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Nude Cruise Vacations – Hurry Don’t Be Late For The Fun

In today’s world of varied cruises, there’s a theme for all types. It’s not surprising that travel agencies regularly book nude cruise vacations, nor is it surprising that they have been around for years. Nude cruises allow people to feel free with their nudity in a safe, comfortable environment to have fun.

Upon learning about the existence of nude cruise vacations, several questions may arise. Do you ever get self-conscious being naked in front of strangers? What are the rules to follow? Is cruising naked popular? Which ships do these cruises take place on?

Before you head out, we have included a few things about nude cruise vacations.

Imagine you’re on a cruise ship but bare among strangers. The term “personal space” now has an entirely different meaning. 

Nude cruise vacations are for you to feel free to be yourself without being constrained by clothing. There will be a wide range of passengers because these cruises appeal to a broad spectrum of age groups, body types, and genders.

Who Provides Nude Cruises?

Nude cruises book full ships, so the nudists feel more comfortable. They usually go to tropical destinations, but some are known to go to Alaska. 

So, a third-party provider, such as Bare Necessities or Castaways Travel, will purchase all the cabins on a full ship, knowing that many people are interested in cruising nude. Going on a nude cruise is booked through a charter group. So no worries, you won’t accidentally find yourself amongst other nude cruisers if it is not your desire.

Rules To Follow

All passengers must follow strict rules and codes of conduct at all times. The rules are in place to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

The rules state that touching without consent is prohibited, and no one can take photographs of other passengers in public places. The cruise ship or the booking company will hire security to help enforce the rules at sea.

Of course, engaging in sexually provocative behavior in public is strictly forbidden. It will result in an escort off the ship.

What To Do On A Nude Cruise Vacation?

On board, a wide variety of amusements and activities are waiting for you.

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Daytime activities include table tennis tournaments, pool volleyball, trivia, and bingo.

Cruise lines typically host parties at night, like an ’80s party or a costume party.

Sounds interesting, right? There’s more!

There will be other parties and entertainment on your naked cruise. For example, Bare Necessities has hosted Mardi Gras and Undressed To Kill: James Bond Night-themed parties.

Castaways Travel has a Glow Rave Night and an Animal Kingdom Party, where passengers can dress up in their favorite animal prints.

Each ship has different cruise itineraries, so you can pick one that suits your desires. 

Packing Tips

Even though it is a nude cruise, you will still need to pack some items and some clothing. Here are some tips and suggestions.

What should you pack on your nude cruise vacations?

Going on nude cruise vacations is great for the minimalist because it makes packing much more accessible. How you dress depends on your preferences. Nude cruise vacations are clothing optional, so the final decision is yours, but here are some suggestions to get you going.

  • An abundance of sunscreen, baseball caps, hats, or other sun protection accessories, after all, you will have a lot more skin to protect from the sun.
  • Sunglasses – Just for fun, wear a pair of mirror sunglasses so no one will recognize you.
  • Comfortable walking or hiking shoes and water shoes – for those excursions and long walks on the deck.
  • Swimsuits for shore excursions, although you may stop at some nude beaches.
  • Formal wear for attending gala events
  • Clothing – you will need to wear clothes in some dining areas and when the ship docks. When clothing is required, the cruisers usually wear casual clothing, so shorts and a T‑Shirt are appropriate even for the Captain’s welcome party.
  • Theme night costumes for those who wish to participate
  • Cash and credit cards – for off-ship excursions
  • Cruise documents or booking numbers
  • Don’t forget your valid passport!

Cool Happenings In The Winter of 2023

Bare Necessities has booked a 2-week nude cruise for February of 2023. They did their first 14-day nude cruise in February of 2022, and it must have been a huge success because, as you see, they are doing it again. 

Hopefully, it’s not too late. Hurry, don’t miss out on one of your repeat or first clothing-optional free-form nude cruise vacations. 

Contact Bare Necessities for more information.

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Nude Cruise Vacations – Conclusion

Now you know more about nude cruise vacations and will feel comfortable embarking on one. Everyone is friendly and inviting, and the community enforces implied and official rules. If you decide to cruise naked, be prepared to meet new people.

Nude cruise vacations with other like-minded people is a great way to venture out and enjoy a new experience.

Happy nude sailing, my friends.

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