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Are Expensive Strollers Worth It To Fly The TSA Skies?

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Choosing a stroller for your baby will often leave you thinking about what matters most – price and functionality. Are expensive strollers worth it? Do you buy a stroller that fits your budget without critical functional features? Or do you go for a pricey one that is highly functional with everything you need?

Expensive strollers are perfect when traveling by air with your baby because the extra features will uncomplicate your life. They have quick-release and one-hand fold features that make them an ideal traveling companion. With a baby to carry while checking in for your flight, you must have a lightweight and compact folding stroller. Otherwise, it will be too burdensome.

Discover the Benefits of Investing In Expensive High-End Strollers.

An expensive stroller may range from $500 to over $1000. But guess what? It’s no big deal if it keeps your baby safe and comfortable, right?

Stroller manufacturers keep adding new features that parents prefer to have on the stroller. The manufacturers also focus on stroller features to help you easily pass through TSA security checkpoints.

Such thoughtful features increase the stroller’s cost. So, are expensive strollers worth it? Let’s discuss the three reasons that make these costly strollers worth every dollar.

Top-Notch Strong and Durable Materials

Cheap strollers use low-quality materials such as plastic frames and inferior-quality fabrics. In addition, strollers in this category often lack safety features. Hence, they don’t last long.

So, if you find merino wheels, Tencel lyocell fabrics, and leather in a stroller, expect the price to be on the high side. But are expensive strollers worth it? Of course, they are!

When you choose a costly stroller, you get all these high-quality materials that make it highly functional and efficient. High-quality materials last longer, so you can pass them down from child to child.

High-Performance on Safety

Strollers must provide safety for your baby. That’s why you’d rather spend more on a product that will protect your baby. Expensive strollers focus on a robust suspension system and oversized wheels that ensure your child’s safety while you go strolling together.

In addition, expensive strollers offer innovative features such as seat inserts that cushion the baby’s back and spine. You can find these features in luxury strollers such as jogging or travel system strollers – where comfort and safety blend perfectly.

Warranty Extension

Luxury strollers have three-year warranties on legs, frames, and parts, while cheaper alternatives offer only one year. Because of this, your maintenance cost for the expensive stroller is minimal.

In addition, the extended warranty saves you a lot of money if the stroller needs repairs or replacement parts. It’s a win! So it’s no longer necessary to ask, “are expensive strollers worth it?”

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Information On How To Fly TSA Approval With An Expensive Stroller

Some strollers don’t make it into the airline cabin’s overhead bins. It’s because they are too big to fit in the airline cabin – the stroller then goes as checked baggage.

With an expensive high-end stroller, the materials and craftsmanship are more durable. Gate-checking your stroller to go in the cargo hold is not a concern.

All strollers are TSA approved because they can go into the cargo hold if the size is too large to fit in the overhead bin on the plane. As regulated by TSA, the size limits are 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches.

The great thing about a stroller, according to TSA, is that it is not a piece of your carry on luggage. Instead, a stroller is a medical device; therefore, it is an extra carry in addition to your regular carry on.

When traveling by air with your little one, you always look for ways to make your travel experience comfortable and convenient. An expensive stroller with full features combined with solid durability will help you accomplish a smooth transition and flight.


If you have TSA PreCheck, babies and children under 12 can use your PreCheck to glide through the security checkpoint.

Features That Only Expensive Strollers Have

One of the reasons why some strollers are more expensive than others is their unique and innovative features. However, you usually find design innovations in a more expensive stroller because you pay for the upgrades.

For example, expensive strollers have customizable features – adjustable handlebars, fully reclining seats, and a larger wheel size. High-end stroller makers consider every detail from wheels, seat fabrics, leather, and frame colors, to full coverage canopy. In addition, there are strollers with hand-stitched leather and quilted materials, which make them more luxurious.

A luxury stroller will not get you through the TSA checkpoint quicker but will provide greater comfort for your child.

Most high-end strollers also feature versatility – a stroller that can expand from single to double. Or a stroller that converts to a side-by-side for twins or siblings.

Overall, a fully customizable stroller adapts to your growing baby. And the fact that you can tailor-fit the stroller to your needs is a good reason to say yes to the question, “are expensive strollers worth it?”

Who Needs An Expensive Stroller?

An expensive stroller is ideal for parents who are starting a family. Buying a costly stroller for your firstborn will be a wise investment since, as your child grows, you can pass the stroller down to your next baby. And with a second baby, you don’t need to buy a new one because your firstborn stroller is still up for the job.

If your family travels a lot by air, you must invest in a more expensive but reliable stroller. And because you’re traveling with your little one, you must have a stroller that won’t make you ask, are expensive strollers worth it?

Flying with your baby is demanding and challenging, and taking a cheap alternative will only cause unnecessary stress and hassle.

You can also find a fully functional stroller with an adjustable handlebar, an oversized full-coverage canopy, and a robust suspension system for your traveling needs.

Are expensive strollers worth it? Yes, they are, but there are a few rare strollers that fit the bill. I like the Jeep Hydro Jogging Stroller with excellent features and durability for a very reasonable price.

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Tips For Families Considering A High-End Stroller Purchase

When you consider buying a high-end stroller, please consider the following:

  • What is your family’s lifestyle?
    Buying a luxury stroller depends on your lifestyle. With an active lifestyle, you need a comfortable stroller to push, but also safe for your child. If you travel a lot and take the baby with you, an expensive stroller will do better in the cargo hold when you gate-check it.
  • How big or small is your family?
    Are you planning to have more than one baby? With a growing family, buying an expensive stroller is an excellent investment because you can pass it on from one child to the next.
  • Where do you go?
    It’s important to factor in your place of residence and where you usually go. If your home environment has rough roads and surfaces, you need a stroller with good wheels and a solid suspension system. Also, a versatile stroller is a must for families that travel.
  • Look for interest-free promotions.
    Some stroller brands offer affordable options for parents who want the best for their children. Zero-interest promo is one option. Choosing a suitable payment plan for an expensive stroller will help offset the cost.

FAQs About Are Expensive Strollers Worth It

Here are some commonly asked questions about are expensive strollers worth it?

What kind of stroller is allowed on an airplane?

.A stroller that collapses to 25.5 cm (10 in) by 92 cm (36 in) or less can be taken as an additional item in addition to your carry-on allowance, regardless of the destination. You can gate-check it and deliver it directly to you at the aircraft door once your flight ends.

Do airlines charge extra for a stroller?

A foldable stroller is a carry on item in addition to another carry on bag. There is no charge if you check it in at the ticket counter or gate check it.

Can you skip TSA checkpoint with a stroller?

Your stroller will have to go through the TSA scanner if it fits. If not, the TSA personnel will manually inspect it. Your child must be with you to go through the scanner with you.

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Are Expensive Strollers Worth It – Conclusion

For your baby’s comfort and safety, are expensive strollers worth it? The answer is YES! A comfortable, safe stroller is worth the cost if it is versatile for home use and a TSA friendly stroller for flying.

Would you take your baby on a flight without the stroller? Well, you can, but it is much easier to have a stroller for your baby to ride through the airport in comfort.

An expensive stroller allows you to take your baby traveling comfortably and conveniently. So, the high-priced stroller flies with you and your baby. As a result, you can go through immigration and security clearance without the fuss. In addition, you can know your stroller will hold up in the cargo area.

Happy travels, my friends.

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