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Royal Caribbean Formal Night – Secrets To A Fun Night

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Are you preparing for your Royal Caribbean cruise and wondering what you will wear on Royal Caribbean Formal night? You are in the right place because we are here to help.

It’s just a bit scary to go on a cruise if you don’t know what to expect, and it can feel like a black hole. But fear not; we will cover everything you need to know.

As an experienced cruiser, I’ve been in your shoes, so I spent countless hours researching and understanding what you need to wear to fit right in. And, since you’re looking for a guide on “Royal Caribbean Formal Night,” this article is a must-read.

A Few Secrets To A Fun Night

First off, having fun on your vacation is all about doing what you are comfortable with. Some like formal nights, and some not so much. If you choose to do a formal night, you can wear pretty much anything that is a bit dressy to decked out in formal attire. And if you are in the not-so-much crowd, you can eat at one of the many casual dining rooms. Moving forward, we will go into depth on what to wear for comfort and style.

Together let’s sail the high seas and see what you need to take to wear for your Royal Caribbean formal night.

Why Is There A Royal Caribbean Formal Night?

That is a good question. So why is there a Royal Caribbean formal night? Well, it’s kind of a take-off from the Titanic—the first-class passengers on the Titanic dressed for dinner each night. The dinner would last 4-6 hours and consume a major part of their day. 

Today cruise members have the opportunity to dress for dinner elegantly on a Royal Caribbean formal night. Although the time spent at dinner is a fraction of what it was in 1912, it is still a memorable moment. Most cruise lines offer pictures to build memories of their fabulous night under the lights. 

Some say that a formal night is no longer a popular night. However, most cruise passengers attend and enjoy their night. 

How Fancy Is Royal Caribbean Formal Night?

When I think of a formal night Royal Caribbean, I picture the dress I wore at my high school prom. The long elegant attire or today a fancy form-fitting dress. But exactly how fancy should one dress for a Royal Caribbean formal night? 

First off, whatever you choose, I suggest comfort, which is different for each person. Although you may be comfortable in jeans, I would steer away from that, as well as shorts and all swimwear.

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Suggestions For Formal Wear

For men, formal wear includes a tie. There are variations, such as a tuxedo, full suit, jacket, or as simple as a nice collared shirt and pants with or without a tie. 

But remember, if you are one of those gentlemen who just does not wear a tie, then, by all means, don’t put one on. Wear a nice shirt with a collar and a nice pair of dress pants. However, shorts and swim attire are not acceptable. 

For the ladies, the dress will also vary in appearance. Of course, you can wear a long, ankle-length formal dress, but there are other options. A fancy pantsuit, a cocktail dress, or even a nice evening dress are all suitable. 

The length of your dress is not really an issue as there is formal wear in all lengths. I suggest you wear the length that you are most comfortable with, whether a mini, knee length, or one to the ankle. 

As for shoes, comfort is the answer. A nice pair of silver or gold or even a red pair, if they match, with any heel height, is appropriate. They can be shoes with toes or without. However, I would steer away from flip-flops and tennis shoes. 

Is A Smart Casual Night The Same As a Formal Night?

Smart casual is like a comfortable business outfit or set, whereas formal is more elegant. On formal nights on Royal Caribbean, men can wear a polo shirt for smart casual, and women can wear chinos and a button-down shirt, but neither is elegant enough to pass for a formal night. 

To put it differently, smart casual is a bit more business, and formal wear is showier. However, a man can wear a smart casual set with a collard shirt and pants and pull it off for a formal night. 

But for a girl, wearing smart casual is a bit too dressed down for a formal night. 

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How Do I Know What To Wear On A Royal Caribbean Formal Night?

The Royal Caribbean cruise line has placed a formal night dress code for formal nights on its website. But it isn’t very explanatory. 

A formal dress for women is defined as a long dress that one would wear as a bridesmaid or a mother of the bride at a wedding. As for men, it is typically a tuxedo or a full suit and tie. 

But that is not always what the Royal Caribbean formal night dress attire is. As mentioned above, a girl can wear any length of dress, such as a cocktail dress or a Sunday go-to-church dress. In contrast, a man can get away with a button-down shirt and nice pants. 

How fancy you dress is mostly up to you, except for shorts, swimwear, and jeans. But why not go all out and totally enjoy your evening? Dress to impress!

What Night Is Formal Night On Royal Caribbean?

The Caribbean cruise line has a list of how many formal nights per the length of the cruise. But they do state this can change at the discretion of the cruise director. So when you book your cruise be sure to ask about the formal night on the cruise you take. 

Formal nights:

  • 3/4/5 Night Cruises – Usually on Day 2
  • 6 Night Cruises – Usually on days 2 and 5
  • 7 Night Cruises – Usually on days 2 and 6
  • 8 – 10 Night Cruises – 2 Formal Nights, Days vary by ship and sailing
  • 11 – 14 Night Cruises – 3 Formal Nights, Days vary by ship and sailing
  • 15+ Night Cruises – 3 or 4 Formal Nights, Days, and numbers vary by ship and sailing
  • Oasis and Allure – Day 2 and 5 on Western itineraries and Day 2 and 6 on Eastern itineraries

Information in this box was copied from the Royal Cruise line website.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Royal Caribbean Formal Night

Here are a few FAQs to help you with your Royal Caribbean Formal Night.

How strict is the formal night on Royal Caribbean?

It’s really not that strict. The dress code is a guideline, and as long as you are not wearing jeans, shorts, a swimsuit, or a coverup, you can still attend the dinner in the formal dining area. Although for men, you may need to wear closed toes shoes.

Does everyone have to go to the Royal Caribbean formal night?

No, Royal Caribbean formal night attendance is not mandatory. If it isn’t your thing, you can choose an informal place to eat and wear those jeans, shorts, and flip-flops. 

Is there a tuxedo rental Royal Caribbean?

Is there a Royal Caribbean tuxedo rental? A man can rent a tuxedo on a Caribbean cruise. But I read in some reviews that the rental cost is high. So, if you are considering a cruise tuxedo rental, you may want to check the prices to rent at home and pack your tuxedo. 

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The Royal Caribbean’s formal night is a special evening to build memories and enjoy family and new company. It is a time to wear an evening gown and feel elegant, not to mention a moment to enjoy luxurious meals. 

No, you don’t have to participate, but wouldn’t it be nice to glow and show off your attire to everyone? I encourage all to take advantage of a cruise formal night. I always cherish the memories formed on a beautiful, elegant evening. 

Happy travels, my friends.

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