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Why Pack A Tennis Ball In Your Luggage – Carry Or Check?

Why Pack A Tennis Ball In Your Luggage – Carry Or Check?

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A tennis ball, you say! Why pack a tennis ball in your luggage is the question today. I was surprised at the reason for a tennis ball, and I think you will also be.

So Why Pack A Tennis Ball In Your Luggage?

Are you ready for this one? A tennis ball can help make your flight more comfortable by relieving muscle aches, sore muscles, stiff muscles, and tight muscles. In light of this, one should put a tennis ball in their carry-on luggage. You can put them in your checked bags, but you won’t have access to them when needed. 

Ok, so how can a tennis ball help you? How many times have you had an uncomfortable flight? Probably more than you can count. Next time you fly, take this tennis ball and put it in your carry-on. Let’s talk about the many ways it can help with your comfort. 

  • Relax your muscles
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Decrease pain

Relax Your Muscles

A tennis ball is somewhat like a message. You can use it on varying parts of your body to relax the muscles. Roll the ball around your lower back or feet and feel the muscles loosen up. The gentle pressure helps decrease muscle tension which can cause discomfort. 

In addition, relaxing the muscles can decrease the stress some may experience when flying. 

Increase Blood Circulation

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The next way that a tennis ball can help you is to increase blood flow. Although doctors recommend regular walks when in flight, it is not always feasible.

If you are sitting down for long periods, your legs may start feeling stiff and cramped. Not to mention the blood begins to pool in the veins of your legs, increasing the risk of blood clots. 

Rolling a tennis ball over these areas helps increase blood flow, decreases swelling in the feet, and helps to prevent life-threatening blood clots from forming. It’s a win-win situation. 

Decrease Pain

The final benefit of a tennis ball is decreasing pain. When traveling by air for long periods, stiffness in your body can cause pain. The joints become creeky and begin to ache. So if you are sitting for hours and your buttocks-area muscles become sore, try rolling a tennis ball over it as well as your knees, ankles, wrists, etc., which will help relieve some pressure and discomfort.

Will Airport Security Allow A Tennis Ball?

You’re in luck because airport security will allow a tennis ball in carry-on luggage. A tennis ball does not trigger suspicion or set off any alarms. Also, it will not explode with the cabin air pressure, and security won’t even blink an eye when they see it in your baggage. 

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Video On The Usees For Your Packed Tennis Ball

Here is a quick video that describes the uses for that tennis ball you will pack in your luggage.

Why Pack A Tennis Ball In Your Luggage – Conclusion

A tennis ball can help increase your flight experience so next time you travel, carry a tennis ball with you. I suggest a new one straight out of the box to ensure it does not have anything in the center to trigger alarms. 

Happy travels, my friends.

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