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What Is The No Stress Best Way To Pack A Suitcase?

I can’t imagine how many times I packed and wondered what is the best way to pack a suitcase. Or even what is the right way? Is there a right and wrong way? And what kind of suitcase are we packing?

Well, I doubt there is a right or wrong way, but packing for a trip does not need to be stressful. Different packing methods will lower your stress so that you can look forward to your upcoming vacation.

What Is The Best Way To Pack A Suitcase?

So let’s start with the basics. What do we need to know when it comes to the best way to pack a suitcase? Well, first off, what size suitcase do we want to use? Do we want a small, medium, large, extra large, etc.?

Next, we must consider what type of luggage we want. Will we use a soft-sided suitcase or a hard shell case? There are good points and bad points to each one. But that is not what we will discuss today because you can pack any suitcase using these methods. So don’t stress over what you will pack your belongings in.

Best Way To Pack A Suitcase For The Size Of Suitcase You Need?

To answer this question, we will need to know the type of trip you will take. Is it a business trip or a full-blown family vacation?

You can efficiently pack any size of bag for 1 or 5 people. It all depends on your needs. In other words, is it a carry-on, backpack, duffle bag, or checked bag? The truth is no matter the bag size, each one packs the same to maximize space. So let’s get started!

What Is The Best Way To Pack a Suitcase More Efficiently?

Now that we have established what size suitcase we are packing, it is time to figure out the best way to pack a suitcase to maximize efficiency and space. We will not learn what to pack but how to pack what we decide to take because knowing how to pack will decrease your stress on so many levels.

I’m sure you’ve seen some creative packing methods online, like folding their clothes into little squares and stacking them inside the suitcase. Others prefer to roll everything up tightly and stuff it into the suitcase.

It took me years of travel to realize that combining packing methods has the most benefits and does not have to become a stressful process. Here is the best way to pack a suitcase with 3 combination methods.

Is It Better To Fold Or Roll Clothes In A Suitcase?

The best way to pack a suitcase is both rolling and folding, along with packing cubes.
Rolling clothes for packing is excellent for decreasing wrinkles, increasing efficiency, and saving space. 
Folding is usually best for jeans and men’s shirts, although there are ways to roll these items.
Packing cubes come in handy for separating family items when going on a family vacation.

So to simplify this process, we will roll and fold clothing, and we will also stuff some clothes. Yes, that’s what I said, stuff!

What Is The Best Way To Pack A Suitcase With Toiletries? 

I own 3 different toiletry organizers. One for shorter trips for only my items, one smaller size for only mine and my husband’s items, and my third one is a really BIG organizer for all personal items, brushes, curling irons, and a hair dryer. In other words, the really big one will fit everything needed for personal use. 

The real stress reliever for a toiletry organizer has everything you need in one portable bag. This one trick has been a lifesaver for me. 

What Is My Personal Take On The Best Way To Pack A Suitcase

It is a must to pack every nook and cranny in a suitcase. No corner is left empty. 

The best way to pack a suitcase is to lay all of your clothes out that you will need. I always overpack because I like to have choices, and this is fine if you are traveling an airline with no or low baggage fees for checked luggage, such as Southwest or American. 

But it’s not so good if you are paying extra, which is where laying all your clothes and toiletries out will help. Once you see what you want to pack, you can remove unnecessary items such as too many tops or shorts. Take clothes that are versatile and are interchangeable outfits. 

While laying your clothes out to pack, start a packing list of the items you will take but cannot pack until the last minute, such as charger cords or personal items you will need right before you leave. Keep this list with your packing items and save room for them in your bag. 

Once you have all of your clothes ready to pack, the next step is to roll them. 

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Rolling Is The Most Efficient Space-Saving Way To Pack. 

The rolling method for clothing is perfect when packing a suitcase for a short trip. But it is also a stress-free way best way to pack a suitcase to save space for a longer vacation or family trip. If you do not roll your clothes, they will wrinkle and create more work during unpacking, which is why I recommend rolling your clothes before packing. 

Make sure to roll your clothes and place them in the suitcase from smallest to largest, with the bulky items toward the middle.

Then start stuffing! Stuffing is another way to save luggage space, increase efficiency, and decrease stress. 

Place the rolled clothing in your suitcase tightly and into every corner. When it comes to underwear, I don’t roll them; instead, I use them to fill the corners and any nook with extra space. Wrinkled underwear is not really a concern. 

Best Way To Pack A Suitcase With Your Toiletries

As I mentioned earlier, a toiletry bag organizer is a perfect way to pack your personal grooming items. I fill the bag to the brim with everything I need. I use hair ties to secure cords to take less space and pack the bag inside the suitcase near the wheels. Therefore, the bag will not shift when the suitcase stands and the items are secure. 


A toiletry bag such as these will need to go in a checked bag because of the larger fluid items so that it will meet airline regulations for airport security. 

best way to pac a suitcase pin2

Then I again stuff and stuff. Your rolled clothes will fill nicely around the bag and have fewer wrinkles—stuff shoes into open spaces and pack around them. 

Now, if you don’t want dirty shoes touching your clean clothes, you can put the shoes in a cloth bag together or individually. You can find inexpensive cotton drawstring bags on amazon for this purpose. 

Best Way To Pack A Suitcase With Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are space-saving, efficient, and a great way to pack for a family. But cubes do not offer the greatest space-saving benefit. However, cubes do provide a perfect stress-free packing environment. As a rule of thumb, the best way to pack a cube is to roll clothing and put it into each one. Then pack the cubes in your case tightly and use other clothing to fill the dead space between cubes. 

With cubes, you can take each one out and give them to each family member. Cubes come in different sizes and shapes to organize your packing technique.

Video On Best Way To Pack A Suitcase From A Former Flight Attendant

Here is a wonderful video with tips and tricks to make your flight stress-free.

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Summary Of The Best Way To Pack A Suitcase 

There is no one way to pack your suitcase, but I have found these 3 ways to be space-saving, efficient, and stress-free. The 3 best ways to pack a suitcase are rolling clothes, packing cubes, and stuffing, although some items may require folding. So the combination packing method is the best way to use every inch of space and have no unused space to spare. 

When placed in an organizer, toiletries pack well, and when you reach your destination, you can take the entire bag out of your suitcase. 

The bottom line is to pack tight, stuff tight, use cubes when necessary, and keep your toiletries organized in one bag. It’s not something to stress over but a process you can make easy when you have your system in place. 

If you are an organizer and need everything in its place, please note that I was like you once. I still am to a point, but I learned that organization comes in many forms; therefore, the new me is the person who does not go down that rabbit hole to the point of sabotaging myself.

Don’t stress, have fun and let some of the perfections of life roll right out the window.

Note: If you choose the biggest suitcase, such as a 30 or 33-inch checked luggage, it may weigh too heavy, so you may want to go with a 28-inch case so you can pack it tight. 

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