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Luggage Wheels – How To Know Which Ones Are The Best?

There are two basic types of luggage wheels. How to know which ones are the best is confusing. For this very reason, we will compare the two different types of wheels and determine whether one is better than another.

What Kind Of Luggage Wheels Are There?

When it comes to rolling luggage, there are 2 basic luggage wheels types:

  1. Inline skate wheels
  2. Spinner wheels

Inline Skate Wheels

Inline skate wheels originally came from the idea of rollerblade skates. On luggage, the inline wheels are on one side and in a row. They may have 2, 3, or 4 wheels. The size may vary, and the material can be different. To move the luggage, you need to tilt it forward and pull or push it. 

Spinner Wheels

Luggage with spinner wheels has 4 wheels that move in all directions for a smooth glide. Today many have 8 wheels; in other words, they have double-spinner wheels.

You move the suitcase while all 4 wheels are on the same surface. You can also roll a spinner beside or in front of you, tilt it forward, and pull it just as you can with inline skate wheels. 

Spinner wheels also come with ball bearings to help make the glide smother.

Inline Skate Wheels Compared To Spinner Wheels

The two types of luggage wheels have some differences, with benefits and drawbacks. Let’s make a bit of a comparison to know which ones are best.

MaterialsUsually made from polyurethane 
which is a very durable
plastic material.
Usually made from rubber or plastic but the material is not always disclosed.
Luggage spaceRecessed wheels that take up packing spaceWheels are on the outside for more packing space
Ease of movementMoves up and down stairs easierEasier to maneuver in tight spaces
CostUsually cost less than spinner wheelsMost spinner luggage is more expensive within the same line of luggage
Movement spaceIt takes more space to pull it behind youTakes less space beside you and is good in small areas
DurabilityLast longer because they are recessed and protectedThey are attached to the bottom of the luggage, so they are easy to damage

Which Luggage Wheels Are Best – Inline Or Spinner?

Now that is a loaded question, and after our comparison, I would have to say they are both wonderful, but the inline skate wheels are more durable. However, the spinner wheels move more easily. Remember to make your decision based on your need for room, space, and durability.

Do you need a lot of internal packing space, and does the suitcase meet TSA suggested size limits for a carry on? These are just 2 questions to ask when you look for luggage. 

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Short Tutorial On How To Replace Spinner Wheels

If you choose spinner wheels, you may need to replace them at some point. This video is a great way to handle this.

Luggage wheels – Conclusion

luggage wheels pin

I prefer spinner wheels for their ease of movement, yet they may break more readily.

The bottom line is to look at all the specifications of the suitcase you like best and what type of warranty the company offers. Will they replace the spinner wheels if they fall off?

Luggage wheels are a personal preference, and your choice will ultimately depend on your needs.

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