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What To Wear On Long Flights – Stay Comfortable And Cozy

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Wearing a stylish and comfortable outfit is critical to your travel preparation. It’s different when choosing what to wear on long flights. Your top consideration is comfort, and rightly so, given that you will be on a plane for long hours. You must be comfortable throughout your journey.

If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll know what clothes are suitable to stay comfortable on a long flight. Twelve hours of watching in-flight movies, listening to music, or playing a video game while sitting is no joke. But if you pick the right outfit for a long-haul trip, you will have a relaxed and cozy journey.

Key Considerations For What To Wear On Long Flights

Just picture yourself on a plane where you have to sit for at least 12 hours, and the only big thing you can do is stand up and walk the aisle. With this in mind, consider the following as you choose what to wear on long flights.


Long-haul flight outfits should prioritize comfort. Sitting for hours is different from sitting in uncomfortable clothes for long hours. Tight clothing restricts blood flow and movement, making you feel uneasy.


Prolonged sitting can constrict blood flow and cause your feet to swell. To help keep your circulation strong and your feet comfortable, wear clothing that is loose-fitting or made of stretch fabric.

You should also remember that you will be sleeping upright at some point (when flying economy), so ensure your clothes keep you adequately covered even if the blanket slips out.

Destination Weather Condition

It’s a long flight, and weather conditions vary by time zone. Before your flight, check the weather at your destination so you can dress appropriately. Going to a place where it’s winter in your summer outfit will be weird. Make sure you know what to wear on long flights that suit the weather at your destination.

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What Types Of Fabrics To Choose For What To Wear On Long Flights

You may want to fly in style with your new overcoat, but unless it’s lightweight, check for other options. Your outfit can include any of the following fabrics or materials:

Breathable Fabric

You’ll share space with other passengers on a long-haul flight for many hours. What to wear on long flights will include cotton, linen, and wool clothes. These fabrics dry quickly. Synthetic polyesters and rayons trap body heat and retain body odor fast. Wear tops that are loose enough to keep you cool and comfortable.

Wrinkle-Free Fabric

You can get to your destination looking refreshed, wearing wrinkle-free clothes. Clothes of polyester or polyamide materials don’t wrinkle as much as natural fabrics and are an excellent choice for what to wear on long flights. When you get off the plane, wear this over your breathable top, and no one will notice that you’ve been flying for more than 12 hours.

Quick-Dry And Light Fabrics

It’s a long flight, and anything can happen while on the plane. You might spill coffee on your clothes when the plane shakes. Wearing quick-dry clothes will eliminate the need to change clothes. Clothes of light fabric materials such as silk and microfibers also dry quickly.

Effective Layering Technique

Layering is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about what to wear on long flights. Putting on layers is an excellent way to stay comfortable from the time you leave until you arrive at your destination.

When you wear layers of clothes, you can adjust to temperature changes without the need to change your outfit. You can put one layer on top of the other when you feel cold. And if it gets warm, you can take off some layers until you feel comfortable.

A typical layering style for ladies could be a long pullover or cardigan, with a scarf or shawl as the top layer; a t-shirt or loose-fitting top under the cardigan; loose pants; and slip-on sneakers.

For men, the layering style could be a knit sweater or cardigan as the top layer; a t-shirt or a polo shirt under the sweater; casual pants or stretch jeans; and slip-on sneakers or runners.

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Helpful Tips For A Cozy Long Flight

Aside from knowing what to wear on long flights, there are other things you can do to stay comfortable throughout your trip.

Book Early

What to wear on long flights may include some layovers. But if you book early, you might get a direct flight to your destination. When you fly direct, you can get the most sleep possible and look well-rested when you get to your destination.

Choose the Best Seat for a Long Flight

Remember, you’ll be sitting on that seat for more than ten hours, so pick one that will keep you comfortable throughout the journey. Early flight booking gives you a better chance of getting the best seat.

Take the seat by the window so you can lean against it if you fall asleep. Use the lavatory right after you board and after meal service to avoid causing inconvenience to the other passengers in your row.

Pick a seat far from the galley or lavatory so you can keep to yourself far from the commotion. However, if you have a weak bladder and need frequent restroom visits, sit close to the bathroom.

If you have long legs, take the bulkhead seat so you have more room to stretch. The only downside is it is usually near the restroom and galley, which may be bothersome for you.

You can also pick a row in the back. Because most passengers want to sit near the front of the plane, the seats in the front row fill up faster. There may be a lot of empty middle seats in the rows at the back, which means more space for you.

Stay Hydrated

Low humidity in an airplane cabin can make you tired, give you headaches, irritate your skin, and make your muscles cramp. Drink the water that the flight attendants give you to stay hydrated.

Get Up and Walk

Getting up to walk may not be an immediate thing for comfort for what to wear on long flights. But in the long run, it will pay off. After sitting for a few hours, get up, stretch your legs, and walk a few feet back and forth when the cabin is not too busy. When you do this, you will improve your blood circulation and prevent swelling of your feet which can be miserable.

Pack Long Flight Essentials

You can bring a few things to make a long flight more comfortable and manageable. Hand sanitizer, a book or magazine, wipes, gum or candy, eye drops, and an eye mask are some examples.

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Pack A Blanket, Neck Pillow, Socks, And Slippers

Carefully pack a blanket, socks, slippers, and a neck pillow in your carry-on. In the long run, you will be happy you did because these items will keep you warm and cozy on the plane.

Splurge a bit and buy a comfortable sleep mask that blocks out all light. It would help if you also had a soft, cushioned neck pillow to support your head while you sleep. What to wear on long flights may require a pair of slippers that will allow your feet to breathe and prevent swelling.

A pair of comfy socks will keep your feet warm, but compression stockings will help prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis), a life-threatening condition caused by prolonged sitting.

You can use a wool shawl as your blanket, a pillow, or an extra layer to your outfit. When you wrap your shawl around you as your blanket, ensure the seat belt is over it. Flight attendants can see your seatbelt during a compliance check without disturbing you.

Shoes – What Are The Best Ones To Wear

What to wear on long flights requires comfortable shoes and clothes. Slip-on sneakers and runners are the most comfortable shoes to wear during a long-haul flight. They’re easy to take off and put back on after passing through the airport x-ray scanner.

If you’re bound to a winter country, it is best that you wear your winter boots instead of packing them in your luggage. Pack a pair of slippers in your carry-on to let your feet breathe and have good circulation. Before deplaning, you can wear your boots back again.

FAQs About What To Wear On Long Flights

Here are some commonly asked questions about what to wear on long flights.

Is it better to wear tight or loose pants on a plane?

Loose pants will allow for more wiggle room, so you can easily move around in your seat without feeling constricted.

What should you not wear on a long flight?

When flying, it is best not to wear heavy jewelry, tight pants, high heels, big cumbersome jackets, and any item you would not sleep in. Be comfortable for the long haul.

Is it OK to wear sweatpants on a plane?

Sweatpants are an ideal choice when flying. They are loose-fitting and warm, yet joggers are not too hot and are easy for you to move around.

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What To Wear On Long Flights – Conclusion

Now that you know what to wear on long flights to stay comfortable and cozy, you can go through your wardrobe and pick the outfits for your flight.

Despite the long hours on the plane, you will arrive at your destination looking energized and refreshed if you wear the perfect long-haul flight outfit.

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