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How To Pack Carry On Luggage The Simple Way

How To Pack Carry On Luggage The Simple Way

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Packing simply for a short business trip or a weekend getaway can be challenging for some. But there are some things to consider when learning how to pack carry on luggage; this article will help you with that. But not only that, let’s uncomplicate this and pack the simple way. 

What Is The Weight Limit Of My Carry 0n?

First, it is necessary to know the maximum allowed weight for a carry-on bag which is, on average, 35 pounds. If you’re traveling internationally, check with your airline about their specific rules regarding carry-ons. But in all my years of travel, my carry on weight has never exceeded the limit.

What Liquids Can You Take In A Carry On?

Basically, you will need to follow the 3-1-1 liquids rule. You can take a quart-size baggie stuffed full of individual bottles of 3.4 ounces of things like shampoo and conditioner. These can be travel-sized items, or small bottles made just for flying. However, you can take full-size solids in your carry on baggage, such as soaps, conditioners, shampoos, and deodorant.

Packing solids will allow extra space in the quart-size baggie for liquids. Don’t forget that most hotels supply shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in each room.

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What Is The Simple Way To Organize Your Items?

Only bring what you absolutely need. Begin by organizing your clothing and personal items as you lay them on a bed or a flat surface. You will see all you plan to take, which makes it easier to add or take away things you may or may not need.

Cut your clothing to a bare minimum. Mix and match basic colors that will double and are interchangeable for work and play. Hello Bombshell talks about an interchangeable capsule wardrobe and how to build one. And Real Men Real Style talks about an interchangeable wardrobe for men.

What Should You Consider First?

how to pack carry on luggage pin

If you’re not sure about the best way to pack your carry-on, here are some packing tips:

Choose your carry on wisely, which means your bag will need to have a place for your clothing, toiletries, and, more than likely, your laptop. A backpack, duffle bag, or suitcase with compartments will come in handy for a weekend getaway. 

In addition, make sure your luggage is 28 inches and will fit into the overhead bin or under the plane seat. 

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What Is the Best Way to pack Your Suitcase?

Now that you have it all organized, let’s pack.

With this in mind, I suggest using compression packing cubes specifically designed for carry on luggage. Compression cubes shrink the volume of your suitcase by 15%; they also make unpacking much easier. Not to mention they are great for backpacks, duffle bags, and suitcases.

When using packing cubes, it is most effective to roll your clothing and place it in the packing cubes. Rolling will save space and prevent wrinkles. It is important to note that if you do not use packing cubes, some suggest you fold your clothes, but I am still a fan of rolling. 

Note: Remember to include your toiletries, medications, cosmetics, beauty products, etc.   

What Is The Solution To The Shoe Issue?

Shoes can often be an issue but not for us because this is the simple way to pack. Although most of us will need at least 2 pairs of shoes, a pair of nicer shoes, and an extra pair for play, there is a solution. Try to wear one pair of shoes on the plane to save space. The other pair can serve as a place to pack underwear and a couple of pairs of socks.

Where should I put my shoes when I pack a carry on bag?

Just stuff some underwear and socks in your shoes and put your shoes into a felt bag or a bag specified for shoes, then place your shoes inside your luggage first. This way, you can pack around your shoes and have more space. 

Final Steps

Now that you have your items organized, it is time to pack. So it was actually 4 simple steps. 

  • Pick you luggage
  • Organize your clothes
  • Pack your cubes
  • Pack you luggage

It is that easy to pack carry on luggage for a weekend getaway or a short business trip. Oh, and don’t forget your laptop, just place it into the laptop compartment, and you are all set to go.

Overview Video On How To Pack Carry On Luggage With Packing Cubes

Just in case you need some tips on using packing cubes, this short video is very helpful.

How To Pack Carry On Luggage – Conclusion

That’s it! Away you go to the airport with one efficiently and simply packed bag, and you don’t have to stop and wait in line to pick up your luggage when you land. It is all right in your hands to save you time. 

Happy travels, my friends. 

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