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How To Fly With Golf Clubs – Helpful Trade Secrets

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You know the saying, “it fits like a glove?” Golf clubs are like that. Your clubs are perfect for you, and they fit you so well that it is hard to play without them. In light of this, let’s talk about How To Fly With Golf Clubs.

There are rules for how to fly with golf clubs, from how to pack them to how to take them on an airplane. We will go over some helpful trade secrets you can follow.

Golf Clubs And Why You May Want To Fly With Yours

If you are an avid golfer or a beginner, you must be in your best element when you travel. Using a rented golf club may affect your game since you may need more time to familiarize yourself and adjust to the new clubs.

When you hit there green, you want to feel alive and ready to conquer the world. And if you are playing with new guys, there is nothing wrong with showing off a bit.

Whenever my husband comes home after playing, I ask him how he did. I know that he wants to say, “I did great.” When we travel, and he has his clubs with him, he can usually say this.

But when he has to rent clubs, he feels a bit off and doesn’t do as well.

There are courier services that can deliver golf clubs to your destination. Often their arrival time is uncertain because there may be delays over which neither the courier nor you have control. If you opt to send your clubs via a courier, you must allow enough time for their arrival to coincide with yours.

If your choice of how to fly with golf clubs is a set of rental clubs, courier-delivered clubs, or lying with your golf clubs, the latter is the better choice. Knowing this tip on how to fly with golf clubs will be helpful.

Pre-Flight Preparation On How To Fly With Golf Clubs

According to TSA guidelines, you must treat your golf clubs as checked luggage. You cannot carry them onto a plane. Most airlines accept a golf club bag as standard luggage.

To be safe, you must check the policies and rules of the airlines and the airport regarding how to fly with golf clubs as checked luggage. Golf clubs have a weight limit of 50 pounds, but no size limit exists. The weight information can help you manage your expectations regarding weight and size limits and extra charges, if any.

Find out if your airline has the same check-in counter for oversized bags as your golf club bag. Some airlines have separate check-in and pick-up counters for golf equipment. If you need help, inquire where to check in or claim your golf club bag at the airport.

With all of this said, if the airline loses your golf gear, they will replace it. New ones will always differ from the perfectly fitting ones you have now, but it is still a good policy.

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How To Fly With Golf Clubs For Packing – Bubble Wrap And Packing

A piece of good advice on how to fly with golf clubs is to protect them since most airlines treat golf equipment as checked luggage. A “fragile, handle with care” label may help prevent club dents and cracks while in transit.

Take additional measures to protect your golf club bag. Wrap the delicate parts in bubble wrap, such as the club heads. As an added cushion, use a towel to wrap around the irons, hybrids, and wood to prevent dents and scratches.

Remove detachable heads from your golf clubs and place them in head covers. You may also put them in your carry-on bag along with the adjustment tool.

You can include other golf accessories, such as extra golf balls, tees, and spikes, in the golf club bag. But pack them properly so they don’t damage the clubs. Just be mindful of the added weight this may have on the golf club bag, and when talking about how to fly with golf clubs, it will translate to extra cost.

Should I Use A Hard Or Soft Case?

There are pros and cons to both a hard shell and a soft case golf club bag.

You can protect your clubs better in a high-quality travel bag that is a hard case rather than in a soft-sided bag. Because a hard shell bag is rigid, it can withstand rough handling by airline and airport baggage crews. It’s a good investment, considering your golf equipment’s price.

The only downside is you can quickly load it in a larger vehicle but not in a sedan or small car.

Soft case bags are less expensive than hard ones. However, they offer less protection. Because of its soft material, the weight of other bags on top of your golf club bag may damage your clubs during transit.

If you use a soft side bag, there is such a thing as a club protection device. It resembles an adjustable aluminum crutch that is taller than the driver. Without this device, if the golf bag drops upside down, there is no shield to protect the shaft.

Since your golf club set requires top-notch protection, choosing a rugged golf club bag is the right decision. Whether you choose a hard or a soft one is a personal preference.

Weight Limitations And Rules To Be Aware Of For How To Fly With Golf Clubs

Here’s another critical guide on how to fly with golf clubs in a bag.

When checking in your golf club bag, be sure to research, so you know the size, weight limits, and other restrictions. Some airlines classify them as oversized luggage, which may incur additional fees.

Most airlines allow your golf club bag as checked luggage when it weighs less than 50 lbs. But if it is over 50 lbs, the airline may charge you an overweight baggage fee.

What the airline allows you to put in your golf bag varies from airline to airline. Delta’s golf equipment, for example, refers to a bag that contains one set of golf clubs, golf balls and tees, and a pair of golf shoes.

On the other hand, Hawaiian Airlines accepts a golf bag containing 14 golf clubs or less, 12 golf balls, and a set of golf shoes. Each airline has different rules and policies, so please be aware of the airline’s policies on golf equipment.

One rule that most airlines follow is they do not provide liability for damage due to over-packing or using a soft-side golf club travel bag. So if you overpack or use a soft side bag, you may have to sign a waiver releasing the airline of responsibility.

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Are Golf Clubs A Carry On Or Checked Item?

As a general policy, TSA permits golf equipment as a checked item but not as a carry-on.

While airline policies vary, most allow golf club bags as checked luggage. And the airlines have strict rules regarding how to fly with golf clubs which are:

Golf Equipment In A Hard Shell Case as Checked Baggage

Alaska Airlines, Delta, JetBlue Airlines, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, and Virgin America all accept golf equipment as checked baggage in a hard shell case.

Golf Equipment In A Soft-Side Case as Checked Baggage

Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, and Virgin America accept golf equipment packed in a soft case as checked baggage. They, however, require signing a release from liability form.

How To Properly Check-In Your Golf Clubs

Another tip on how to fly with golf clubs is to find out if your golf equipment passes as checked luggage or a carry-on. Your airline has that information. However, a golf bag is oversized, so there may be a separate check-in or pick-up counter. Ask your airline ahead of time.

Head straight to the airline’s oversized luggage check-in counter at the airport. The personnel on duty should know and direct you there. Some airlines have a separate check-in counter for golf club bags. Make sure you allot enough time to look for it when you arrive at the airport.

A helpful tip on how to fly with golf clubs is to use bright-colored ribbons or strings to help identify your bag from the others at the baggage claim. Include the contact details of the hotel where you will stay in the bag’s ID tag. You can personalize your golf bag so you can recognize it quickly.

FAQs About How To Fly With Golf Clubs

Here are some commonly asked questions about how to fly with golf clubs.

Can I take golf clubs on a plane?

The good news is yes. Golf clubs must be placed in a golf bag and treated as checked luggage. All checked luggage 50 lbs and under will not have an extra fee.

Can you fit 2 sets of golf clubs in a travel bag?

You may be able to fit 2 sets in a bag, but there are considerations. If your bag weighs over 50 pounds, there is an extra fee, and most airlines state only one set of clubs in a bag to fly.

Is a golf bag considered oversized?

The checked luggage size is 62 linear inches. Golf clubs are larger than that, but airlines put them in a size category of their own and allow them regardless of size.

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How To Fly With Golf Clubs – Conclusion

How to fly with golf clubs is easy. There are several ways to help you get to your golf course destination safely and with your golf clubs undamaged. Follow these helpful trade secrets on “how to fly with golf clubs,” and you’re ready to tee off.

Happy travels, my friends

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