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Traveling With CPAP Machine – Tips For A Restful Happy Trip

You’re sitting in your bedroom, staring at your suitcase. The flight ticket is in your hand, and you’re struggling to decide what to put in this spot or that spot. However, your real concern is traveling with CPAP machine. What is the best way to bring it along?

Does this sound familiar? The good thing is that you’re not alone. We know how important a good night’s sleep is for your health. I know you don’t want to miss a single night of sleep apnea therapy.

I have sleep apnea, and when traveling with CPAP machine, I used to worry about packing it and whether I could use it once I got to my destination. I have my packing, security checkpoint routine, and accessories down. I feel secure that a good night’s rest is always in my future when I travel.

If you’re planning your next trip, a little forethought will go a long way. Luckily, traveling with CPAP machine has never been more manageable. For this reason, we’ve put together some tips for you.

What You Need To Have When Traveling With CPAP Machine

Before starting your journey, you must know how to prepare. For this reason, we have put together a few tips and ideas.

Use The CPAP Case

Medical equipment you bring onto a plane doesn’t count toward your carry-on allowance. So, if you’re flying, pack your CPAP in its case, make sure you have all your pieces, and take it as a carry-on. It saves space in your carry-on luggage and provides the best protection.

Clean And Dry Your CPAP

You want to ensure your CPAP machine is clean before you pack it. In addition, the humidifier should be empty and fully dry. It can prevent leakage and potential machine damage.

Bring Your Prescription

You never know when your prescription might come in handy. In a rare case scenario, if an authority questions your medical equipment, you’ll be glad you have it.

Consider the possibility that your equipment might break down on the go. You’ll need to buy a replacement or some additional supplies. For this, you’ll be happy you brought your prescription. So it’s always better to plan ahead rather than regret later.

Pack Distilled Water

When traveling with CPAP machine that requires distilled water, there are some TSA regulations. If you choose to bring distilled water in your carry on, you must follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule. You can take one clear quart-size baggie per person in your carry on bag. But you can only have 3.4 ounces of liquid in each 3.4-ounce container and stuff the baggie full with these bottles. The carry on method will not give you enough water to fill the water chamber. 

You can pack distilled water in 16-24 ounces of bottled water in your checked bag. The checked liquid rule is 700 liters, so you may have enough water to take care of your machine.

Another alternative is tap water, which most companies do not recommend for use in most CPAP equipment.

Extension Cord

Traveling With CPAP Machine pin

If there isn’t an accessible power outlet near your bed, a power cord may save you a lot of hassle. It is reasonably priced and small in size.

DC Converter

A DC converter can be a low-cost item that will increase your power supply options. I’m curious to know how your CPAP machine gets power. Does your machine use solar panels, USB connections, or cigarette lighter outlets? With the help of a power adaptor, you won’t miss a breath when you sleep. A DC converter may only be necessary with a battery-operated CPAP if your battery pack has issues. 

CPAP Supplies

What happens if something goes wrong with your existing supplies? You’ll lose those few priceless hours of sleep. Bring extra supplies in addition to your CPAP. Pack additional items like CPAP mask cushions, nasal pillows, headgear, and air filters, even if your vacation is short.

Tips For CPAP Users Going Through Airport Security

Yes, you can fly with your CPAP machine.

Over 8 million people in the US use a CPAP machine. Every night, millions of individuals are traveling with CPAP machine. With the advice and suggestions we will give you in this article, I have no doubt you, too, will have a happy, restful sleep. You can also successfully make it through the x-ray screening process at the airport.

Now they may want to inspect your machine, and you may need to give them permission. The following advice will help you pass the security checkpoint while traveling with CPAP machine swiftly and without incident:

Clear Plastic Bag

For the x-ray scanner and security purposes, you may want to put your machine in a clear plastic bag. The bag will keep it sanitary if you need to remove it from your carrying case for the scanners. You can ask a TSA agent for a bag if you forget to pack one. You can also put your face mask and tubing n a clear plastic baggie.

Traveling With CPAP Machine tag

Medical Device ID Tag

Most TSA officers will recognize healthcare equipment, but a medical ID badge can speed up the procedure. These tags are an easy and affordable method to keep your CPAP distinct from other electrical equipment. You can pick one up on Amazon and attach it to your machine. 

Request New Gloves

When traveling with CPAP machine, some TSA security checkpoints may want to test your CPAP for explosive traces. If this happens to you, ask TSA to wear new gloves and use a new swab before they check your machine. The process is easy; they use a little white swab, run it over your equipment and check for traces of explosives.

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Traveling With CPAP Machine – Conclusion

Stay healthy throughout this travel season. You are not restricted to home therapy when traveling with CPAP machine. When using and traveling with CPAP machine, your nights are restful, and your days are brighter. Therefore keep in mind that your CPAP machine is sleep medication. Please bring it with you everywhere you go so you can sleep peacefully!

Happy travels, my friends.

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