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3 TSA Approved Gun Case That Will Meet TSA Fight Regulations

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It’s time to travel, and you need a “TSA Approved Gun Case.” Navigating TSA guidelines for firearms is complex. You will need a gun case that is both secure and complies with TSA regulations to avoid potential travel disruptions.

With a passion for travel and a deep understanding of TSA regulations, I’ve spent time researching a range of TSA-approved gun cases, ensuring they meet high standards of security and compliance.

What Are The TSA Rules To Fly With A Firearm?

The regulations to fly with a firearm are extensive, so please check below for the full list. I will highlight the rules for you here. Always use a hard-side TSA approved gun case that you will check in at the ticket counter. No guns are allowed in your carry on bags. Firearms must be unloaded, and your case must have a non-TSA lock that only you hold the key to. There you have it, a quick rundown of TSA rules to fly with a gun.

Please remember this guide is for responsible gun owners – hunters, sport shooters, or security professionals – who frequently travel with their firearms. Let’s make your travel hassle-free, ensuring your rifle travels as securely and safely as you do. Ready to fly with confidence and compliance? Let’s go!

Quick Overview Of The TSA Approved Gun Case For Your Rifle (Updated List)

RatingPreviewProductMore Details
4.9tsa approved rifel case 1Pelican Protector 1700
Series Rifle Cases
TSA Approved Gun Case For Rifle
More Details
5.0tsa approved rifel case 2Condition 1 Tactical Rifle Case Waterproof
Patented Push-Button Locks 
TSA Approved Gun Case For Rifle
More Details
4.6tsa approved rifel case 3Eylar USA Flag Roller Tactical Rifle
Hard Case with Foam, Two Rifles
TSA Approved Gun Case For Rifle
More Details

How To Fly With A Gun – TSA Guidelines

It is important to know what a TSA approved gun case for your rifle is, but it’s just as necessary to become familiar with and follow the TSA guidelines to the letter when transporting firearms.

TSA allows passengers to travel with their firearms and ammunition under the following conditions:

  • Firearms are always in checked baggage but never in a carry-on.
  • Pack your unloaded firearm in a locked and hard-sided TSA approved gun case.
  • Declare to the airline that you are traveling with a gun.
  • Fill out a declaration form at the airline check-in desk that you will use as a tag on your rifle case.
  • Pack your firearm and ammunition separately within the same hard-sided rifle case.
  • Ensure that your rifle case is inaccessible and that only you have the key to the locks.
  • Pack one rifle per TSA approved rifle case. You may take five gun cases in your checked baggage as long as they are within the weight limit of 50 lbs. If you go over the 50-pound weight limit, there will be an extra fee. Unfortunately, not all airlines allow you to pack more than 50 lbs.

Remember, TSA will not allow any weapon to pass through security screening in your carry-on bag. TSA will penalize you if caught violating this rule. The penalty is now $14,950. In addition, you must declare your firearms at the check-in ticket counter.

When traveling with a TSA approved gun case for your rifle outside the U.S., there are different rules; please check the requirements and regulations of Customs and Border Protection.

TSA Approved Gun Case For Your Rifle Product Reviews

Without further delay, here are our TSA approved gun cases for your rifle reviews.

Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Cases

TSA Approved Gun Case 12
Pelican Protector 1700 Series Rifle Cases
TSA Approved Gun Case For Your Rifle

The Pelican 1700 Case is an excellent choice to keep your weapons safe. It is a hard-side, nearly unbreakable waterproof case that protects and transports your rifles and shotguns.

The 1/4″ O-ring seal has a pressure release valve that regulates air pressure when your case is inside the cargo hold.

In addition, the Pelican 1700 has optional low-density foam that will mold to accommodate your guns and ammo.

The Pelican Protector 1700 series is an exceptional rifle case preferred by the military, law enforcement, and hunters worldwide. This durable Pelican rifle case provides maximum protection when used in extreme conditions.

Inside, you will find a customizable 3-piece foam set to fit your firearm. In addition, it is fully watertight and offers excellent protection from the elements.


  • Premium rifle hard case used by the military and law enforcement, first responders, divers, and hunters
  • It has an O-ring seal to keep contents waterproof.
  • An automatic pressure equalization valve to release high pressure when it is in the cargo hold
  • Dual purpose – as a single for air travel or double rifle case for home storage
  • TSA Approved lock holes
  • Easy to open double throw latches
  • Four padlock holes that can fit a heavy-duty padlock
  • USA-made with two double-layered soft-grip handles
  • Ruggedly engineered to be an indestructible rifle case
  • Dustproof
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Padded foam lining for protection against shocks and bumps
  • Includes a customizable 3-piece foam set that will fit various rifles and shotguns. (customize it to your desired rifle or shotgun shape)
  • Features strong polyurethane wheels
  • Comes with Pelican Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
  • Dimensions in inches : Exterior –L 53 x W 16 x H 6.12 / Interior – L 50.50 x W 13.50 x H 5.25


  • The rifle case is heavy, and some prefer smaller handles.

Condition 1 Tactical Rifle Case

TSA Approved Gun Case 55
Condition 1 Tactical Rifle Case Waterproof
Patented Push-Button Locks 
TSA Approved Gun Case For Your Rifle

The high-quality and affordable Condition 1 Tactical Rifle Case has an IP67 waterproof rating – waterproof and dustproof, ensuring maximum protection against the elements.

The Condition 1 Tactical Rifle case features patented latches, rubberized handles, steel pin hinges, and off-road style wheels. In addition, the automatic air pressure release valve makes this case airline-friendly to protect your rifle while in the cargo hold.

It has areas on the outside for locks to secure your rifle inside the hard case to meet TSA approval. The exterior grooves help additional cases snap into place. It also comes with a customizable foam you can custom-cut to fit your firearms.


  • Indestructible hard case for long firearms
  • Features patented latches (patent #8,944,476), which quickly close at the push of a button and pop open at the flick of a finger
  • Predrilled lock holes on each end for locks that meet TSA approval
  • The rubberized handles offer a safer grip for added comfort.
  • The GORE-TEX automatic air pressure release valve prevents compression damage to your rifle during air travel
  • Multiple layers of foam you can custom-fit for your long rifles.
  • Rated IP67 waterproof blocks moisture, sand, and dust to protect your rifle from the damage of natural elements.
  • Exterior dimensions (in inches): 54.77 x 16.50 x 5.94
  • Interior dimensions (in inches): 51.4 x 13.77 x 5.02
  • USA-made
  • Steel pin hinge for added strength
  • External grooves allow no-slide stacking of additional cases.
  • Shockproof: Off-road wheels offer excellent stability and reduce vibration
  • Rugged and sturdy
  • TSA approved


  • The hard-sided TSA approved gun case for your rifle is heavy.

Eylar USA Flag Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case

tsa approved rifel case 3
Eylar USA Flag Roller Tactical Rifle Hard Case
with Foam, Two Rifles, TSA Standards
TSA Approved Gun Case For Your Rifle

The Eylar Mil-Spec tactical rifle hard case secures your firearms whether you take it on a flight or use it for home storage. The two concealed wheels provide swift and smooth transportation of heavy loads.

In addition, with this tactical rifle hard case, you can travel by air because it meets TSA’s strict firearm travel rules for flights within the U.S.

Crush-proof handles make rolling the tactical rifle case easy. Polypropylene injection molding results in a watertight and crush-resistant rifle container.

Its adjustable pressure equalization valve releases air pressure to correct atmospheric pressure at high/low altitudes in the cargo hold where pressure is unstable.

Three foam layers – top, body, and bottom, protect your gun in this TSA approved gun case for your rifle. Four press-and-pull snap latches secure the entire 38-inch-long case. It is crush-resistant for up to 3,000 lbs, and you can securely stack this rifle case because of the uniform top and bottom ridges.


  • Features laser-engraved USA flag design plate to denote this is a USA-made rifle case.
  • Exterior dimensions (inches): 44.37 x 16 x 6.12
  • Interior dimensions (inches): 42 x 13.5 x 5.25
  • It is for 2 rifles or a combination.
  • Rated IP67 waterproof and with a rubber gasket seal, this case is watertight and will protect the contents when fully submerged up to 1 meter.
  • Includes three layers of foam: one fully customizable pull and pluck cubed layer, one top solid foam layer, one layer of egg-crate bottom foam padding
  • TSA-compliant with two padlock adaptable fittings to allow placement of 2 heavy-duty locks for flight.
  • ¼ inch padlock clasps to protect inner contents
  • Injection-molded with high-pressure polypropylene waterproof plastic
  • An adaptive, quick-release air pressure equalization valve allows captured air to equalize when traveling at different altitudes in the cargo hold.
  • Resistant to extreme heat and cold
  • Edge-to-edge crush-proof protection up to 3,000 lbs for evenly dispersed weight
  • Travel roller case with a limited lifetime warranty
  • This case comes in different lengths to fit longer rifles.


  • This case is for shorter firearms, but you can purchase them in longer lengths.

What Makes A Rifle Case TSA Approved?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the United States government agency that oversees security for travelers. It has set stringent rules and regulations for carrying firearms, including rifles, on flights. If you plan to travel with your rifle, you need a TSA-approved gun case. Here’s what makes a rifle case TSA-approved:


The TSA requires that any firearm case must be lockable. That means it should have either an integrated lock or a design that allows for the use of padlocks. In either case, the locks must be secure enough to prevent unauthorized access to the firearm.


TSA insists on hard-sided cases for checking in rifles. This helps protect the firearm from damage and deters tampering. A TSA approved gun case made of durable materials like high-impact plastic, metal, or composite materials is typically sufficient.


A TSA-approved gun case for your rifle must not allow the firearm to be visible from outside. The case should be completely opaque, adding a level of discretion and security.

Foam Padding:

Though not explicitly required a TSA approved gun case typically has foam padding to protect the firearm during transit.

No Easily Accessible Openings:

The case must be designed such that it does not have any easily accessible openings once locked. Any accessible opening could allow unauthorized access to the firearm.

Secure Latches:

The case should have secure latches that firmly hold the case closed, even under the rigors of air travel.

Remember, while a TSA-approved gun case is necessary to bring a firearm on a flight, there are additional regulations you must follow. These include declaring your firearm to the airline at check-in, ensuring it’s unloaded, and following any additional airline-specific rules.

Lastly, keep in mind that state and local firearm laws vary, and it’s the traveler’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with the laws of their departure and destination locations.


Frequently Asked Questions About The TSA Approved Gun Case

Here are a few FAQs you may have on your mind regarding the TSA approved gun case for your rifle.

What is the best case for flying with a rifle?

There are various brands of rifle cases, but the best is a virtually indestructible one. Look for one that has a pressure release valve, is a TSA approved gun case with 2 areas for locks and has customizable foam.

What are the different types of TSA approved gun case?

There are cases for rifles, Glocks, and handguns; the list is endless. The most important thing is to find one that meets your needs; if you are flying, it must be TSA-approved.

Can I fly with more than one gun in a single case?

Yes, you can put more than one gun in a case, but you must be a TSA approved gun case. If you put 2 firearms in a case that is made for one, it may not close properly, and the foam may not protect the firearms well.

What is a TSA approved gun case?

The TSA firearm travel rules state that the case should have a hole on each end with locks to prevent unauthorized access. Only the case owner can possess the key or combination to open it.

Does TSA require 4 locks on rifle cases?

TSA has requirements for you to fly with your gun; the case must have a lock for each hole provided on the case. So if you have 4 areas for locks, your case must have 4 locks.

Can TSA open my gun case without me present?

TSA personnel are not to open your gun case without you present. Do not use TSA approved locks because TSA has a master key to unlock these types of locks. In addition, you and only you are to have the key to the locks on your gun case, and you will need to provide the key to TSA. However, if you use a 3 gun hard case with only 2 firearms, it is permissible to fly.

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TSA guidelines say you can travel by air with your firearms in your checked baggage. The important thing to remember is to follow the TSA and FAA Travel Rules for firearms and ammunition.

Make sure you pack your firearms and ammo according to the TSA rules so you make it to your destination with your rifle intact and in your possession.

Happy travels, my friends.

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