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TSA Approved Urns – How To Take Your Loved One Home

When transporting your loved ones’ crematory remains of someone you care for, the last thing you may think of is TSA approved urns. Losing a loved one is a sad time, and our minds are not always thinking clearly. All we want to do is fly home, but choosing the appropriate urn can help the trip home go smoothly.

Taking your loved ones’ ashes through Transportation Security Administration scanners needs to be stress-free, and TSA states there are approved urns to help with the process. Not to mention, some urns have a unique label that says they are fly friendly.

In view of this information, let’s have a quick overview of what is available.

Overview Of TSA Approved Urns  (Updated List)

PreviewProductRead More
4.7tsa approved urns 33
Secure Cremation Urn Bag and Temporary Urn
TSA Standard 
More Details
4.8tsa approved urns 22INTAJ Handmade Rosewood Urn – Tree of LifeMore Details
4.3tsa approved urns 11Momentful Life Reclaimed Barn Wood RusticMore Details

Why Do You Need TSA Approved Urns?

It’s not necessarily that you have to have TSA approved urns to transport crematory remains on a plane. However, approved urns will help you get home with your loved one more easily.

Often flight friendly urns are a temporary house for your loved one, and when you arrive at your destination, you can transfer the ashes to a more permanent home. But if you want a more permanent urn, there are some that will pass through airport security without problems.

If an urn sets off the alarm or the x-ray machines cannot see through the material, you will have to pack it in checked luggage, which can present quite a problem. In other words, by the time you are at security, your bags are already on their way through the airport.

Let’s say your urn did not get through security check because it is metal, and you want to prove to TSA that it is only the ashes of someone you love. The security personnel can not open your urn out of respect for you and the one you love. For this reason, it is necessary to prepare so you don’t have to face any challenges.

In effect, flight-friendly urns will help your trip home go smoothly.

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What To Look For In TSA Approved Urns?

When choosing urns that will travel, knowing what type of urn you need is important. However, urns come in many sizes and materials, which can make them harder to choose. Some urns are made from wood, while others are metal.

Therefore, when choosing one to fly with and transport cremains, certain types will go through security x-ray machines without provoking suspicion. As a matter of fact, x-ray machines can see through urns of specific materials to identify the contents.

So, what do you look for in TSA-approved Urns?


Urns made of biodegradable material like bamboo, cork, or paper will allow the scanner to see what is inside. At the same time, plastic and wooden urns are also perfect for flying as they allow TSA to see the inner contents.

However, a beautifully painted metal urn is a good choice once you arrive home, but the metal will not glide through security. However, a glass or ceramic urn is transparent to TSA x-ray machines.

Be that as it may, if an urn has flight-friendly material, but it has a lid with metal screw threads, it may not do well at security checkpoints.

Secure Lids

A secure lid will prevent the remains from spilling out in your luggage. With this in mind, urns with a secure latch, screw lids (without metal), or held in place with a screw are a good choice for flying. 

On the contrary, urns with a lid that just sits on top may not be TSA approved for flying.


Urns are allowed in carry-on or checked baggage, so the size will matter when deciding where your loved one will travel.

With this in mind, smaller lightweight urns will more readily fit in either bag and not cause issues with a weight limit. 

TSA Approved Urns Product Review

Without further delay, here are the reviews for TSA Approved Urns that are a good choice to fly.

1. Airline Safe Plastic Temporary Travel Cremation Urn 

tsa approved urns 33

The airline-safe plastic Urn is a temporary house for your loved one. It is like a double container with an inner plastic bag. For some, it may be challenging to place the ashes in a temporary container for travel. For this reason, a soft velvet bag is a cover embellished with the dove of peace. Let peace carry you home with your loved one, where you can choose a different urn as a permanent house.


  • Plastic material is TSA approved and will go through security checkpoints with ease.
  • Secure lid that will not open in transport
  • The size is 6.5 inches x 4.5inches x 8.5 inches and can nestle into your carry-on luggage.


  • It is temporary


Here are just a few questions you may have on your mind.


Q – How large of an adult will fit in this container?

A – It is for up to 200 lbs but please check with your funeral director for further advice


Q – Can I use this as a permanent cremation urn?

A – Yes, you can use it as a permanent home for your loved one if you like.


Q – Can the cover be taken off?

A – Yes, you can remove the cover.

2. INTAJ Handmade Rosewood Urn – Tree of Life

tsa approved urns 22

The INTAJ urn is beautifully handmade from Indian rosewood. In addition, it comes in 3 sizes:

  • A keepsake size to divide ashes amongst more than one person
  • Medium size for possibly a pet or child
  • The large size for adult human remains.

You can choose from 9 designs in different colors with differing hand carvings. Not to mention, this urn is a permanent house for your loved one, yet it will go through airport security screening.


  • They make it of hand-crafted Indian rosewood that can pass through airport security x-ray screening.
  • It is a secure container because the lid is secured at the bottom with screws so it will not spill during transport.
  • Adult size dimensions are 6.25 inches x 6.25 inches x 11.25 inches so that it can fit in a carry-on bag without much else in the case.


  • It is biodegradable, so if you want to bury it, the wood will not stay intact over time.


Here are just a few common questions you may have on your mind.


Q – What are the dimensions of each size urn?

A – Here are the dimensions of each one.

  • Small (Keepsake) 7.5 inches x 5 inches x 5inches
  • Medium (child, pet, or burial) 8 inches x 5.75 inches x 5.75 inches
  • Large (Adult) 11.25 inches x 6.25 inches x 6.25 inches


Q – How does this box open?

A – It opens from the bottom and has a screw you will need to remove and replace once you place the cremated remains in the urn.


Q – Is this urn TSA approved?

A – It is airport approved, and it is an airline travel urn. At the same time, be sure to have the death certificate and any additional documentation your licensed funeral director provides.

3. Momentful Life Reclaimed Barn Wood Rustic

tsa approved urns 11

Here we have a quality urn made in the USA by a family-owned business. In addition, it is all reclaimed barn wood with a beautiful rustic look. At Monentful, they believe an urn is to celebrate the life of your loved one with honor.

They make this piece at an affordable price with the same warmth and love that you feel for your loved one. In addition, Momentful offers personalized custom engraving at your request.


  • Made of 100% reclaimed Barnwood, it is a durable container that will pass through airport security screeners.
  • These are secure crematory containers with a screw-on bottom, so the crematory remains will not spill during travel.
  • Dimensions are 9 inches x 6 inches x 6 inches, allowing it to easily fit in checked luggage or hand carry-on.


  • The rustic look may not appeal to some.


Here are just a few questions you may have on your mind.


Q – How large of a person will this urn hold?

A – It has a weight limit of 225 lbs, but a funeral professional may help to let you know if this urn is right for your needs.


Q – Will this urn go through airport security checkpoints?

A – Yes, it is a biodegradable wood that an airport x-ray machine; can see through.


Q – Is there any metal in this urn?

A – It is 100% reclaimed Barnwood however, it has one screw to secure the bottom that contains the ashes thru security.

FAQs About TSA Approved Urns

Here are some commonly asked questions about TSA approved Urns.

Will TSA security checkpoint personnel open my urn?

No, out of respect for you and your loved one, they cannot open and check the contents of your urn. Although you may want to open it for them to make it easier, they have instructions not to open it.

Will an Urn with metal go thru the security check as a carry on?

Any metal on an Urn will set off the security scanners and may make the process of taking your loved one home more difficult.

Why is a temporary urn the best way to transport my husband’s ashes home?

A temporary urn is made of plastic, so it will pass through TSA security easily, allowing you to have a smooth transition home. After all, you have already been through enough.

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TSA Approved Urns: Conclusion

This concludes our review of TSA approved urns; however, I want to leave you with a few suggestions.

If you have concerns or need help, ask your funeral director if they have suggestions or have encountered flying with urns. Funeral homes are well versed in all types of transportation. But in this case, if they do not have the information, always check the government rules. With this in mind, each airline, destination country, or foreign country for specific regulations and instructions.

You may need a certificate of cremation and possibly a death certificate to carry.

Only a few materials will pass through airport security, which is why urns that we use to transport remains in flight are usually a temporary house for your loved ones.

I will not wish you happy travels here as I know your heart is in pain from your recent loss. May you have peace as you make plans. 

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