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How To Pack Packing Cubes To Save Space And Time

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A common problem with traveling is trying to pack as much as possible without exceeding the airline’s weight and size limits. A couple of days is one thing but what about a whole month? Can you squeeze all your things into a couple of pieces of luggage? If you have heard about packing cubes, do you know how to pack packing cubes?

You’re not wrong to think that packing cubes will be very helpful in organizing and saving space. So, let’s talk about packing cubes some more.

What Are Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes are usually rectangular- or square-shaped zippered containers made of lightweight fabric. You use these fabric containers to organize clothes and other personal belongings. Packing cubes are available in different sizes, and you can use the size that meets your needs.

For example, do you know how to pack packing cubes for the different items you want to take for your trip? What goes to the smaller cubes? What do you put in the large-sized packing cubes?

When you use packing cubes and know how to pack packing cubes, traveling can be less stressful and more fun.

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How To Pack Packing Cubes To Save Space And Time

The primary purpose of packing cubes is to keep your stuff organized in your luggage and save space and time. So, let’s find out how to pack packing cubes most efficiently to achieve these goals.

Pack By Category

If you know how to pack packing cubes, you will automatically classify the cubes according to the items you will put inside. For example, the large-sized cube will be for jeans, pants, and other large clothes. And the smallest packing cube will be for toiletries and other personal care items. Finally, the medium-sized packing cubes will be for light tops, shirts, shorts, and undergarments.

It’s easy to check if you can mix and match your clothes, so you don’t have to bring a lot if you use packing cubes. You will also spend less time sorting out the contents of your luggage if they are in a packing cube.

Start With A Packing Cube Starter Set

A packing cube set usually includes one out of four packing cube sizes: large, medium, small, and extra small. If you need more than one set, you can add more cubes depending on which size will still fit your suitcase. It’s important to note that your luggage size can hold the dimensions of the packing cubes you are using. Otherwise, knowing how to pack packing cubes will be useless if the cubes won’t fit the luggage.

Start Folding, Start Rolling

How to pack packing cubes for the heavier and larger ones? What about heavier and larger clothes like jeans and jackets? For heavy and oversized garments, folding is the better way to save space. For example, once you have your shirts and pants folded, lay them in the cube alternating. Try putting one folded shirt with the collar up and the next with the collar opposite. Folding this way will help balance the weight and avoid having uneven or unfilled spaces in the cube.

On the other hand, rolling is the way to go for clothes prone to wrinkles and creases. The same goes for light shirts, tops, undergarments, shorts, and socks. Rolled clothes keep your packing cubes organized and tidy. Roll them while taking the air out to keep the clothes compact.

Stack The Packing Cubes Mindfully To Save Space

After packing everything in the cubes, it’s time to place them on top of each other inside the suitcase. How to pack packing cubes inside the luggage is critical in ensuring that all cubes fit in the bags, even if they are of different sizes.

Find the cube that will fit beside or on each other, leaving the tiniest gap. Usually, you put the large-sized packing cube first and place it opposite the luggage section with straps. Then you go for the smaller cube to fit nicely with the bigger one.

If this is your first time trying how to pack packing cubes, it will help to experiment and do a trial and error on what cube sizes should go side by side or on top of one another. Then, the next time you use the packing cubes, you will know precisely how to pack packing cubes by size.

Skip The Packing Cube For Some Items

Shoes, cameras, chargers, and other odd-shaped items do not necessarily need to be in a packing cube. Instead, you can insert these things in small spaces between the packing cubes or at the corners of the suitcase. Then, when you lay the packing cubes inside the luggage, you will know what items need to go in a packing cube and which ones you can use as a gap filler.

Keep The Packing Cube Without The Bulge

At first, I would pack each cube tight, but after learning the steps on how to pack packing cubes, I decreased what I put in each one.

When you squeeze all the items in a cube, they will not have an even or level surface. The cube will have a bulge, and that could cause a problem. Your packing cube may break because it can no longer hold the bulging item. When I packed too tight, my clothes came out wrinkled.

Bring Extra Packing Cubes

Having one or two spare empty cubes is always a good idea. You can use the extras to put your soiled or dirty clothes in to separate them from the clean ones.

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Why Use Packing Cubes?

Packing cubes can help in so many ways, namely:
• saving space and time
• keeping your luggage organized and neat
• making it easy to find things in your luggage
• keeping private items concealed
• easy to unpack

A Few FAQ About How To Pack Packing Cubes

Here are 3 frequently asked questions about how to pack packing cubes.

Do packing cubes save space?

You can fit more stuff in your luggage using packing cubes because you can organize your belongings, so they take up less space. For example, roll or fold your clothes. When you put them in the packing cubes, you will see that you save a lot of space compared to when you pack without cubes.

Is it better to roll or fold in packing cubes?

Some people find rolling clothes better than folding them. But generally, rolling your clothes allow you to pack more stuff. But usually, a combination of rolling and folding works best.

Do packing cubes make luggage heavier?

Packing cubes are a lightweight fabric material. They will only add a little to the weight of the luggage, and the benefits are more significant than the tiny bit of weight.

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How To Pack Packing Cubes – Conclusion

Knowing how to pack packing cubes correctly matters a lot in terms of saving space in your luggage and saving packing time. Therefore, packing cubes are beneficial when preparing for your next trip

Follow these tips on how to pack packing cubes for a fun vacation. There is no mess, and your luggage looks organized and neat.

Happy travels, my friends.

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