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Tips For Disney Travel – 7 Secrets For A Fun Day

Going to Disney World is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Learning all the tips for Disney Travel before you go there will make your vacation more enjoyable. The internet has a lot of information about planning your trip and getting the most for your money. 

For this reason, we are giving you 7 tips on having the best vacation once you get to the parks. When you think about it, the more information you have, the greater chance your Disney experience will be amazing. 

What Will You Need Once You Get Inside The Park?

The first step to great tips for Disney travel is knowing more about this magical land and what you need to make your time at the park smooth. For this reason, we have put together some tips for you.

Tip 1:

Trackers For The Whole Family

Separation from your family is a real fear, especially if you have more than one child. Air tags are our first of the 7 tips for Disney travel and a great way to keep track of your whole family. You can attach one to each child and a stroller and know where they are at all times. 

A GPS tracker will pair with an app or smartphone to locate the tag. They are fairly inexpensive and offer tremendous peace of mind. 

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Tip 2:

Bring Or Rent A Stroller

If you are bringing children to the parks, make sure to bring or rent a stroller. Children of all ages get tired and need rest. What happens if you don’t have a stroller? You get to carry each child when they can’t walk anymore. That’s not much of a fun vacation. 

For the second of our 7 tips for Disney travel, I suggest bringing a stroller with you. You can carry a stroller through security checkpoints and use it on the plane for your child. Now with that said, if it is a full plane, you may need to gate-check it, but it is worth a try. 

Also, with your stroller, you can take it to your car without turning it back in when you leave the park. 

Tip 3:

Carry A Backpack

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As you are going to the one and only infamous Disney World, chances are you will stay there for the whole day. So, our third of the 7 tips for Disney travel is to make sure you bring a backpack.

A backpack is a perfect way to carry all the little things each person may need. If you are traveling with a baby, a backpack is a great replacement for a diaper bag and your purse. It is a great place for snacks and those empty water bottles everyone may get tired of packing around. 

A backpack is a versatile must-have bag that meets the whole family’s needs. 

Tip 4:

Bring Snacks

We all like to have a snack. I am sure you know that the food at Disney or any theme park is expensive. So take some portable easy to open and eat snacks. Not only will it keep everyone from becoming hangry but it will save on the budget. 

Tip 5:


Our fifth of the 7 tips for Disney travel is to take a water bottle for each family member. Disney World has water stations you can refill a water bottle. Just for fun, pick up some Disney water bottles before you go to have them on hand. 

The Florida sun dehydrates the body much faster than other warm areas, and before anyone is aware, you end up dizzy and feeling sick. Don’t let this ruin your fun time. Hydrate and hydrate some more while saving your budget with the free refill stations Disney provides. 

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Tip 6:

Packing Tips

Here in Florida, the weather in the summertime is rainy. But it isn’t raining all day; it usually rains in the afternoon with a torrential downpour. So, our sixth of the 7 tips for Disney travel is to be sure to bring umbrellas or, even better, bring a light raincoat for each family member. 

Even when it rains, it is still warm and gets a bit humid. Pack shorts and tops that protect from the sun and keep you cool. Materials that accomplish this are lightweight satiny silks and shiny polyesters. Wear these materials with long sleeves and loose fitting to keep everyone cool and sunburn free. 

Shoes are of the utmost importance. Pack shoes that are fit for all-day walking. Flip-flops are only suitable for a short day of walking in the park. 

Tip 7:

Plan A Break Into Your Day

A day at Disney World is fun and exciting, but not so much if everyone becomes exhausted and cranky. Our seventh of the 7 tips for Disney travel is to plan when you will take a break and head back to your hotel for a nap or a swim to cool off. 

Planning a downtime is important to keep everyone happy, healthy, and on track. 

Tips For Disney Travel – Conclusion

Our tips for Disney travel are not a conclusive list, but they will certainly get you started on a fabulous vacation and a fun time. Follow these tips and guidelines for a smooth day at Disney World. 

Happy travels, my friends. 

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