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Best Pilot Shoes – Style Comfort And Trust

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As a pilot, I’m sure you know how crucial it is to have the right shoes. They’re not just accessories; they are necessary to perform the unique challenges of your profession. While you focus on the specifics of flying, a pair of the best pilot shoes can make or break your day.

Shoes with stability and comfort are a must to effortlessly perform your job in the cockpit and on the tarmac. When I fly, I choose the most comfortable shoes I own. Since you are in the cockpit flying me, I want you to have shoes to make your feet happy because a pilot’s wardrobe isn’t complete without a comfortable and functional pair of shoes.

So, together, let’s determine which is the best airplane pilot shoe that is highly functional, comfortable, and exudes style for those long-haul flights.

Quick Glance At The Best Pilot Shoes


best pilot shoes slipon

Rockport Men’s Style Slip-On

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best pilot shoes 57

Nunn Bush Men’s Oxford Sneaker

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best pilot shoes 58

Florsheim Men’s Medfield Oxford

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best pilot shoes 59

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Tie Oxford

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best pilot shoes 60

ECCO Men’s Plain Toe Oxford

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ARIAT Men’s Rambler

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best pilot shoes johnson

Johnston & Murphy Lancaster

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best pilot shoes lace up

Thursday Boot Company Captain Men’s

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best pilot shoes high top

Shoes for Crews Holden

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best pilot shoes cyrus

Allen Edmonds Men’s Derby

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In my view, the perfect pair of dress shoes for pilots combines an attractive design, superior support, and exceptional functionality.

Each pair in our top 10 selection delivers these qualities and beyond. Please allow us to help you find a pair of shoes to fit your individual needs.

1. Rockport Men’s Style Slip-on

best pilot shoes slipon

With the Rockport Men’s Style Slip-On best pilot shoes, you can put yourself at the top of the fashion and comfort list. These men’s dress shoes have a square toe and leather upper, making them an excellent option for all male professional pilots.

The EVA outsole provides a lightweight shock absorption system to reduce foot discomfort.

The DEWIX shoe lining wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry. In addition, the full-grain calfskin requires minimal effort to clean and maintain.

2. Nunn Bush Men’s Oxford Sneaker

best pilot shoes 57

With a 100 % synthetic sole, the Nunn Bush Men’s Oxford Sneaker (like a tennis shoe) is one of the best shoes for pilots.

Its upper portion is imitation leather, supple and easy to clean, with a traditional Oxford design. The lacing system, cushioned tongue, and collar provide comfort and safety.

Memory foam and EVA layers of the Dual Comfort footbed provide the wearer with guaranteed comfort throughout the workday, making this one of the best shoes for pilots.

The outsole is Truecontrol Slip-resistant, non-marking, oil-resistant, and abrasion-resistant.

3. Florsheim Men’s Medfield Oxford Dress Shoe

best pilot shoes 58

Florsheim makes comfortable and professional-looking shoes with attention to appearance and style.

The Sole of Florsheim Men’s Oxford Dress Shoe is 100% black leather with a rubber sole.

The uppers are made of real leather, ensuring high quality with a Suedetec lining that is breathable and moisture-wicking.

The insole is fully cushioned for supreme comfort and has a changeable footbed to stabilize the heel for further support.

4. ECCO Men’s Helsinki Tie Oxford

best pilot shoes 59

The ECCO Men’s Helsinki Toe Tie Oxford has flexible upper leather and moisture-wicking insoles. The insoles come in different sizes to fit your needs.

If you have back problems, these Ecco pilot shoes have flat bottoms, offering more support.

In addition, these best pilot shoes have a stress-absorbing direct-injected 1-component PU outsole with specific shock points for further protection.

5. Men’s Plain Toe Oxford ECCO Pilot Shoes

best pilot shoes 60

Ecco redesigned one of the best airline pilot shoes with its shock technology to deliver double shock absorption and higher cushion.

The sole and upper shoe use double bonding, whereas other companies use stitching and glue.

Men’s St.1 Hybrid Plain Toe Oxford is handcrafted using a variety of luxurious ECCO leathers produced in their tanneries.

They are built with a FLUIDFORM Injection Technology for superior anatomical support and have removable insoles for optimum comfort.

6. ARIAT Men’s Rambler – Airline Pilot Boots


For the boot lover, here is the perfect combination of style, durability, and comfort.

Ariat leads the world in performance footwear for equestrian athletes. With this type of dedication, these boots would serve a pilot well.

The Rambler boot is perfect for any pilot who prefers wearing boots that are unlined for better breathability with a rubber non-slip sole.

 ATS (Advanced Torque Stability) Technology provides a gel-cushioned footbed that is moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry and odor-free.

7. Johnston & Murphy Lancaster Dress Cap Toe Oxford

best pilot shoes johnson

The Lancaster Dress Cap Toe Oxford is crafted from premium leather with subtly squared toe and smooth, breathable leather linings.

Its traditional lace-up closure ensures a snug fit, while the lightly cushioned, leather-lined footbed provides support. The inclusion of the J&M Flex System™ rubber sole enhances grip, making it a practical choice for the best pilot shoes.

8. Thursday Boot Company Captain Men’s Lace-up Boot

best pilot shoes lace up

THE CAPTAIN ANKLE BOOT is handcrafted from quality materials of genuine leather to age gracefully. No two are alike, so you will absolutely be styling in these beauties.

With studded rubber outsoles and cork-bed midsoles, you will not only find comfort but also safety, which will be a top priority on the tarmac and the rudder pedals.

You deserve a work boot that is stylish and high-quality that also ticks all the boxes as one of the best pilot shoes.

9. Shoes for Crews Holden, Men’s Slip Resistant

best pilot shoes high top

Shoes for Crews is the pioneer and leader in slip-resistant safety footwear. If you prefer a lightweight high-top shoe, this one may be the ticket.

The outer sole trip guard decreases the chance of falls on the tarmac during rainy or snowy weather.

The leather-lined dual-density insole provides an extra cushioned footboard for those long walks across the airport.

10. Allen Edmonds Men’s Derby Loafer

best pilot shoes cyrus

Allen Edmonds is a company that has stood the test of time with over 100 years of producing pilot dress shoes. They are well known for their meticulous sizing so that you can find the perfect fit.

The five-eyelet plain-toe Derby shoe is crafted with Ultra-refined, premium calfskin leather. For comfort and dry feet, they didn’t skimp with black milled lining and a shock form insole.

What To Look For In The Best Pilot Shoes

Pilots bank on their shoes to carry them from home through a rough day and make it to the end for months at a time. With this in mind, there are a few things to look for when buying the best pilot shoes.


Each pilot has distinct preferences and requirements, particularly when it comes to footwear. It is essential to prioritize finding a pair of shoes that aligns with your specific needs. Whether it’s arch support or odor control features, ensure that the best pilot shoes you select cater to your individual needs.


The appearance of your shoes is a personal preference as long as it is within your uniform policy. Some believe a pair of slip-ons fit the bill for best pilot shoes, while others may prefer the style of a boot. Most airline dress codes indicate that pilots can only wear closed-toe shoes and no Crocs. In addition, most imply that you need scuff-resistant shoes. On a personal note, a pilot needs shoes that will withstand the hazards and keep them safe during their preflight inspections.

Airport Friendly

Pilots go through airport security more often than regular fliers; shoes that do not contain metal are unquestionably an advantage and will glide through security scanners. An airport-friendly pair of best pilot shoes or boots will provide a cushion for long walks and nonslip soles for snowy and rainy outdoor weather.


Comfort is a must for walking and sitting during a flight. Investing in the best pilot shoes or boots that provide high cushioning, support, and ventilation is well worth it. You walk long distances, and your feet will love you.


Best pilot shoes will take a beating and need to come back strong. Therefore, a pair of shoes with quality construction and durable stitching is a must. I would tend to say most expensive shoes are high-quality and worth a bit more when they last more than a month or two.

Stable Soles

On the runway, when you do your preflight check, the best pilot shoes with stable gripping soles will keep you standing upright on the ice. In the cockpit, strong soles will also grip the rudder pedals in the cockpit.

best pilot shoes nc

FAQs About The Best Pilot Shoes

Here are some commonly asked questions about the best shoes for pilots.

Do pilots wear special shoes?

The most special thing about airline pilot shoes is the soul. It must have a firm grip that will hold the rudder foot pedals well and hold tight in rainy or icy weather conditions on the tarmac for the outdoor preflight check.

Why do pilots dress nice?

Appearance is a passenger’s first impression of their pilot, and professional dress builds trust. So, the best shoes for airline pilots incorporate style and comfort into a pair of shoes.

Can a pilot wear flip-flops?

Flip flops do not follow the dress code regulations for best pilot shoes, nor do nonslip soles, and there are no open-toed shoes. So the answer is no, they cannot wear flip-flops.

What shoes do pilots wear?

Today, I would say most pilots wear dress shoes that are stylish and comfortable and fit the dress code to match their needs. But in the beginning, when aviation began, air mail pilots and military pilots chose cowboy boots as their best pilot shoes because they were warm and protective.

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Final Thoughts

A pilot is responsible for flying each of us safely to our destination. Therefore, good, comfortable shoes that follow the dress code are a must.

We reviewed a mix of sturdy shoes with special features that provide comfort and will meet the individual needs of most pilots.

Remember, when choosing the best pilot shoes, match your desires with your needs, and you will have the best shoes for you.

Happy feet, my friendly pilots.

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