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What Should I Keep In My Laptop Bag – All This And More

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I always get excited at the prospect of buying a new laptop as an upgrade to the previous one, which served me long enough and is screaming for a replacement. However, while most laptop brands come with a laptop backpack, sometimes, the freebie bag can only fit the device and the charger. But what should I keep in my laptop bag besides the device and charger?

Being on the go means I need access to essential accessories to keep me productive. So check out the list of items I plan to keep in my laptop bag.

What Should I Keep in My Laptop Bag – My List

Many of the items I put in my laptop bag are things I genuinely need. Let’s assume that the laptop bag we are discussing here are laptop backpacks because they are more convenient to carry and offer many extra features that the traditional shoulder laptop bag doesn’t have.

I’m skipping the laptop and the charger because these two items must be in the laptop bag. If you ask me, “what should I keep in my laptop bag?” here is my list.

Spare Battery

Because I use my laptop 24/7, having a spare battery is a must. If, by some unfortunate luck, I get to a place with no charging ports, an extra battery will be helpful. I must remember to charge the spare battery before leaving the house or the hotel. It’s like having a power bank for my smartphones and tablets, and I can replace the battery pack with the extra battery, and voila! I can keep using my laptop for another eight hours or more.

The spare battery also means AA or AAA batteries for my wireless mouse, digital pen, or portable printer. So what should I keep in my laptop bag? Extra batteries, for sure, because they are critical to my productivity.

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Wireless Mouse And Digital Pen

Gone are the days of wired accessories. Nowadays, laptop accessories are primarily wireless. For example, I have a wireless mouse for my laptop; I need an app to configure it. In addition, the wireless mouse is rechargeable, so I don’t need spare AA or AAA batteries.

Some laptops use a digital pen for convenient digital writing tasks. It’s also what should I keep in my laptop bag to do the work I need to do, even in a remote location.

Laptop Lock

Some laptop brands feature anti-theft mechanisms. Mine is a cable lock with a loop at one end that I can attach to a heavy piece of furniture. A code lock is at the other end. It has a latch you can hook into a hole designed for this purpose on almost all laptop models.

When attached to the wall or a desk, the steel cables make the locks unbreakable and tamper-proof. So ask me again, “what should I keep in my laptop bag?” and I’ll tell you I will have a laptop lock inside my laptop bag.

Removable Disk Drive

Because most laptop designs carry a slim and thin body, built-in hard disk storage has limited capacity. Hence, having an external removable disk drive makes a lot of sense. And because I store essential files and data on an external hard drive, what should I keep in my laptop bag should include an external hard drive.

Headphones And Earphones

When I work on my laptop, I usually listen to music to mask the unwanted noise. So, a must-have is a headphone or an earphone, so I can enjoy listening to music without causing inconvenience to the people around me.

I wish people around would be considerate of others and use earphones or headphones. For this reason, I take mine along, so I don’t annoy others with my loud music. So, here is another piece to answer what should I keep in my laptop bag for peace of mind while working? A headphone and an earphone must be in my laptop bag.

Phone Charger and Power Bank

Oh yes! As important as the laptop charger is, my phone charger and power bank are equally necessary. The frustration is real. Once I see my phone battery indicator hitting one or two bars, I hit panic mode. And if I’m in a place that doesn’t allow me to charge my phone, that panic steps up a notch. So, what should I keep in my laptop bag to avoid the frustration of a dying cellphone battery? You got it right – a phone charger and a power bank for continuous productivity while traveling.

HDMI or VGA Cable

I must connect my laptop to an HDMI or VGA cable to a projector or flat TV for a presentation. So, what should I keep in my laptop bag to be able to do a presentation? There are cases when the projector cables are incompatible with my laptop, so I bring my own HDMI and VGA cable.

Small Notebook Or NotePad

While digital note apps are available, some things remain effective when written in a notebook or a notepad. For example, if my laptop bag has space, what should I keep in my laptop bag that will be useful? It may not be that critical, but I will have a small notebook or notepad.

These items are essential to my work, especially when traveling and flying. Therefore, I keep them in my bag to quickly access what I need for a specific task.

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FAQ Regarding What Should I Keep In My Laptop Bag

You may have some questions about what should I keep in my laptop bag, so; we put together three frequently asked questions.

What can I put in my laptop bag?

You can put a host of items aside from the laptop and the charger. The essential items in your laptop bag include the laptop, charger, phone charger, power bank, external hard drive, earphones or headphones, and many more.

What should a laptop case have?

All laptop backpacks and bags must have adequate padding to wrap around the laptop and protect the devices. Ensure your computer fits snugly in the laptop compartment and will not be jostled during travels.

What is the purpose of a laptop bag?

The purpose of a laptop bag is to protect your valuable contents, such as your laptop, other devices, and the accessories you put into it. In addition, a laptop bag is a wonderful convenience for traveling and flying.

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What Should I Keep In My Laptop Bag – Conclusion

A versatile laptop backpack with multiple pockets and compartments to fit all your accessories is a worthy investment. Every item in my laptop bag is critical to my productivity while traveling. If I don’t have one of those items, it will derail my productivity.

So what should I keep in my laptop bag? Everything we listed here is necessary, but I am sure you will find other things that will fit your individual needs for travel.

Happy travels, my friends.

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