tag wire loops made from braided solid stainless steel keep your luggage tag holders secured to your travel bags.

You can quickly attach these cruise luggage tags from the airport to the port of call for easy identification. In addition, they will fit most luggage tags. The PVC luggage tag holder and stainless steel wire loop are excellent for durable, reusable cruise luggage tags.

You can use these luggage tag holders for any cruise line, as they are compatible with all the major cruise lines.


  • Eight PVC luggage tag holders with zip-top seal
  • Waterproof PVC luggage tags
  • Eight braided stainless steel wire loops
  • Easy-to-screw and unscrew thread-cap lock
  • Rust-resistant wire loops
  • Compatible with all the known cruise lines’ luggage tags
  • Luggage Tag size: 7.3 x 3.5 inches


  • Colorful wire loops would make them easier to identify.

What To Look For When Buying Luggage Tags For Cruise

Numerous choices are available for reliable PVC holders for luggage tags for cruise, but look for these three important components.


Waterproof luggage tags for cruise are a must. Your cruise information needs to be intact, clear, and visible to avoid lost or misplaced travel bags. Most luggage tags for cruise holders use high-quality PVC material with a zip seal to secure the printed luggage tag inside.

Sturdy Steel Wire Loops

The luggage tags for cruise are efficient luggage identifiers. Hence, sturdy and reliable steel wire loops are essential to keep the luggage tags attached to the bags all the time. The best steel wire loops have a secure screw-on lock design to prevent the luggage tag from falling off the bag. In addition, it must be rust and impact resistant.

Luggage Tag Holder Dimensions

Different cruise lines use different luggage tag sizes. Several PVC holders for luggage tags for cruises are compatible with luggage tags for all major cruise lines. But to be sure, check the luggage tag dimensions of the cruise line and ensure it fits the plastic holder you pick.

How To Use Luggage Tags For Cruise

While not a cruise line requirement, having holders for your luggage tags for cruise will make your onboarding process smooth and convenient. The cruise line crew will know exactly where to bring the travel bags, as the luggage tags indicate. And because the luggage tags are in a clear plastic holder, they are always visible.

You can order adhesive printed luggage tags from your cruise line to stick to your bags. However, a better alternative is PVC holders for your luggage tags for cruise.

After receiving your travel documents via email or through the cruise line website, print the boarding pass and luggage tags. Printed luggage tags have markings showing where to fold them to fit the luggage tags for cruise holders.

Seal the luggage tag holder like a Ziploc bag and use the wire loop to attach the holder to your bag. With the luggage tags for cruise holders attached to your bags, it’s easy to identify your travel bags. In addition, the cruise porter will know which cabin door to deliver your bags to.

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FAQ About Luggage Tags For Cruise

You may have questions about luggage tags for cruise, so we gathered three frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Can you get luggage tags at the cruise port?

You can print the luggage tags at home or claim them at the embarkation terminal on the day of your cruise. However, it is best to have the luggage tags printed at home and inserted into your holders before heading to the port of call.

What happens if you don’t have luggage tags for your cruise?

Upon arrival at the port of call, you can request generic luggage tags from the cruise terminal’s porter. Then, you only need to fill out the information on the luggage tags and attach them to your luggage.

What is the best placement of luggage tags?

You can attach the luggage tags to your suitcase bag handle or strap it to a visible area. If you have an adjustable luggage tag holder, it’s best to cinch it tight to reduce the risk of it getting pulled off.

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Luggage Tags For Cruise – Conclusion

Luggage tags for cruise will keep you organized and have your bags waiting at your cabin door. Luggage tags are an excellent choice for your cruise holiday adventure, whatever cruise line you choose.

You can enjoy a smooth cruise check-in process when you use tags specifically for a cruise. Have the vacation of a lifetime with easily identifiable luggage waiting for you right in front of your room.

Happy travels, my friends.

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