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Can A TWIC Card Be Used For Global Entry And What About TSA PreCheck?

Can A TWIC Card Be Used For Global Entry 4

If you currently have a TWIC card or need to apply for one for your maritime activities, you might wonder, “Can a TWIC card be used for global entry?” With numerous identification and clearance cards available, understanding their specific uses and benefits can be challenging.

Drawing from extensive research and firsthand experience in the world of flying for travel, I’ll provide a clear answer to this common query. If you are a maritime professional, frequent traveler, or just curious about the intersection of TWIC and Global Entry, this article will be beneficial.

I’ll take my experience along with my in-depth research, and together, we can navigate TSA rules and regulations for “Can a TWIC card be used for global entry?”

Can a TWIC Card be Used for Global Entry?

To directly address the question many travelers and maritime professionals ask: “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” The straightforward answer is no.

While both the TWIC Card and Global Entry serve as identification and clearance tools, they cater to different needs and are not interchangeable. It may be more appropriate to call it TWIC card vs global entry. With this information, let’s delve deeper into their distinctions.

Purpose and Usage

The primary difference between the two cards lies in their intended purposes. So, when asking, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” it is important to note that the TWIC Card is for maritime workers. The TWIC card grants them access to secure areas within ports and vessels. On the other hand, Global Entry is for frequent international travelers, offering them expedited clearance upon arrival in the U.S.

So, when pondering “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” it’s essential to understand that they cater to different sectors – maritime and international travel.

Application and Approval Process

While there’s a similarity in both requiring background checks, the specifics differ. The TWIC Card involves maritime security checks, ensuring that individuals accessing secure maritime areas do not pose a threat. Global Entry, however, requires a thorough background check and an in-person interview to assess the traveler’s eligibility for expedited immigration clearance.

With this comparison in mind, you may have heard of TWIC Global Entry in your quest for the answer to, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” You can apply for a TWIC card and Global Entry, both of which are trusted traveler programs, but they are interchangeable.

Benefits and Limitations

The TWIC Card offers streamlined access to secure maritime zones and is a requirement for many maritime jobs. Global Entry, in contrast, provides quick U.S. entry through automated kiosks at select airports, reducing wait times.

So, when considering the question, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” it’s clear that while both offer unique benefits, they cannot substitute for one another.

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What is a TWIC Card?

Navigating the maritime world, the TWIC Card is a crucial identification tool. In our search for the answer to “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” it is important to understand what exactly is a TWIC card and why you might need one.

TWIC Card Explained

The Transportation Worker Identification Credential, often referred to as TWIC, is a directive established by the Maritime Transportation Security Act. While many wonder, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” it’s essential to understand its core function. The primary role of the TWIC Card is to authenticate workers needing access to the nation’s secure maritime facilities and vessels.

Overseen by the TSA, this card acts as a uniform identification system. It ensures that only those who’ve successfully passed a rigorous security threat assessment (background check) are granted entry to these protected zones.

Who Needs a TWIC Card?

The TWIC Card isn’t just for anyone involved in maritime activities. Specific professionals and workers are required to possess this credential:

  • Maritime employees
  • Longshore workers
  • Truck drivers accessing ports
  • Contractors and vendors who need unescorted access to secure maritime facilities
  • Most mariners licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard

Application Process

A TWIC Card application involves a series of steps:

  1. Online Application: Prospective applicants can initiate the process online or opt to complete the entire procedure in person at an application center.
  2. Scheduling: An appointment can be scheduled online or by calling the designated number. While walk-ins are accepted, scheduled appointments are prioritized.
  3. Documentation and Biometrics: Applicants must provide the necessary documentation, undergo fingerprinting, and have a facial photo taken. Acceptable documents include a current U.S. passport or a combination of driver’s license and birth certificate.
  4. Fees: The TWIC Card comes with a non-refundable fee, which varies based on the type of application (new, renewal, replacement) and certain eligibility criteria. For instance, a reduced rate for those with a valid license that has a hazardous materials endorsement or a Free and Secure Trade card.


While U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents, and certain nonimmigrant aliens in lawful status can apply for a TWIC Card, there are specific criteria that might render an applicant ineligible. These include providing false or incomplete application information, disqualifying criminal offenses, and other factors.

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Understanding Global Entry

For frequent international travelers, Global Entry stands out as a game-changer. But what is it, and how does it benefit its members?

Global Entry Explained

While some may question, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” it’s crucial to first grasp the essence of Global Entry. This program, launched by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), aims to offer swift clearance to pre-approved travelers deemed low-risk upon their arrival in the United States.

Rather than enduring lengthy immigration queues, Global Entry members benefit from designated lanes at select airports, utilizing cutting-edge processing technology to facilitate a smoother entrance”

How Does It Work?

Upon arrival at participating airports, Global Entry members proceed to designated kiosks. Here, the system captures a photo to verify their membership. After the photo verification, on-screen instructions guide the traveler, culminating in a brief interaction with a CBP officer to confirm the successful completion of the process. It’s pretty clear with the distinction of the two cards that “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry” is a no.

Application and Approval

To become a member of Global Entry, travelers must first undergo a rigorous application process:

  1. Online Application: Interested individuals can apply online, detailing their personal and travel history.
  2. Background Check: Every applicant undergoes a thorough background check to ensure they meet the program’s criteria.
  3. In-Person Interview: Once the background check is cleared, applicants are invited for an in-person interview at an Enrollment Center. For travelers unable to schedule this interview before international travel, the “Enrollment on Arrival” option allows them to complete the interview upon returning to the U.S.

Upcoming Features

The CBP is continually innovating to enhance the Global Entry experience. An upcoming feature is the Global Entry Mobile App, which will allow members to validate their U.S. arrival on their iOS or Android device even before entering the Federal Inspection Services area. So” “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” Well, not yet, but maybe CBP will consider this in the future and incorporate the two processes. Just a thought.

Benefits of Global Entry

Being a member of Global Entry comes with several advantages:

  • No Processing Lines: Bypass the regular immigration queues.
  • No Paperwork: Forget filling out customs declaration forms upon arrival.
  • Expedited Entry: Access special lanes at major U.S. airports.
  • Reduced Wait Times: Spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your trip.

Points to Remember

While Global Entry aims to expedite the entry process, members might still require further examination upon entering the U.S. Any violation of the program’s terms can lead to enforcement action and potential termination of membership privileges.

Can A TWIC Card Be Used For Global Entry 2

Can I use My TWIC Card TSA PreCheck?

For those pondering the question, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry”?” another related query often arises regarding TSA PreCheck. The answer is yes; active Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) holders can use their credentials for TSA PreCheck.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has expanded TSA PreCheck eligibility to all active TWIC cardholders who are U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or lawful permanent residents.

TWIC card holders have already undergone a security check assessment, a lot like what people go through for their TSA PreCheck. Asking the question” “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” may have a disappointing answer, but on the brighter side, it is good for TSA PreCheck.

How To Use TWIC Card At Airport For TSA Precheck?

To utilize this benefit, applicable TWIC cardholders simply need to enter their TWIC card credential identification number (CIN) in the known traveler number (KTN) field during the airline reservation process. Once your CIN is in the KTN slot, you will see the term “TSA PreCheck” at the top of your flight ticket. Your CIN is kind of like a TWIC card known traveler number. The CIN is interchangeable with the KTN for TSA PreCheck.

In essence, while the TWIC Card serves a specific purpose in the maritime sector, it also offers the added advantage of TSA PreCheck, streamlining the airport security process for its holders. For those asking, “Can I use my TWIC card as Global Entry” it is reassuring that you can use it for TSA PreCheck.

Where Is The Known Traveler Number On TWIC Card?

twic cin

The CIN is used as a known traveler number on your TWIC card. The CIN is on the back on the lower left side of the card under the bar code. Your CIN is the number you put into the KTN area when you book your flight so you can take advantage of TSA PreCheck.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on TWIC Card and Global Entry

Navigating the world of travel documentation can be complex. To help clarify some common queries, especially concerning the question, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?”we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?

No, a TWIC card cannot be directly used for Global Entry. While the TWIC Card is for maritime workers requiring access to secure maritime areas, Global Entry is for frequent international travelers. Global Entry offers expedited U.S. entry. To better answer the question, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry” the simple answer is no because a TWIC Card is not the same as a Global Entry card.

If I have a TWIC card, can I also get TSA PreCheck?

Yes, active TWIC cardholders can use their credentials for TSA PreCheck. The TSA has expanded PreCheck eligibility to all active TWIC holders. However, when addressing the concern, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” the purpose is completely different than TSA PreCheck. TWIC card CIN can only be used for TSA PreCheck.

Are the background checks for the TWIC card and Global Entry similar?

Both the TWIC card and Global Entry require thorough background checks. While the TWIC card focuses on maritime security, Global Entry assesses a traveler’s eligibility for expedited immigration clearance. So again, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” the answer is no.

Does TWIC card work at airport?

If you are concerned about “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” You cannot use it at the airport for the purpose of Global Entry. But does a TWIC card help at the airport? Technically you can’t use your TWIC card at the airport for any reason, but you can apply your CIN to the KTN area when booking your flight. With this, you are eligible for TSA PreCheck. Does a TWIC card help at the airport? You may need to carry your TWIC card with you, but you won’t actually use it at the airport.

Can I use my TWIC card to fly internationally?

This question is along the same lines as “Can my TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” Let’s break it down. A TWIC card CIN is used as a KTN TSA PreCheck when you book a flight from the US. But your TWIC card will have no benefit when flying back into the US. However, you can obtain Global Entry through the application process, but not with the use of your TWIC card.

Can you fly with a TWIC card?

Yes, you can fly with your TWIC card on your person. But when addressing the question, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” I need to say that your TWIC card will not help with the Global Entry process. The two cards have a different purpose.

Can you use a TWIC card as a passport internationally?

No, a TWIC card is for maritime use, and the application process is different. Most airlines and countries require a passport, not a TWIC card, for identification.

Do I have TWIC card benefits at airport?

If we are asking, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Travel?” then no, it does not have this benefit at the airport. But if we are looking at TSA PreCheck, then yes, you can use your TWIC card CIN to qualify for TSA PreCheck, but only when you book your flight.

What number on TWIC card is used for TSA precheck

Your TWIC card has a nine-digit number on the back just below the bar code. This number is known as a CIN. When you book a flight, it askes for your KTN number for TSA PreCheck. You enter the TWIC card CIN into the KTN area, and you are TSA PreCheck.

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The world of travel and security documentation is vast, with various programs designed to cater to specific needs. One It’son question that arises is, “Can a TWIC card be used for Global Entry?” While both the TWIC Card and Global Entry offer unique benefits in their respective domains, they serve different purposes and are not interchangeable.

It’s essential for travelers and maritime professionals to understand these distinctions to make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of international travel and maritime operations.

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