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5 Top Rated Luggage – Amazing Finds For All Your Travels

Years ago, I bought a hard shell set of suitcases before I knew about luggage and how to find the best. It was expensive, but after a year, the handles fell off, and from there, pieces broke inside, and they had dents. Consequently, I paid good money for a set of luggage that lasted about 3 years. So I started my research to find top rated luggage.

And as I ruffled through all the brands, I became more confused. I compared 20 brands that seemed to run together and confuse my brain. Once I figured it out, I realized I didn’t need to look at 20 brands to find the best. All I needed was to find the 5 top rated luggage brands with the best features and warranties. In this article, I will share 5 amazing finds that will fit every traveler’s needs. 

Quick Overview Of The Top Rated Luggage (Updated List)

PreviewProductMore Details
4.6top rated luggage 2Samsonite Equilibrium 2 Piece SetMore Details
4.7top rated luggage 1Samsonite Stryde 111 22x14x9 Carry-On Spinner
Stryde 111 Large Glider
More Details
4.7top rated luggage flex 35jpgFlex Vega Cabin – Cabin Plus And Medium SuitcaseMore Details
4.5top rated luggage 42Briggs & Riley Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner
Domestic 22 inches Carry On Expandable Spinner
More Details
4.9top rated luggage 5Extended Trip Expandable 4-Wheeled Packing Case
Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On
More Details

Why Should You Get Top Rated Luggage?

The first reason to get top rated luggage is you want to be sure your luggage will last not just long enough for one or two trips but for years to come. Luggage is expensive, and when you return home from a trip, you want it to be in tip-top shape. 

Flying is hard on luggage, and the baggage attendants don’t have time to handle your suitcases gently. Top rated luggage has high ratings because of its durability. 

Another reason is that top rated luggage has wonderful features to make your travels easier. Even a minimalist needs some features to assist them in the motto of “less is more.”

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What To Look For When Buying Top Rated Luggage?

top rated luggage pin

When shopping for luggage, it is important to know how to determine a top rated luggage piece. Here are some things to consider:


When shopping for luggage, you should know what makes a good top rated luggage. Most importantly, it must be a durable luggage set. Durability means it can withstand rough handling by airline staff. If you plan to travel by plane, you’ll definitely want to get a suitcase that can stand up against rough air travel.

It also means that top rated luggage won’t easily break, which is especially true if you are traveling internationally, where customs agents may open your bags and inspect their contents. A broken handle or a zipper can easily become a disaster when you are far from home. 


Is your top rated luggage rolling luggage with wheels that will glide through the airport? Save your back with rolling cases, especially today with all the layovers and not knowing how long you may be in the airport. 


Not every luggage brand is alike. For example, many of the carry on luggage brands say their bags are TSA approved and meet the dimensions suggested by TSA, but in reality, the measurements are too big. If you travel often, you’ll appreciate having a bag that fits into overhead compartments. As a matter of fact, you took a carry on to have it with you, not stored in the cargo hold as a gate-checked bag.

Company Integrity

Does the company that makes your top rated luggage piece have a good reputation and an exceptional warranty, and do they stand behind their product? Even a limited lifetime warranty is a good deal. After all, nothing is perfect, and things happen. Will they address faulty parts if you have issues? 

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Top Rated Luggage Product Reviews

Without further delay, let’s review our top rated luggage.

top rated luggage 2
Samsonite Equilibrium 2 Piece Set

Samsonite’s Equilibrium 2-piece luggage is our pick for the most affordable price with excellent features in top rated luggage. It is a combination of hardshell luggage and soft-sided luggage for the best performance.

Samsonite has been around for 100+ years and is well known for its heritage design. They have a strong ability to produce durable and high-quality luggage.

For the echo-minded shopper, the carry on is recycled recyclex material on the outside and the inside lining. Not to mention the design has the famous YKK zippers and smart fix buckles. It unzips to expose a wide mouth for easy packing and an outside zip pocket.

Samsonite has used recyclex since 2018 for over 50 new luggage launches.

The large top rated luggage spinner suitcase is a 100% polycarbonate shell with effortless dual 360 spinner wheels and will expand up to 1.5 inches. In addition, the large spinner has a TSA-approved installed lock. At the same time, it opens to lay flat for easy packing.

The Equilibrium luggage line has a trolly handle that will adjust 1 inch at a time to the perfect height for anyone. In addition, the handle is a comfortable design to go easy on your palm while moving it through the airport.


  • The large spinner is a 100% polycarbonate durable shell, while the carry on is recycled recyclex
  • Effortless dual 360 spinner wheels with a trolly handle that will adjust 1 inch at a time.
  • The carry on top rated luggage has external dimensions of 22.0 inches x 14.0 inches x 9.0 inches which are the exact TSA suggested size. In comparison, the large spinner is 29.25 inches x 20.0 inches x 13.0 inches with a 1.5-inch expansion.
  • Samsonite has a Limited 10-Year Global Warranty, which states they will replace or fix manufacturing defects for the life of the first owner. In a review, Samsonite reached out to someone encouraging them to contact customer service to get a defect repaired or replaced. This show strong signs of integrity.


  • Consequently, it does not mention a laptop compartment in the carry on.

top rated luggage 1
Samsonite Stryde 111 22x14x9 Carry-On Spinner
Stryde 111 Large Glider

Samsonite carry-on spinner and the large glider sell as separate pieces, sort of like a la carte. You can choose the size you desire to meet your travel needs. What you see here is the Large Glider and a spinner carry on , top rated luggage, but it is also available in a medium glide. In addition, each piece is available in 3 beautiful colors.

By the same token, this top rated luggage has the same Samsonite name that reeks integrity and durability for over 100 years.

On the exterior, you will find a 100 % polycarbonate material that is lightweight, with triple cartridge bearing spinner wheels. In addition, it has rubber carry handles and a RightHeight handle that will adjust in one niche increments to fit your height. Not to mention a newly engineered strap to nestle onto a larger piece.

There are keyless installed TSA-friendly locks for security and the famous easy glide YKK zippers.

However, the medium and large pieces are alike, with different capacity sizes. Each has a low center of gravity because of the horizontal design. Not to mention, the glide is smooth, and the packing is unconventional.

The external features mimic the carry on with the same polycarbonate shell, LED lights, and inch-by-inch increments for handle adjustments.

But the inside also makes this a top rated luggage with outstanding features that boast a recycled reclex material with a trifold garment bag you can remove. Not to mention the pockets and packing cubes included will help organize your packing.


  • The carry on, medium, and large pieces have 100 % polycarbonate lightweight material.
  • The carry on, medium, and large cases have triple cartridge bearing spinner wheels. In addition, it has rubber carry handles and a RightHeight handle that will adjuare in one niche increments to t your height.
  • The carry on has a cover over both sides to hold clothes in place. The dimensions are 22.0 inches x 14.0 inches x 9.0 inches which is the TSA suggested size for a carry on luggage. The large and medium have incredible features, as listed above.
  • Samsonite has a Limited 10-Year Global Warranty on all of their luggage which states they will replace or fix manufacturing defects for the life of the first owner.


  • On the contrary, the carry on does not have any external pockets.

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top rated luggage flex 35jpg
Flex Vega Cabin – Cabin Plus And Medium Suitcase

Flex has an incredible idea with collapsable luggage that becomes 2 inches thick for storage. In other words, it is the only company to offer top rated luggage collapsible design and is perfect for small spaces and the minimalist in you.

They offer 2 lines of luggage, the Flex Vega series and the Flex Aura carry on. Flex Vega is available in 3 sizes with 2 carry on styles and a larger size (Medium) for checked items. In comparison, both of the Aura styles are carry on size luggage.

One really cool thing is the range of colors, from basic to fun colors.

I really like the Aura cabin and cabin plus as a top rated luggage carry on; with this in mind, the Flex cabin plus holds 42 liters, while the cabin model holds 35 liters. However, both have closely related features. Domestic travelers will want the cabin suitcase, while the cabin plus is great for international travel.

Here is a hardside suitcase with an outer shell that resists impact damage and has a water-resistant fabric with padded exterior laptop pocket and zipper closure. In addition, it opens with a wide mouth to pack and internal pockets to organize.

Flex Vega cases offer a medium size that holds 80 liters, a 5-7 day packing capacity. In addition, the outer shell is durable hard polycarbonate with TSA approved locks and side pockets.

Not to mention all models have smooth, quiet gliding wheels for ease of movement.


  • All cases either have a polycarbonate exterior or durable, water-resistant material.
  • Smooth, quiet gliding wheels for ease of movement.
  • The convenient outer laptop pocket collapses to 2 inches for storage and internal organibeneficialts. The medium case has external pockets.
  • Flex offers a 3-year limited warranty on defective parts with repair or replacement. Reviews state that customer service is very helpful.


  • Consequently, Flex does not offer a large collapsable piece of luggage.

top rated luggage 42
Briggs & Riley Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner
Domestic 22 inches Carry On Expandable Spinner

Briggs & Riley has an incredible reputation with all of its luggage lines. In light of this, they are a strong leader in innovation and setting industry standards. The Simpatico polycarbonate top rated luggage pieces are all about performance and carry their legacy well.

First, let’s talk about the hardside spinner Domestic 22 inches Carry On Expandable Spinner has a CX® technology to expand and compress for 22% more packing space.

Simpatico carry on has a polycarbonate 3-layer Makrolon® outer shell, which is lightweight with elasticity. Equally important, it moves easily on dual ballbearing 360-degree spinner wheels with a low center of gravity.

An aluminum telescope handle adjusts to 2 heights with soft textured side and top handles for carrying. In addition, it has a smooth glide and self-repairing YKK® RC zippers.

It has a 70/30 lid opening for easy packing and showcases a garment area with compression panels and a rich, soft-touch lining. Internally it has pockets, including 2 mesh for supreme organization.

And that’s not all; it has a built-in combination lock, TSA friendly, with an exterior pocket specifically for USB charging. In addition, free monogramming and the size meets TSA suggested regulations for a carry on.

The Sympatico Large Expandable Spinner luggage has the same features as the carry on. Briggs & Riley’s innovative design excites me with all these features and the care they put into building the perfect bags.

One thing to note, the large bag is very large but a nice piece to go on a long vacation and leave nothing behind. These 2 pieces of top rated luggage are sold separately. 


  • Polycarbonate hardshell and numerous Briggs & Riley innovative patented features for durability.
  • Dual ballbearing 360-degree spinner wheels with a low center of gravity.
  • Briggs & Riley’s innovative features are “CX®expansion system, YKK® RC zippers, Makrolon® polycarbonate hardside, ergonomic Outsider® handle grip,” and much more.
  • Simple As That® Guarantee is one of the best in the world. They will repair your bag for life if anything is broken or damaged and do not require proof of purchase.


  • Consequently, the USB battery does not come with the luggage

top rated luggage 5
Extended Trip Expandable 4-Wheeled Packing Case
Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On

Tumi is the Cadillac of luggage, and these 2 pieces we chose are no different. The carry on and the extended trip bags are not in the same set, yet the features of each complement one another beautifully.

Tumi states they stand on 5 core beliefs: superior quality, excellence in design, innovative technology, superior functionality, and first-class customer service known worldwide. Not to mention they put the customer first.

In light of this, their top rated luggage exceeds market standards because a company does not make a product; rather, the product makes the company. Let’s talk about the Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On.

Carry On Aero

The Aero carry on has all the features and many that no one else includes, like the Tumi tracer. Tumi developed a built-in code for your luggage; you register it with the Tumi company, and if your luggage is lost or stolen, Tumi will trace it for you.

The exterior is a soft shell design with a mix of materials, including Tegris®, to increase durability. In addition, it has a front panel molded for protection and accents of CX6®carbon fiber throughout. Oh, did I mention that it will expand? And if that isn’t enough, Tumi added dual spinner wheels.

This beauty will open like a clamshell, or for easy access, you can unzip a front panel.

Inside the Tumi carry on, you will find a suit section you can use or remove, compartments divided by a zipper, a bracket for a hanger, numerous pockets and one for cards, and a USB port built-in.

The suit section will trifold and fit on either side of the divided case. In addition, you can place a laptop in the front of the zippered compartments and easily remove it for TSA check without opening the whole suitcase.

The exterior has molded Tegris sides for added protection, a 3-level telescoping pull handle, and side and top handles that will retract. Not to mention a luggage tag and a built-in TSA approved lock.

Merge Extended Trip Expandable

Tumi created Merge for durability and style; the large Merge luggage is 20 inches W X 31 inches H X 13.5 inches D with a 124-liter packable space.

The Merge case has 5 Tumi exclusive innovations in addition to the same features as the Aero carry on:

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Extension Handle – a lightweight and sturdy design
  • Omega Closure System – protects the zippers. A pull will release from the zipper if caught.
  • Tumi Tracer® – a built-in code to track your luggage; you register it with the Tumi company, and if your luggage is lost or stolen, Tumi will trace it for you.
  • X-Brace 45® Handle System – A patented system to encase the telescoping handle and protect it against impact
  • DuraFold™ – a system that reinforces the corners with caps and extra heavy stitching.

Merge is soft-sided luggage with a ballistic nylon outer shell that supports a dual open zippered case with a wide open mouth and a smaller front zipper for easy access. Not to mention the leather accented grab handles on the top, side and bottom are the Tumi touch.

The interior has a divided space with clothing compression straps on one side and a zipper flap on the other.


  • Ballistic material, molded caps, extra stitching on corners, carbon protection throughout
  • dual 4 wheel spinners, a Tumi exclusive pull handle with side, top, and bottom carry handles
  • The features are so extensive there are too many to list here, but they are the Tumi features and workmanship that built the Tumi reputation for excellence. You can see many of the features above.
  • Limited warranty for the original owner, with full coverage for the first year excluding personal abusive damage. The warranty includes damage from airline mishandling also, which is unheard of. This type of warranty tells me that Tumi’s construction is above and beyond normal. After the first year the warranty still exists but is more limited.


  • Only available in basic color options

FAQs About Top Rated Luggage

Here are some commonly asked questions about top rated luggage.

Which is better, hard shell or soft shell luggage?

Actually, both are better, and neither is better because today, with the use of durable materials, each type of shell is equally strong. So the type you choose is a personal preference.

What is the best material for soft-shell luggage?

The best material for soft-shell luggage is ballistic nylon. While ballistic nylon is strong, the 2×2 weave increases strength and prevents scratches.

What is the most durable material for hard shell luggage?

Polycarbonate material is the lightest and toughest material for durability. Although polycarbonate is the best and most durable, it is not scratch-resistant without extra measures.

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Top Rated Luggage – Conclusion

So that concludes our list of the top rated luggage. There are different styles available, from the flexible choice to the best price all the way to the best warranties and best features.

All of these choices are top rated because they offer exceptional customer service and put the consumer first. After all, that is what is important.

Happy travels, my friends.

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