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Travel Bassinet – The Best Choice For Flight Carry On

Travel Bassinet – The Best Choice For Flight Carry On

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Traveling with your baby is exciting yet can present a challenge. Babies are portable, so why stop doing what you love? Just take your newborn with you and carry on a travel bassinet when you fly. 

Don’t get me wrong, it has its stressors, but with the right equipment and preparation, traveling with your little one will be easier!

Quick Overview Of Travel Bassinet (Updated List)

4.7travel bassinet 1Beberoad, Travel Bassinet, Newborn InfantsMore Details
4.6travel bassinet 4Lulyboo Portable, Backpack Travel BassinetMore Details
4.6travel bassinet 6Joovy Gloo Travel Bassinet TentMore Details
4.5travel bassinet 3Yinuoday Folding Portable Travel Bassinet More Details
4.5travel bassinet 5Munchkin Brica Baby Travel BassinetMore Details

What is a Travel Bassinet?

A travel bassinet is a compact, portable bassinet for babies, typically foldable and lighter than a traditional bassinet. They are perfect when traveling or vacationing because they make moving around with your baby easier.

When you travel from home, it is more comfortable to have your baby close to you, whether for sleeping or a day on the beach.

NOTE: A travel bassinet is different than a flight bassinet. Some airlines have flight bassinets attached to the airplane with heady duty screws that your baby can rest in during the flight. Not to mention some airlines don’t allow you to unfold your carry on bassinet while in flight. 

Why Do You Need A Travel Bassinet?

The bedside bassinet is a great way to keep your baby safe and comfortable while traveling, especially if you are planning on going away from home for extended periods. You can also use it as an alternative to the infant carrier for short trips around town and overnight stays. The travel bassinet will fold into a compact size that fits easily in most cars and planes.

Travel Bassinet pin

You can also use a portable travel bassinet for nap time, night sleeping, and outings. Keep your child close and safe at all times while you enjoy building memories.

In addition, your new bassinet is useful at home as well as on vacation. Family outings, trip to the hairdresser, an afternoon out with friends, use it for these, and more. 

A travel bassinet is like a private bedroom for your baby that no one else has used, and it is a clean, safe space. 

What To Look For When Buying A Travel Bassinet?

When choosing a bassinet, make sure it fits your lifestyle and budget. There are many options, including portable ones, stationary ones, convertible ones, etc. You’ll want something that suits your needs and meets your expectations.

But when you plan to take a flight and stay someplace away from home, it is a must to have certain features in a travel bassinet. These features will allow you to carry your portable bassinet onto the plane to use when you are on vacation. 


A bassinet for plane travel must have a sturdy frame with a locking frame when open. You don’t want the bassinet to collapse on your baby when it is open. 

Compact Design

A portable baby bed that will fold into a thin carrying case is also a must. When you carry it onto the plane, you want a lightweight design that is a foldable bassinet. After all, you will have enough to carry without adding another bulky, heavy item.

In addition, look for a travel bassinet for infants up to 4-6 months. A child older than this will require one larger to accommodate their needs. 

Meet TSA Requirements For Carry On

The TSA website states that carry on luggage must be 10 inches D x 16 inches W x 24 inches H. With this in mind, it also states there are special regulations for a carry one for a baby. You can find the rules here at “Traveling With Children.”

To put it differently, the airline will look at the equipment you require to carry on as a need to care for your baby. At the TSA checkpoint, they can accommodate your child’s needs. While the measurements are important, they know it is not the same dimensions as a piece of carry on luggage.

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Travel Bassinet Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are our top picks for a travel bassinet.

travel bassinet 1
Beberoad, Travel Bassinet, Newborn Infants

The Beberoad travel bassinet is for babies 0-5 months of age. It has a see-through front panel to view your baby with a removable breathable mesh mosquito net. In addition, it folds into a handy, convenient carry case with a carry handle and locking steel when open. Here is a perfect travel bassinet for any trip. No to mention, it comes in 3 color options. 


  • Durable steel locking frame
  • Folds into a compact carrying case with a shoulder strap
  • Will pass through the security checkpoint if you lay it on the belt for security scanning or place it with other baby items. Be sure to let security know it is a travel bassinet if they ask and check with the airline you are flying.


  • It is a steel frame construction

travel bassinet 4
Lulyboo Portable, Backpack Travel Bassinet

The Lulyboo is a patented award-winning portable bassinet option and an indoor/outdoor bed that easily folds into a backpack. In addition, it is a simple design with a machine washable waterproof mattress and a removable, washable cover, and a removable canopy. It is suitable for 0-9 months of age. Not to mention it is a play station along with a changing station. Oh, and it also comes in 4 glorious color options.


  • Sturdy foam siding to keep your baby inside and comfortable
  • Folds in half to become a portable backpack
  • Made of soft cushion and cloth to pass through security with ease


  • It is not made for sleep, therefore, do not place it in a bassinet or crib
travel bassinet 6
Joovy Gloo Travel Bassinet Tent

The Joovy Gloo is a baby beach tent suitable for 6 months to 3 years, but the smaller size is newborn-ready. It is an excellent choice to take on a beach vacation to keep the sun off your little one. In addition, it has a removable, washable pad that covers a self-inflating mattress. With peace of mind, just open it up, and it will inflate immediately. So easy to operate! It compacts into a small round carrying case. Not to mention, it comes in 2 different sizes and 6 colors.   


  • Self-inflatable bottom, no poles, and does not need assembly, just pops up
  • Easily folds into a compact round case to carry anywhere.
  • Compact size will easily pass as a carry on


  • Can not use it as a bassinet during flight

travel bassinet 3
Yinuoday Folding Portable Travel Bassinet

The Yinuoday portable baby bassinet has a soft cotton base and a pad to support your baby’s spine. In addition, it has guardrails to keep your baby safe and folds into a purselike bag. Not to mention it can cross for a co-sleeper bassinet or become a portable travel bassinet. You can choose from 3 beautifully designed colors. With the end ties, you can custom fit it to your child’s size, and when opened, it fills with air for immediate use, which makes it the perfect travel baby bed. 


  • Durable soft washable cotton padded mattress with stay-in-place bumper pads
  • Folds into a compact zippered bag
  • Will easily pass security with cloth and no metal.


  • Requires only a gentle cleansing because it loses its shape in the washer

travel bassinet 5
Munchkin Brica Baby Travel Bassinet

The Munchkin Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet is a simple yet highly functional baby bassinette. Its mesh side panels keep your baby cool, and the steel lightweight frame is very portable. In addition, it folds into a flat case with an adjustable shoulder strap.


  • Sturdy steel locking frame
  • Folds into itself for a compact carrying case with a convenient handle
  • Will pass through the security checkpoint if you lay it on the belt for security scanning or place it with other baby items. Be sure to let security know it is a travel bassinet if they ask and check with the airline you are flying.


  • The maximum weight is 15 lbs

FAQs About A Travel Bassinet

Here are some commonly asked questions about a travel bassinet for carry on.

Is it safe for my baby to sleep in a travel bassinet?

Yes, it is safe. As a matter of fact, the few deaths of babies in a bassinet were from objects placed in the bassinet with the child—items such as plastic bags, loose pillows, and putting your baby face down. The deaths were not related to the bassinet itself. Face down is a contributor to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrom.

Why would a bassinet be unsafe?

Most likely, the bassinet itself is not unsafe. Any items placed in the bassinet may make it dangerous. However, steel frame bassinets that do not lock open would be hazardous as they can collapse on your infant.

Are breathable mesh panels on the side of a bassinet safe?

In reality, mesh walls are the safest as they allow air movement. If your baby puts its face against the mesh material, there is less chance of suffocation because it will still get air through it.

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Travel Bassinet – Conclusion

So that concludes our review of a travel bassinet. Travel bassinets are a safe way to keep your baby comfortable when on vacation. In my opinion, a travel bassinet is a must for your peace of mind and your baby’s comfort.

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