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A Cruise Around The World – All You Need To Know

A Cruise Around The World – All You Need To Know

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Cruising is back, and fun at sea is the perfect way to enjoy life. There are short cruises, but a cruise around the world sounds pretty awesome, especially for a retired person. How much does it cost or how long is a world cruise, and what should you expect? In this short but concise article, we will answer these questions.

Why Take A Cruise Around The World?

Of course, you can travel the world differently, but a cruise is like a one-stop shop. You pack once, have all the luxury afforded you, have your meals included, and still see the world one step at a time. What can be better than that? 

Especially if you are retired or free to travel as long as you like, a cruise is an excellent way to enjoy your time. You can meet new friends, have the comfort of a private cabin, and have your food prepared for you. All you have to do is travel the world and enjoy. 

What Will I Need For A Cruise Around The World?

You will need some documents and clothing along with personal items. Let’s get some details here to help you prepare for a cruise around the world. 


A US citizen can use a Real-ID Act driver’s license for some cruises. But for a world cruise, I suggest a passport. Some countries require a passport to get off of the ship at ports. Remember to apply for your passport at least 8 weeks in advance. To be safe, I suggest you apply as early as 6 months in advance. 

For those with a passport, ensure it will not expire during your cruise, which ranges from a 111-day world cruise to 274 days. 

Some countries may require a cruise visa to travel, which is true for non-US citizens and US citizens if you are visiting exotic ports. Contact the cruise line you choose to travel; they can tell you the documents you need for the countries you visit. The US government travel site has some great information on what documents you need and how to find the information to obtain them. 

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Clothes And Personal Items

A 4-9 month cruise could potentially require a lot of clothing. So how can you decrease your packing needs?

Research the weather for the ports where you will stop. Is it warm or cool, and on a world cruise, you will have all climates. Layering is the key to less packing as well as Versatile colors and outfits will help. Remember that you can wear the same outfit more than once. Only 30% to 50% of the ship’s passengers are on the world cruise. So many will come and go at different ports along the way.

Some cruise lines have laundry mats for you to wash your clothes. Those who do not offer washing machines do offer a laundry service for you to have clean clothes. 

Extra Expenses

Keep in mind items that are an extra charge, such as WIFI and toiletries. Some ships include WIFI in the package, and some charge a daily fee. If you are on a 6-9 month cruise, your toiletries may not last. Check with the cruise ship to see what they offer and check the ports for places to purchase your needs. 

Travel Insurance is an extra expense you may want to check out also. If you unexpectedly need to cancel, you will not lose your money. Another insurance you may consider is medical. With medical insurance, you will have some medical costs covered. 

What Cruise Lines Offer A Cruise Around The World?

A Cruise Around The World pin

Many of the cruise lines offer around-the-world cruises, but there are a few who do world cruises well. Some are luxury cruise ships, and others are more affordable. 

These cruise lines will be a safe bet for a world cruise.

  • Viking Ocean Cruises – 138-day cruise
  • Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise – 274-day cruise
  • Silversea World Cruises – 133-day cruise
  • Cunard World Cruises – 105-day cruise
  • Regent Seven Seas World Cruises – 132-day cruise
  • Princess World Cruises – 111-day cruise
  • Oceania World Cruises – 180-day cruise
  • Seabourn Sojourn – 140-day cruise

How Much Can You Expect To Pay A Cruise Around The World Cost?

The cruise cost will vary depending on which cabin you prefer and the length of your cruise, but we do have some cruise rate ranges for you. 

The price range I list here is for one person and starts at $26,700 for an inside cabin to $235,400 for the top-of-the-line suite. This price may go up or down a bit, depending on your chosen cruise line.

These figures will give you a ballpark range but will change as you add things like WIFI or drink packages. Some cruise lines include extras, so to ensure you know the exact amount, ask what extra fees you may incur. 

A Cruise Around The World – Conclusion

A cruise worldwide will have different departure ports, each with varying ports of call. Find the one that will go to the counties you want to visit. Not to mention also find the cruise that meets your budget. 

Ask questions to be sure you know what extras and hidden fees you may need to pay. Some questions may include:

  • What laundry facilities or services do they have?
  • Does the package include WIFI and drinks?
  • Do you need a cruise visa?
  • Will you need a passport?
  • Where can you get and what is the price of toiletry supplies when you need to replenish?
  • What is the weather like in the countries you will visit?
  • Do they have a packing list that will help you organize?
  • Are shore excursions included or an extra fee?
  • Some may need to inquire about gradual inclines or handheld showerheads for those who have a disability. 

A word of wisdom, book early because some lines have a waiting list.

The information in this article is to give you an idea for planning. For more information, check out any of these major cruise lines we listed. Their website and cruise assistants will have answers to many of these questions. 

Happy travels, my friends

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