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Why Buy Luggage Tags – Are They Important?

Why buy luggage tags is a controversial question. I mean, after all, how important are they, or is it just another expense to already soaring vacation prices? The answer is not so simple, with a yes and a no. So let’s look at the answer and determine if the yes or the no is the best choice for you.

Is There A Purpose For A Luggage Tag?

Statistics state that 5% of all airline bags become lost each year. In other words, there are 1.4 million bags lost each year. 5% doesn’t sound too bad, but the 1.4 million is staggering. 

The real question here is, does a luggage tag have a purpose? Will a tag prevent the loss of your bags? With this in mind, mislabeling bags is the third most significant reason for lost luggage. Meaning the wrong tags are on them. Now we are starting to see a reason for why buy luggage tags.

The airline issues bag tags to put on your luggage. These tags tell the airline where your luggage is supposed to go like on what plane and to what destination. But a luggage tag you place on your bag is for a different reason. Some of these reasons are:

  • To identify your bags on a conveyer belt
  • Save time when checking in
  • Helpful to identify your bags if they are lost

Let’s move on to why buy luggage tags.

Why Buy Luggage Tags?

Well, the three reasons above are a good start: But let’s look again at why buy luggage tags.

why buy luggage tags pin2
  1. Can you identify your bags on a conveyer belt – Luggage comes in many styles and colors, but with so many travelers and bags, many will look alike. You can easily pick out your luggage from the lineup on a conveyer belt with tags that stand out.
  2. Save time when checking in – A luggage tag has your information. If you don’t have a tag, you will have to stop and fill out a paper airline tag for each bag. Best travel luggage tags save a lot of time, and you can keep your place in the checked bag line.
  3. Helpful to identify your bags if they are lost – We lost our luggage on a flight back from New Zealand. When they found it, we had to give identifying factors before they would deliver it to our door. Our luggage tags did help us when this happened because we had our info card on each tag. 

Do You Really Need A Luggage Tag?

No, you don’t really need a luggage tag because there are other options to solve; why buy luggage tags in addition to the 3 reasons to get tags. But baggage tags are helpful, especially if you are a frequent flyer. 

What Is A Smart Luggage Tag?

why buy luggage tags smart cube

A luggage smart tag is a not-so-smart tag that goes on your checked and carry-on bags. I call them not-so-smart because smart tags need a lot of work before I will refer to them as smart. 

They say a smart tag will help you locate your luggage via Bluetooth connection to an app on your phone. The process needs work because the tag will tell you the last location but will not track your bags unless you are close to them.

So what good is a smart tag if it can’t tell you where your bags are? When you are looking at why buy luggage tags, I suggest handwritten tags in bright, unique colors. 

How To Pick A Luggage Tag?

What should you look for when looking at why buy luggage tags? First and foremost, make sure there is enough in the same style available to put the same tag on all of your luggage. It won’t help much to identify your baggage if you have to remember many different tags in the baggage claim area. 

When buying tags, I ran into this problem and had to do extensive research to find enough of the same tag. 

Secondly, do the tags easily attached to your bags with a durable strap? Choose a stretch bungee type to secure a tag. The kind that loops back to keep the tag in place. Stay away from cute ties or bows, as they will loosen up over time and fall off. Not to mention, if you happen to travel with a gun and are trying to figure out why buy luggage tags, you want the tag to stay secure.

why buy luggage tags orange tag

Thirdly, find vibrant, bright colors that are visible, like red or orange, as an identifier for suitcases. My favorite tags of all time had an array of colors in bright strips. I had these for years before they wore out, and I had grown quite fond of them. 

Make sure the tag inside of the holder is securely in place and does not fall out. If it is loose and slides out, you will have to take time to fill out one of the paper airline-issued tags. 

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Why Buy Luggage Tags And What Information Should Go On a Luggage Tag?

A luggage info card will ask for your name, address, and phone number. The address part has always bothered me a bit. I don’t want the world to have my address in plain sight, even though anyone can look it up. So I don’t put my address on luggage tags because I’d rather make someone look it up than hand it to them on a bag tag. 

Another excellent option is to add an email address in place of your home address. 

In light of this information for why buy luggage tags, I only put my name and phone number as my contact details. If I am required to identify it, I can tell the lost luggage finders the color of my tags and my name and phone. In my travel experience, the information worked out well for me on our New Zealand trip.

Where Do You Put Luggage Tags?

The very best place to put a luggage tag is on Your Bag’s Handle. With it on the handle, you can easily see and identify your bags, and no one has to get inside your bag to find the tag. 

Place one tag on each of your luggage pieces, including all your carry-on items. 

FAQs About Why Buy Luggage tags.

Here are some commonly asked questions about why buy luggage tags.

Is it necessary to have a luggage tag?

A luggage tag of some type is necessary to identify your luggage if it is lost.

Should you put luggage tag on checked bag?

It would be best if you always labeled your bags somehow; a luggage tag will accomplish this.

Does the airport give you luggage tags?

Airlines do provide free luggage tags. Most are located at the check-in desk and are usually white paper with a stretch string attached.

Video On What Not To Put On Your Luggage Tag And Why Buy Luggage Tags

Here is a quick video on what not to put on your luggage tags to keep yourself safe.

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There you have it, the yes and no to “why buy luggage tags.”

Yes, they can come in handy and have a functional purpose, and no, because you can solve the issue with other means. 

I found that I didn’t really need them in my travels, but it is a convenience that will save time, help me find my luggage on a baggage carousel, and mark my luggage as an identifier if lost. 

Happy travels, my friends.

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