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Where Can I Put My Luggage Before Check In – Handy Tips

Where Can I Put My Luggage Before Check In2

Going on vacation is an exciting activity for everybody. So you start planning – booking a hotel or Airbnb, signing up for tour packages, shopping, choosing the vacation dates, and securing the flight. Everything seems to work well until you realize you have a problem. The gap between your hotel check-out time and departure flight is several hours. And so you ask yourself, “where can I put my luggage before check in?”

With so much free time, you can do some last-minute shopping. But is it convenient to carry your suitcase while waiting for your check-in schedule?

Good thing there are options for temporarily storing your luggage for a few hours. This will allow you to explore the city one last time before going to the airport.

What are these luggage storage options?

Where Can I Put My Luggage Before Check In While Sightseeing?

What happens when you have to check out of the hotel, but your departure time is four hours away? That’s a reasonable time to check out nearby sights and souvenir shops. But what about your luggage? Where do you leave them?

Like other tourists in the same situation, you might ask, “where can I put my luggage before check in?”. Thankfully, there are luggage storage options for you, including:

Where Can I Put My Luggage Before Check In? – Your Hotel

When you check in at the hotel, inquire if the hotel provides free short-term luggage storage options for guests. Because your check-out time is several hours away, you can ask the concierge staff, “where can I put my luggage before check in?” explaining your situation.

The hotel may provide the luggage storage service for free or a minimal fee. In addition, most hotel staff will happily allow you to leave your luggage with them while you wait for your flight.

Leaving the hotel staff a small tip for this valuable service will be an excellent gesture, so you don’t have to worry about” where can I put my luggage before check in?

Where Can I Put My Luggage Before Check In4

Luggage Storage Lockers

While planning your trip, check online if your destination place has luggage storage lockers. Some cities have stand-alone luggage locker facilities to conveniently store your luggage for a few hours, days, or weeks. You can safely store your luggage, backpacks, electronic devices, and valuables like jewelry and your passport.

Most places that operate luggage locker facilities require an online reservation and advance payment of fees. Once you arrive at the facility, you can drop your bags off and pick them up before going to the airport. It’s a good idea to bring your padlock for added security. Will this option answer the question, where can I put my luggage before check in? Absolutely!

Luggage Airbnb Apps

Most people think that Airbnb is only for booking vacation accommodations. But in some cities, a relatively new service similar to Airbnb offers a luggage service to travelers like you. A luggage service like this is a great alternative to storing your luggage before your flight.

Airbnb apps like Bounce, Stasher, Nannybag, LuggageHero, and more provide a secure and convenient luggage storage option. You no longer need to worry about where to keep your luggage before your check-in time. You can do a quick search online to know which Luggage Airbnb app provides luggage storage service near your destination.

Airport Luggage Locker Service

Part of planning for the trip is knowing if the departure airport offers a locker service. If you have a long layover with more than enough time to explore the city before your connecting flight, an airport luggage locker service is needed. And with your wait time, you will be looking for the answer to, where can I put my luggage before check in?

Availing of this service is convenient, worry-free, and less hassle. For example, you can plan for a brief city tour and not worry about bringing your luggage around. Instead, you can keep it in the locker and retrieve it before your next flight.

However, not all airports offer luggage locker service, so do yourself a favor and check before you book your flight.

Early Check-In At The Airport

This “where can I put my luggage before check in” option is tricky because while most airlines allow early baggage check-in, it will just be a few hours before your flight’s boarding time. So you can head to the airport early, but if the airline check-in counter is not open, you will have to wait before you can check in your luggage.

For example, passengers flying within the USA, Canada, and Mexico (North America) can check in their bags two to six hours before their flight. On the other hand, passengers can check in their luggage two to four hours before their flight when in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Some airports offer an option for a minimal fee for early luggage drop-off up to 24 hours before departure. For example, at the Dublin airport in Ireland, a self-service kiosk is operational to accept your drop-off bags a day before your flight.

Where Can I Put My Luggage Before Check In3

FAQ Regarding Where Can I Put My Luggage Before Check In?

We gathered a few frequently asked questions about where can I put my luggage before check in.

Can you leave bags before check-in?

There are a few options where you can leave your luggage before check in. Some hotels agree to keep your luggage after check-out so you can do some last-minute errands before heading to the airport. This convenient option is your best choice, especially if your hotel is near the airport.

Can you store the luggage at the airport before the flight?

Some airlines allow early luggage drop-off for a few hours or up to a day before your flight. Another option is the airport luggage storage service to keep your luggage for a few hours for a fee.

Can I leave my luggage at the front hotel desk?

When you plan your vacation, always check if the hotel can keep your luggage at the front desk if they do not offer a luggage storage service. If they have this option, don’t forget to tip them for their time.

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Where Can I Put My Luggage Before Check In? – Conclusion

With careful planning, research, and coordination, you can enjoy your vacation without getting stuck in the hotel lobby or airport lounge areas with your luggage. In addition, you can enjoy the convenience of storing your luggage before checking in for your departure flight with the many different luggage storage options available.

Where can I put my luggage before check in will no longer be a cause for concern? You can safely store your bags while you do some last-minute errands – shopping, sightseeing, and many more.

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